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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 01/06/19--00:06: Re: Rtc location 15-da0012dx
  • If there is no cmos battery can someone please help me to wipe the bios password?? Unfortunately HP wants $300 to reset the password which I don't have. 

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  • 01/06/19--08:38: Boot device not found
  • When I turn my PC on I keep getting:

    Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

    Hard Disk (3F0)


    I had pressed F2 to check system diagnostics 

    I did a a Quick Check test on the hard drive. Everything passed. 

    Im still unsure on what’s going on or how to fix this problem. 

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    hell sir,

    i charge my laptop battery fully and i used after a week battery ded, what is problem battery automatically ded.

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    I recently purchased a new HP Notebook - 14-an010na. When powering on, the HP logo appears and Windows appears to be starting but then a blue screen appears with the message ACPI BIOS ERROR. The system then performs an automatic restart and Windows starts successfully. On analyzing the relevant dump file, it states the problem is caused by the driver ACPI.sys (ACPI Driver for NT).


    I have performed a hard reset and also re-installed the latest BIOS from HP but the blue screen continues to appear. This is not preventing me from using the notebook but it's prolonging the startup time which is cumbersome.


    What are the best steps to troubleshoot/solve this error?



    Further info:

    Caused by driver: ACPI.sys

    Caused by address: ACPI.sys+46ec4

    File Description: ACPI Driver for NT

    Crash Address: ntoskrnl.exe+1a9690


    On Sun 06/01/2019 16:18:42 your computer crashed or a problem was reported
    crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\010619-51953-01.dmp
    This was probably caused by the following module: acpi.sys (ACPI+0x46EC4)
    Bugcheck code: 0xA5 (0x1000, 0x0, 0x7F00000, 0x4)
    file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\acpi.sys
    product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    company: Microsoft Corporation
    description: ACPI Driver for NT
    Bug check description: This bug check indicates that the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) BIOS of the computer is not fully compliant with the ACPI specification.
    This is likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
    The crash took place in a Microsoft module. Your system configuration may be incorrect. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time.

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    I am atttempting to upgrade to a larger SSD from the 256GB that came with this computer. I believe this change also is from using SATA to NVME. Since my computer only has 1 M.2 slot for the SSD, I had to create an image on an external hard drive using Macrium Reflect. I then installed the new Intel 760p SSD into the M.2 slow and booted to the Macrium software using a USB drive I created with the software. Then I was able to restore the image to the new SSD drive. However, I get a boot error, and the new drive also doesn't appear in the BIOS boot Manager. When I reinstall the old drive, it is not being recognized by the BIOS for booting, even though I was able to transfer data to it in the M.2 slot using Macrium Reflect.  I did also run the "Fix Windows Boot Problems" in Macrium Reflect, and that said it was successful, but did not fix my error.

    Does this mean that I have a bad drive? or is there a setting that is needed in the BIOS or elsewhere to allow the new drive to be recognized? 

    Note: The old drive utilizes SATA, while the new drive interface is PCIe NVMe 3.1 x4. This leads me to guess that there may just be something in the BIOS that may need changed to allow for NVMe to work.......(Just a guess, and if correct I could use help figuring out how to make it work)


     20190106_030820.jpgBoot Device Not Found20190106_112706.jpgBIOS with old drive installed shows drive, with new drive installed, does not show drive

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    Hi, could I also please get help with resetting my bios password?


    Laptop model is 15-af101nm and the message I'm getting is "System Disabled [i 80349636].


    Thank you.

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    could I get some help resetting the BIOS password? I'm getting an error code [i 80349636].

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    Please help.

    My notebook hangsup every time (in the same spot) at the start-up. It works fine in the Safe mode though.

    Do I need to reinstall Windows?

    Is that the only solution?

    Does HP provide a Window recovery CD?

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    Hi all,


    I've been trying to turn my HP on all day but it just won't work. I've done the hard reboot several times but again nothing. I've tried it with / without the battery and with / without the power cable in all combos but I just can't bring it to life. 

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Last week I had booted up my PC and was browsing it doing the usual stuff when it started loading things very slowly. I was trying to figure out wath was wrong. While doing that I did a Hard Drive Quick Check in the Bios. It said failure. I didn't believe it was something serious, and reinstalled Windows. It was behaving very sketchy. What I mean is sometimes it loaded things very quickly and sometimes very slowly. I didn't think it was serious till today. I was using my PC casually when I got a blue screen of death (BSOD). Then the PC restarted and while booting up I got one more BSOD. And it never could boot up again. Just a black screen no matter how much I wait. Not even a loading screen. While trying to figure out what the problem is I did a full hard disk scan and it said failure again. Now I don't really know what to do. Is the hard disk broken? Please, give me suggestions and answers, cause I'm very worried about my hdd. Thanks to everyone who helps. 

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    Brought a laptop off ebay didnt realize the bios are locked until the os failed to boot 

    any ideas how i fix this ? 

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  • 01/06/19--13:43: Bios password
  • I forgot my BIOS password

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  • 01/06/19--15:05: Power on password
  • I have a HP 17 - y058ng, using AMD E2-7110.  I'm getting error message "Enter administrator password or Power on Password" ; after 3 attempts I get  system disabled code i55649356. S/N is 8cg7105cgm.

    Hope you can help...thanks....


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  • 01/06/19--17:31: HP Spectre x360 Dead
  • My notebook is not turning on and it appears to be a common issue with the mother board burning out. I'm surprised there's no recall yet on this issue and notebook. Has anyone contact BBB regarding this?

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  • 01/06/19--19:56: Bios password
  • Error code i 51692272

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    Forgot local password hp model 15-ba009dx

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  • 01/06/19--20:00: Re: Reset password
  • Havent used my laptop in years cause I stepped on it and broke screen. I now want to hook ot up to tv and use it, but I forgot windows password for my hp pavilion dm4 notebook. Running either windows 7 or 10 ( cant remember if I upgraded to 10) model dm4-1160us. Is there anyway to unlock it withoit a disk

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  • 01/07/19--01:24: Disabling PXE IPv6 in BIOS
  • We use PXE boot start an managed enviroment. The BIOS is configured in UEFI mode (needed to run Windows 10 on the SSD).


    When using F12 on startup to boot from PXE, the system asks if we want to PXE boot with IPv4 or IPv6. This confuses some users, and I would like to be able to skip this step (always use IPv4). I can go into the BIOS (F10), and change the boot options (disable IPv6 PXE boot). This works fine.


    I need to automate/script this setting, so it gets disabled when the system receives a new Windows 10 installation.


    Using SCCM, I added a new step to the task sequence:

    - Get all the settings from the BIOS, create configuration file

    - check if IPv6 PXE is turned on, if so change the configuration file to disabled (functions 100%)

    - if IPv6 is turned on, send changed configuration file to system to change the setting


    The problem: the scipt to change the configuration file functions perfect. I see that the correct value has changed. If I reboot the system, it's a gamble on what boot setting was changed in the BIOS. It may be that the IPv6 is now disabled, but also one of the other boot values. It always disables one value, but not necessarily the IPv6 option.


    Someone else also got problems with this option?


    Using BiosConfigUtility64.exe version

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  • 01/07/19--03:09: I have lost my BIOS password
  • Lost the BIOS password.  The examples given in the HP virtual helper say that they were given a code after 3 attempts.  Mine just locks up with no code, and the only option is to restart.

    The serial number is 5CD7524YDX.


    How can I get into the bios please?


    Chester Wilson

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    My compaq worked fine until I turned it on one day and it showed the error screen I have to this very day. I know windows 7 is a little old and prone to software and hardware problems so this was expected. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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