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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 01/10/19--12:16: Streambook 14 BIOS locked.
  • I have a Streambook 14, and without warning, it suddenly asks for a BIOS password to boot.  I get i59961139 as the error message when I try to boot (edit: when I hit the limit of password failures).  Is this a common problem?  I have seen a few report this issue.  I DID NOT configure a BIOS password.  Could this have happened after my BIOS update?

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    I have recently purchased an hp omen (prod id: 4QMB0PA#AKL model: 15dc0079TX). It has not been more than a week since my purchase and I wanted to install games on my laptop. So, I downloaded steam and installed dota 2. I played the game and it was fine on the "fastest" setting but when I bumped up the settings a bit higher my game ran for 10 seconds and then the entire laptop froze nothing worked. A couple of other tries after updating my gpu drivers (gtx 1060 driver verion 411.xx) it still froze the same way.  And a couple of other times got BSODs some with dxgkrnl.sys issues but i have DirectX12 installed. I don't know what the issue might be but i am afraid that these constant crashes might affect my hardware so I wanted to get some help from the community before I try anything else myself. Hope i get a response soon. 

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  • 01/10/19--14:06: HP Split x2 wont boot
  •  Attempt to turn on laptop and it won't. just a orange/red WiFi light and white Caps light blinking three times with fan blowing. Then it apparently shuts off and the cycle starts over again and again

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    Receiving the message in subject line, when I attempt to boot from an external drive or DVD. Both of which were bootable before. EFI boot order Options & BIOS settings seems normal when viewed from F9 & F10 manipulations. F2 testings on HD shows everthin as OK..


    There was a new HD installed with a clean Windows 10 installation too.


    Perhaps there might be something that I am overlooking or forgot, any suggestions?



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  • 01/10/19--14:48: BIOS Password
  • I forget BIOS Password :(.. any help??

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    Can anyone help me with the BIOS password being locked out, giving the code i 87595649? It's not stopping me using the laptop but I will need it soon for a full reinstall...

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  • 01/10/19--16:09: laptop freezes
  • My laptop kicks itself off of the WiFi, and I cannot access any of my hp tools on the home toolbar 

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    i have a elitebook 820 g1,

    that suddenly while working shutdown and wont boot up again,

    the first led on the front is lid up white

    the second led keeps flashing orange and the caps lock light is on when i plug in the power cord,

    removed the battery and power adapter and tried to reset by holding the power button for 1 minutes, but this didnt help

    what does the flashing led mean? and why is the caps lock on?




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    We are having some trouble changing the bios settings our EliteBooks (G3/G5). We all receive them with UEFI settings for Windows 10 but as we are still deploying Windows 7 x86 in legacy mode we need to change the bios.


    The use of the BCU with command-line "BiosConfigUtility64.exe /Set:"HPEliteBook850G5.txt"" is working great but when rebooting the machine an 'authorization code' must be given. A 4 code pin.


    This is because we change it from

        *Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable



        *Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable

    Is it possible to disable this and to move on so the operator don't have to waste time installing machines?

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  • 01/11/19--02:33: system disabled
  • system disabled 

    numbers are : [i 63409563]

    i got it unlocked before but it still has 3F0 error no matter what i try

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  • 01/11/19--03:06: SMC.BIN Not working
  • I am seriously at the end of my tether here. I have had 3 SMC.BIN files from HP and nothing I do seems to get it to work. I have managed to insert a standard hard drive and install windows 10 to the SSD and boot from that. I still need to get in to the bios but nothing I do will get the SMC to work.


    I have renamed the file smc.bin and put it on a few usb sticks all formatted to fat 32. I have even tried the partion way and still nothing.


    All I get is a flashing screen, then a message that says Initializing link then media test failure check cable and exiting intel boot agent.


    This is really doing my head in. What are the reason the SMC might not be working? I have followed every step that HP says to do also watched videos. Is their something I am missing?



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    Hi, I forgot my password to the bios administrator, can you please help me out? It's a F.33revA bios from insyde I believe? I have tried a BIOS recovery via USB but it still didn't reset the password :(


    Here's the code that pops up after failing a password 3 times.


    [i 56572566]


    Remove the brackets if necessary, thanks in advance!

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    I have tried a hard reset and also ran a test  "hard drive check" i have a 24 digit error code



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  • 01/11/19--08:19: BIOS PASSWORD
  • Asked for a startup password.  Have tried online solutions.  Not getting anywhere.


    End up with System Disabled {i 68456958]  - not sure how many spaces are between the i & 6, looks like one...


    Does anyone have a way to generate the password?  I tried a few options, got nowhere.

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    Please help me. I tried to reset my system since it was getting slow. But it stopped in between giving error. Now I don't have an OS and bios is locked up. It says system disabled. Code is  ( I  93670721 ). Thanking you in advance. 


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    Hi, I have a problem with my notebook (x360 spectre 4000 series). It shut down while I was browsing the internet (and while charging) afterwards it wasn’t able to turn back on again. Also i noticed the charging indicator light - near the charging port - turned off as well, even though the charging cable was still inserted. It has to be some kind of internal problem. Anyone any idea what it could be?

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    I have been locked out of my machine since I have forgotten the BIOS password that was set. The System Diabled code is [i 68296571].


    Thank you for any assistance.


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    Hi  everybody.

    I have been locked out of my laptop since I have forgotten the BIOS password that was set. I followed some advice I saw in this forum getting the System Diabled code which is [i 74282653].


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Hello, my elitebook 840 G5, was on low battery from work and i got home now charging it and it failed to switch on but shows the plug in indicator beside the charging port that is charging and failed to turn on...please what might be the problem..

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  • 01/11/19--12:55: Bios password
  • Hi. Help please with bios password. My code is i 77228553. Thanks

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