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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I have an old hp notebook that hasn't been used for a few years. When i turned it on a screen popped up asking for administrator password or power on password. I have tried a few passwords that it could have been but all are invalid. After a few attempts another screen pops up saying system disabled and gives a code (62875718). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  • 12/30/18--00:09: Stuck on error code
  • My computer is stuck on error code C0000034 applying update operation 462 of 55826 (00000000000...) It seems like its trying to load but it never does.. I dont know of it is the 8.1 64bit or the other 8.1

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    hello members i have  an hp 250 g4  with a forgotten power on password.


    after three wrong attempts am recieving this error

    SYSTEM DISABLED [i 52363264}




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  • 12/30/18--02:15: Boot device not found
  • I have an older notebook that was sitting around full of dust. After cleaning I attempted to start it up and was met with prompt asking for administrator/power on password which I did not have. I removed CMOS battery and reinstalled. Turned it back on and had a black screen with error message; Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. I have tried what seems like everything (soft and hard restarts, reset BIOS defaults, and reseating the hard drive). When I attempted to test the hard disk in the diagnostics UEFI a message appears that says; SMART Check: NOT INSTALLED and Short DST: NOT INSTALLED. Not really sure where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Getting a box which says HP Support Assistant Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product HP Support Assistant. The Windows Installer canot continue. This freezes up the computer, and I cannot get into windows.

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    Hi everyone!

    Last night I was using the Laptop as usual and I wanted to move it to another location and power socket since my battery is faulty. When I powered on the Laptop, I got a "Product information not valid" message.15461663467341337068941081113444.jpg


    After that, I got another screen "Select user for Login" but the users are literally blank! I have two boxes to select, but there is no text of the usernames in them.15461662250159191428762434251443.jpg


    So now I got stuck and there is nothing I can do. Long time ago something similar happen, but back then I could see the Windows user written in these "blank boxes" and after I entered my Windows User password it worked.


    I was reading some posts here regarding bios password and SMC file, would that help by any chance?



    Thanks in advance,




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    When i powered on this laptop today, it powered on but flashed the caps lock and numlock twice at a time with a pause in between, i performed a CMOS reset as i had the same issue a few months ago and resetting the CMOS fixed the problem but this time when resetting the CMOS, after powering on, there was nothing, the fan is spinning and i can hear the hard drive spin up. i have tried recovering the bios by holding win+b and holding the power button for 2-3 seconds with nothing. I also tried win+v with no results. i have tried downloading the bios recovery tool from the driver/downloads page for my laptop and the utility failed to load on my windows 10 machine. I have tried a hard reset with no results either. Also, i am getting no heat from the vent despite the fan running at a decent speed.


    Thanks in advance for the help,


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  • 12/30/18--07:31: BIOS password
  • Hi,


    I cannot access my BIOS as it seems to be locked and I haven't set the password (I think the BIOS became auto locked after BIOS update recently). I cannot find a way to reset the password on the internet/get it somewhere? Has anyone experienced similar problems and has a working solution?



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    set the administrator and power-on passwords but now get a system diabled message code 85992844. 

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    Hey guy need bios admin reset 


    i code reset issue


    code is i 52771538

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  • 12/30/18--09:32: elite 8470p bios password
  • HI

    I have elite 8470p i don't know the bios password and the warranty is ended and i can't boot from usb or cd  to format 

    please help me

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  • 12/30/18--09:47: No boot device found
  • I keep getting either a no boot device found message or it will give me a blue screen saying boot device could not authenticate. I have played with both secure boot and legacy mode options with no results. I cannot do a basic system recovery through f11 because the laptop simply will not load. I really lost it is my dad's laptop and he will kill me if he finds out please help


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  • 12/30/18--11:45: Black screen wont start
  • Well i just bought my laptop yesterday was working fine till today it wont go past a blank screen its charging ok and the power light come on and stays on just the screen is black the only change i made was google chrome instead of micosoft broswer just wondering is there a fix or will i return my item

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  • 12/30/18--11:47: lost bios password
  • i lost the bios password error code i 60027741


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    I plugged my notebook but nothing happens. It was working fine 24 hrs ago, but last I used it, it was low on battery.


    How can I check what the issue is?


    thank you

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  • 12/30/18--12:12: hp stream will not reset
  • I have been trying to reset my HP laptop but it keeps coming up with an error saying memory space needed. I uninstall programs to get to the recomended space and still does not alow me to reset the laptop, this has been like this since it was bought can anyone give me some advice?

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    BIOS of my laptop is corrupted, so I can't enter Windows or boot from USB, even though void Linux grub is working perfectly. I can't afford windows in the near future, and on drivers website, there is only .exe file, so I would need to download an iso image of windows and virtualize it, but I don't have time. Could someone download the BIOS update, and save an iso for me? I would be very grateful. Sorry for my bad English.

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  • 12/30/18--12:46: Shutdown Issue
  • Hi

    I have just upgraded my Pavilion DV6 laptop from a standard HDD with windows 7 to a Crucial MX500 SSD and windows 10. The installation went smoothly and all the required drivers seems to have installed automatically.The only thing that seems to be a problem is on shutdown and start-up. It displays ‘Shutting down’ and the revolving dots rotate for about 10 seconds, then it seems to lock up showing just a few of the dots but frozen. It remains like this until it shuts down and takes close to 2 minutes. At other times it just goes to a black screen for about 2 minutes.

    At startup it displays the windows image and the revolving dots for a couple of seconds then goes to black screen until it opens. Boot time is 90 seconds.

    I have tried a few things: Disabled Fast Startup which made no difference and ran sfc /scannow which showed no violations.


    I’d appreciate some advice on this.



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    15-ba009dx System disabled  [i 66437726] Startup password

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    I know that the battery is suspect. It is 4+ years old.


    The last time the computer booted, it asked if I wanted to go back to the most recent restore point. I clicked to do that.


    It failed.


    It also said that there were serious problems that could not be fixed.


    The only options it gave were to boot normally, or to restore from the restore partition - wipe out and start over?


    I booted normally. It ran. But when it was shut down, it has not restarted.


    The only way it started the last time was with the battery out and connected the AC adapter.


    Since the hard disk has information that needs to be retrieved before restoring from the restore partition, what would be the best flash drive, or CD/DVD option to get the computer up and running and then take care of the problems, or retrieve the data?


    It might also be possible to remove the hard disk, put it into an HP Pavilion desk top running Windows 10 and do repair and restoration of the hard disk in the desktop unit.


    I can make a restore disk or flash drive on the desktop.


    Thanks, wnlewis


    P.S. Prio to the failure, I had run the HP diagnostics. The only thing that came up somewhat suspicious was the battery. It said it could not verify the battery unless I ran the laptop on battery without the AC adapter for 20 minutes, then ran the test again. I did that and got the same results. wnlewis

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