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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I have a HP 15-ba009dx and received system disabled out of nowhere. The code is i 55528896 but the generator is not working with the password it gives. Any ideas?

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    Recently, I bought an HP 250 G6 notebook. I updated BIOS from f33 to f42. After updating BIOS, the hard disk makes grinding sounds. I tried to roll back BIOS but I could not.


    I checked two methods for the rolling back of the BIOS but none of them not succeed.

    Method 1: I created a USB key from the previous versions of BIOS and used "Win key+B" but only Caps lock blinking and have not run anything.

    Method 2: I used the "hardware diagnostics UEFI" with the press F2 key. I used a USB key that I created from the previous version of BIOS but I faced with the following error. "Unable to open BIOS Signature file".

    I think HP must be very careful about releasing new BIOS.

    I will welcome any help from you about my problem.

    Best regards,

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    Spec: 8gb ddr3, 512gb SSD, Quadro (1000 I think). 


    This is a cry of help as I am 100% out of ideas. I firmly believe there is a driver or hardware issue in my laptop.


    Long story short: There are various deep, operating system related (such as memory walk, kernel stack issue, cpu issue ) BSOD lockups on a brand new machine. I am an IT veteran, with about 20 years of experience. So no, it is not a pebkac problem. 


    I would like to help HP find the bug, driver or whatever. I am willing to upload the crabs dumps for them, run any tool, etc. 



    - Ram test: Did like a 12 hour memtest86, the BIOS me test, Windows test. All clear. There are no app crashes. 

    - CPU test: Ran Prime95 and Intel CPU diagnostics. No issue in either (p95 can also display if cpu does not work properly.) 

    - GPU test: Ran benchmarks, games, zero issues here. 

    - Suspend, power save bugs: The Bsod happens with and without suspend. Ie. : it's not a wake bug. 


    One bsod has shown the audio software once, so I removed that. 


    Why not send it to HP? The local. HP does not care. I desperately tried to contact them to get a ZBook and they sent us away. It's insanely bad over here. And the seller does have warranty but since it's a hard to reproduce issue (sometimes does not happen for days) and we cannot give up the laptop for weeks or months as it's our work tool. It's the way we make money. The Latitude we had has been running for 6 years or so without any issue ever. So this is a bit depressing, but I still hope HP is able to sort this somehow. 


    PS.: This is my second laptop. The first one had a TouchPad ground issue (ghost touch) , but they replaced the whole machine. 

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  • 01/10/19--00:14: bio password reset
  • how do i reset the bios password on elitebook 8570p

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    i have a elitebook 820 g1,

    that suddenly while working shutdown and wont boot up again,

    the first led on the front is lid up white

    the second led keeps flashing orange and the caps lock light is on when i plug in the power cord,

    removed the battery and power adapter and tried to reset by holding the power button for 1 minutes, but this didnt help

    what does the flashing led mean? and why is the caps lock on?




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    I am locked out of my PC with and administrator/power on password. It says "System disabled [i 93206668]"


    Is there a code to bypass this?



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    Hello Comunity,

    i have a HP 250 G6. After i press the Power On Button i get the message "Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password".

    After i try it three times without success i get the message  System Disabled [i 94031168]

    I hope you can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    System Board (00A) - System Board CT Number missing or invalid - 

    After running a  BIOS update via HP assistant tool.

    I've had this laptop from New and has had no new parts fitted.



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    How do I my link my lap top to my TV?

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    Hello HP community,


    We have an HP Probook 450 G2 which doesnt work.

    When i press the power button i hear the fan work hard but the laptop doesnt boot up.

    The screen stays black, even when i attach an second sreen via VGA or HDMI the screen is also black.


    The only error the Notebook gives is that the caps lock LED keeps blinking.

    The Wifi led is orange and the sound off button Led is white.


    I hope someone could help me out.



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  • 01/10/19--06:08: RunDLL error at startup
  • There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll The specified module could not be found.

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  • 01/10/19--07:43: Bios admin password
  • Prompt please the number of those HP support in Czech Republic

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    Hello. I have a HP Spectre 13-4003dx that no longer works. it does not power on, and i get no video signal, no fans spinning, no lights. Ive tried a har reset and that resulted in the power light blinking 3 times, but then nothing after that, still no charge. Ive heard that this can result in a dead motherboard and i would not like to pay 800+ for a manufacturer defect. Ive treated the computer amazingly well and this is quite dissapointing, especially because this happened after it fell out of warranty. 

    Anything helps.

    Thanks, JROS

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    The code is SYSTEM DISABLED [i 89480678]. 

    Any help you could provide would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

    hp 255 g5

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  • 01/10/19--09:46: I need to set up my printer
  • my mom's wireless printer next to mine in printing from my laptop not my printer

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    Upon startup I get a HP screen "preparing automatic repair" and then a blue recovery screen appears.  It states "There was a problem with a device connected to your PC.  An unexpected I/O error has occurred.  File:\windows\system32\winload.efi.  Error code: 0xc00000e9.  This problem can happen when a removable storage device is removed while it's in use or is failing.  Properly connecting any removable storage and restarting your PC may fix this problem.  


    I have restarted the computer and received the same issue.  I also ran a diagnostics test on the hard drive and it passed.  Please assist. 

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    This had been my son's computer and he stopped using it a year ago b/c it would shutdown. I now need it and am trying to use it, but have the same problem. Here is what I know:


    I hadn't had any problems for a few days; upped screen brightness to 100% and had multiple issues today;

    It is happening suddenly and unexpectedly;

    I am not getting any visible error messages;

    Shutdown is associated with fan speed increasing/fan working harder;

    Laptop is up on a mesh box with plenty of airflow;

    Laptop is plugged in;

    Have reset screen brightness and is still occuring;

    Happens after a few minutes of use;

    Was attempting to d/l and use HP Hardware Diagnostics when it shut down;


    In reading the forum I understand I should run this diagnostics scan, check (and possibly update) BIOS. Will do both when I can get laptop to stay on long enough. 


    Other suggestions/tips?

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