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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    No boot. Black screen. No underscore. Performed hard reset. No change. Replace motherboard with a refurbished one. No change. Replaced ram. No change. If one ram board is installed,  PC boots normal. Verified all ram boards in this slot. All work. No boot happens anytime a ram board is installed in the second slot.

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    Cant come in the laptop, administrator / start up password required (all of a sudden).


    System disable code i 60017985.


    Already tried generating a code, by entering the system disable code into, but the generated code is too long to enter.


    Please help

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    I erased a file off my computer and now I am getting the message above. Where do I buy a bootable disk from?

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  • 01/05/19--12:06: Black Screen. No Boot.
  • Powers on but black screen. Able to use F Keys to access the various utilities. Have run various tests all come up ok except for hard drive (shows as failed). Have stripped down to check connections and seating of components (all ok) and followed usual recommend steps. 

    Test log shows error codes;




    Do these indicate that the HDD has failed and would need replacing?




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    Hp mini not booting up halted code CNU9420KF5, tied others that were posted on the site , but nothing working.  Tiied all the “f” keys,  esc,,  but nothing working,  and tried  boot jump drive.

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  • 01/05/19--13:51: boo
  • they said it is spam

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    Hi there, 


    The touchpad and keyboard of my laptop stops responding after waking up from sleep mode.


    This symptom took place after the last windows update somewhere early november, 


    After a cold startup everything functions normally. without any problems.


    When putting the laptop in sleep mode, either via powerbutton or lid, you can still wake the laptop with the keyboard or touchpad, after that everything stops responding.


    Mousepointer isn't visible.


    bios is updated, mousedriver is reinstalled, did the battery out-60secs powerdown thingy, reinstall to factory settings,tinkered with wakeupsettings keyboard-touchpad, none of it made any difference.


    I cant imagine that HP or their drivers is to blame, but then again, I expect to find more quality assistance here then at microsoft. :)


    Is this a more common problem, and what´s to do about ?




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  • 01/05/19--14:35: virtualization os failure
  • I have an HP Envy  X360 15z-bq100 and it won't allow be to boot into Win 10 Pro with Virtualisation enabled in the BIOS and Hyper V installed in the OS. I've read a few sites that state this is due to the video card drivers but I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue and successfully remedied it?


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    I was using my laptop this morning.  I left for the day, and when I returned home, there was a black screen that said something like "Hard Disk doesnt have an operating system" or something similar to that.  I shut down and restarted, it asked me what country of keyboard I use, then it brought to me two options: 1) troubleshoot; or 2) shut off PC.  First I tried #2 and shut off, then restarted.  Same thing.  So I tried #1. This showed options like: go to factory recovery setting; check the disk; back up, etc.  Except, factory recovery was like greyed out and not an option to click on. I tried to check the disk and it didnt do anything, so I went back and tried to back up.  It asked me which folders to back up but didnt show any folders existed, except in my usb backup drive.  So the only other was to get HP customer support.  So, here I am on this website.  


    I bought this computer in October (so I've have it like 4 months), as an "out of the box" product, which I guess means it had been returned to BestBuy.  


    Any ideas?  The computer offers me no options as to how to proceed at this point.

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    I need bios administrator password for my hp notebook-15-ay071nia,  which displays an error code { i 73479428 }


    tanks for your help


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    How can i fix it ( boot device not


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    I bought a new HP laptop 15-bs047nm and a small service made a Windows 10 (64 bit) installation with many updates. It was unstable. I find  a lot of malware, viruses, had TeamViewer, Remote Access and had many invisible passwords. They gave me very limited rights to do anything (install a new program or delete program, or use F keys). I did a new installation myself, but I can not get into the boot, it is protected by a password and saw system disabled [i 50767520].  I try and nothing. I haven’t safe mode or system recivery F11 cannot use too: Error code 0xc0000225.

    Has the problem been caused by Windows 10 or HP itself, or has the code been set up to control it?

    Please help to can use my new laptop completely. Thank you at adwance.

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  • 01/05/19--19:45: Password forgetting
  • Hi , I forget my hp password, how I open it again 

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    My notebook from time to time turns off the screen after being idle and then I can't wake it up.  It doesn't look like it makes it into sleep mode as the power light is on solid instead of blinking to indicate sleep mode.  The middle of the keyboard is warm and usually I can hear the fan as if some process is eating up CPU.  Again, it only happens after the screen turns off when plugged into A/C power and now I see that my power settings are that it NEVER sleeps when plugged in.  So it's definitely something that is triggered when the screen goes off.  And of course it's not consistent.  Probably would waste 50 hours trying to find the problem on things like this (I know from 20 years Sys Admin Experience) but hoping to find someone else on the forums that had the exact same problem and found a solution.  Otherwise I'll live with it and get my work done rather than waste my time.  Always been a Windows User but man, sometimes Apple really sounds attractive. LOL.




