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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    How i can recover bios password, i cant install os, i see message szstem disabled and

    l 78381059

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  • 01/04/19--04:57: administrator bios
  • Have problem, i forget password administrator bios how i can open?

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    Boot screen comes up, type in my numeric code for password and it says invalid. Also will not allow the laptop to connect to the internet

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  • 01/04/19--11:13: I forget bios password
  • Bios password 

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    I have some issues wth my HP Pavilion Notebook:

    - Sometimes my computer fails to wake up from sleep mode (either when the computer is on and running, but the screen just stays black - or when my computer is on and it displays the lock screen, but does nothing and doesn't show the log-in window when I press the enter key)

    - Sometimes it freezes and won't stop freezing; if audio is playing when the computer freezes, the audio freezes as well and turns into this buzzing noise, and I have to wait for my computer to unfreeze enough so that I can set the volume to mute (in this case I hold down the power button to turn the computer off and then restart)

    - Almost every time my computer starts like normal, it seems to take a long time for the desktop to fully load

    - I believe in one or two recent cases, my computer has failed to start up (again, in this case the computer is on and running, but the screen stays black and nothing happens).


    - I have updated all of my drivers in the Device Manager just yesterday

    - and I use Windows 10.


    Help will be much appreciated. Thank you.


    - Bluerose

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    I am having a problem to install Windows after a hard drive crash. The laptop won't boot from USB or DVD and I concluded I must update the Bios first.


    I read that I need to use the PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI tool when windows is not booting for that, but the version on the laptop is old I think (version and don't have the option to update the bios. (only memory test and hard drive check)


    I concluded that I need to use an updated version of HP PC hardware diagnostics UEFI to update my bios. I downloaded the latest version at and made a USB drive with it. However, when I insert the USB in the laptop, it always load the laptop hardware diagnostics tools only, not the updated one from the USB. I press Esc on boot, then F2 and the laptop old tools load always.


    I did try with different usb ports on the laptop.


    I did try with two usb drive, one in fat16 and the other in fat32.


    I did try with different updated version of HP diagnostics tool ( - -


    Should I proceed otherwise for the bios update or must I do anything else to load the updated diagnostics tools ? Thanks


    PS : I also did try to update the bios by putting the bios bare files on a usb drive and holding windows key + b at startup without success.

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  • 01/04/19--15:01: Rtc location 15-da0012dx
  • Would anyone know where the Cmos battery is located mlon my computer ?

    Il have started taking things off but decided to ask before I go too far into this. 


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    I installed a clone 500G ssd to replace the existing 256G ssd. My laptop cannot boot up......”.boot device not found”

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    AC adapter light near the notebook power port on. Notebook won't boot up or start. No power.

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  • 01/04/19--16:56: Needs bios password
  • Hello I need bios lock for hp 14-bs [i 93783497]



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    When my laptop is turn on then after showing the logo of HP it is restarted again and again this process is going on and that's why my laptop is unable to get started please help me out. I will be very thankful of you thank you.

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    Can not get pass black screen boot device not found. Hard disk (3FO)

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    I need help to reset BIOS password on my HP 14 laptop. After 3 failed attemps it give me [i 93495605]


    I tried but still no luck.


    Thanks in advance,


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    I setup a startup password in BIOS on my HP Pavilion DV7, to keep my children off my laptop. I recently changed it and I can't remeber the password. After three failed attemp it locks me out indicating, System Disabled and a code 74367869.  Can someone PLEASE help me? It's frustrating

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    system Disabled code I 63672408

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    I tried to setup this laptop. After pushing the power button, I select F10 to change some Bios settings,

    I am asked the setup password. How can I reset this password?

    Pulling the CMOS battery and the big battery does not help.

    thanks in advance

    best regards

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    I Turner off my PC, then i Turned it on again because i forgot to do something and the screen is Just all' Black, It is noisy ad It is working and the keyboard light is working too, i tried using another screen but It wont work. I bought the PC One month ago.15467001416761821935913.jpg


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    Hello everyone!

    I have purchased a refurbished laptop (HP ProBook 650 G1 - [serial number removed] ), that has BIOS locked with a password.

    Can you please help me removing that password? Thank you!

    P.S. I dont' know what other info if needed for you to help me, but I will provide it asap.


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    The cooling fan is not operating properly and will shut down in 15 seconds.

    please advise how I can get a boot disc 

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