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    How can I access Administrator account from login screen on a Pavilion 11-n011dx x360 HP Pavilion laptop tablet. 



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    Forgot my administrator password to unlock my device.

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    I cleared my Admin password, reset my laptop and realized I don’t know my power on password. 


    Halt code: [ i 59231552]


    i cannot find the reset password. I need to register to school. Thank you. The prefix is an “i” not an “l”

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    Hello HP,


    I just bought this laptop yesterday and I am suprised that the boot order in the BIOS is not respected. I want to boot on USB first, then on Hard Disk if USB is not present. But by default, the computer always boots on Hard Disk. In the BIOS, I have disabled secure boot, I have enable Legacy Boot, and on both EUFI and Legacy boot options, I have set up USB as first boot.


    Moreover, when the PC boots, I can press on ESC, then F9, then select USB and it would boot on my USB. So it is not an issue with the USB or the system on the USB. But I dont want to have to pres ESC then F9 then select USB everytime I boot my PC.


    After looking on Internet and on this forum, people seems to have this exact issue on HP Pavilion for as far as 2016.


    Is this registered as a known issue for HP Pavilion?

    Has progress been made to fix this?


    Kind regards,

    Gaetan Simo

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  • 01/06/19--05:46: Help me
  • Hello, there is a small problem. After I have formatted my laptop, I am asked to enter my username and password. When you enter, however, is not logged in and just writes that the username or password is incorrect.

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    Hello HP Community!

    I bought this HP Pavilion Gaming 15 machine exactly 2 weeks ago. The store I bought it from told me that they had this model on stock, but when I came around, they only had the exhibition model left. I took that one, and the folks from the store also told me to reset this laptop to factory settings. BTW, I have a 3-year warranty for this machine.

    Anyway, when I opened it up, it had Linux Mint onboard, with OEM password. First, I thought that this is the factory reset I had to do (the folks at the store told me that they did this process for 7 hours with a previous customer), but I couldn't get the OEM password, and I didn't call the shop for it either.

    Afterwards, I just put u bootable USB with Windows 10 on board and deleted all the partitions and installed Windows 10 on them. It was working like a charm at that moment, even though the SSD would enhance the experience even further. Anyway, I didn't stress this notebook too much, I tried testing its graphics card on Fortnite, that I played for 2-3 hours and that's all. I also listened to lot of music on YouTube and used website CMS like Drupal and Wordpress.

    After being on a trip for a week without bringing this machine onboard (so, it wasn't turned on for a week), I started using MS Word 365 to write a paper for my university. At one moment, I had a few tabs opened on Chrome with Deezer being one of them and also MS Word 365 on the other part of the screen. Oh, I also connected the notebook via HDMI to 4K display. 

    At one moment, my notebook just froze and showed an infamous "Blue Screen of Death".  Also, the most common errors I ran into were: "0xc00021a", "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL", "Memory Quick Check: Failed", "Kernel Security Check Failure" and got some .sys and .dll files listed as culprits or something.


    • I tried booting it up again but every time it gave me BSOD.
    • I tried going to System Restore, which should bring me to Troubleshoot menu, but with no success.
    • Tried resetting BIOS settings, but BSOD again.
    • Tried a hard reset (holding down the power button for 15 secs and unplugging every peripheral device and AC supply out) and it actually booted up, but 5 seconds later, a BSOD (tried doing this a few times afterwards, but with no success).
    • Tried booting from Win 10 bootable USB, with no success (just BSOD all the time).
    • Tried booting from Ubuntu and Linux Mint USB and trying to install them or try to access hard drive via GRUB, but no success!

    Anyway, when I try installing any Linux distro, it just gives me kernel panic which is esentially the same message as BSOD, if I'm right. So, I did a system diagnostics and apparently my lower memory port is busted. 

    Did anyone went through the same problem or know what to do in this situation? I'm really thinking to just leave it at the HP certified technician and let him do the hard work. It's just really surprising how a seemingly viable notebook just got busted after a week of usage (no heavy operations too!). 

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