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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Bios Password on my old computer my memory doesnt serve me that great.   In Bios I forgot my password.   

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  • 12/29/18--07:32: Can not boot
  • My wife and I bought two of the 15" Notebooks, 15-ac151dx, about two years ago....

    Mine went bad and I couldn't boot from the windows recovery program or the HP recovery program...

    I thought no problem, I'll just make a copy of my wifes recovery cd's from her laptop and do a total clean install...

    Guess again.

    Now no matter what I try I cant get anything but Restoration incomplete..

    I go to details and it says

    Error: Invalid System ID (80C1) in SYSID.txt

    Next step: Image SKU is not for this unit.

    What should I do?

    It still runs great and I don't want to buy a new one.....


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  • 12/29/18--07:41: BIOS password
  • Recently I set BIOS password protection ion my laptop by mistake. I would like to remove It with no demounting, because laptop is in warranty. Is there any way to do it?


    Thank you

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    Hy ,
    I have a Probook 650 G2 , model  L8U48AV.
    I have a Bios Update that failed, and now system is not booting, in fact doing nothing.
    I have nothing on screen. 
    After some research here I found that you can force a Bios rollback by holding the "Win" and "B" keys while turning on.

    If I do that I get nothing on screen , but i get 2 Lower beeps+ 2 Sharper beeps, this 5 times in a row. 
    But still nothing on screen.
    I thus tried to make a "emergency" Bios Update USB drive.   By the description in above guide , you can do that on an other machine... probleme is the other machines I have is a non HP and an old  HP NC6320 .. If I try to use SP90282.exe on these older machines, the option "Create Recovery USB flash drive" is greyed out thus not selectable.
    It thus seems that for making an emergency USB Bios Recovery drive you need the same or somewhat equal machine.
    I tried , on my nc6320 to make a bootable USB drive with the nc6320 bios tools but off course the probook does not take it..
    I also, based on other topics made the folders  EFI/BIOS/CURRENT  , EFI/BIOS/NEW , EFI/BIOS/PREVIOUS ,  same in  /Hewlett-Packard\BIOS  , and put the N76_0133.bin in every folder ... but no vail...
    So the only solution I still see is, that somebody with a probook 650 makes a USB Bios recovery drive, rips that in a ISO or other image and puts that online. 

    If anybody has a good idea , your more than welcome.. 



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    When I plug in the power to the laptop or use the battery, when I hit the power button the laptop turns on for 2-3 seconds and turns of. It slowly turns off like when it goes to sleep.
    Steps I have tried to do
    1. Disconnect battery *internal*
    2. Disconnect BIOS battery
    3. Clear of dust and debree
    4. Install new thermal paste
    5. Reseat all connections inside the machine
    6. try without the SSD and Wifi card

    still nothing. Keyboard lights up for 2-3 seconds and turns off with the rest of the machine. If it helps it turns off after the capslock key turns on. Id like to assume this might have something to do with power delivery or BIOS

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    i code [i 67456030] bios locked

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  • 12/29/18--10:01: Notebook doesn't turn on
  • Please help!

    My hp pavilion x360 notebook doesn't power on. Charging led  is blinking in orange with 2-3 secs pause , when ac power cord is plugged in.

    No leds are  glowing when ac plug is removed even after pressing power button.

    I did hard reset ....but nothing happened.

    Please tell me what's  the problem and way to fix it..!


    Hoping for answers...

    Thank you in advance!


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    So i don't remember the bios password or when i set one on 3 faild attempts it shows this msg IMG_20181229_213805.jpg

     And I am using bios version F.38 actual was F.26 

    Can anyone provide me with any solution on how to recover or reset my password please 

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     Got a system disabled key 61255727

    A bios password would be nice too 


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    My laptop doesn’t wanna work it keeps showing diagnostics like it doesn’t wanna go in. I’m using hp650

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    the computer locks me out and system disabled [i 55043744]..i know the other bios password but that did not help.



    Thanks for your help

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  • 12/29/18--14:32: M." SSD upgrade
  • I've the 15-ak002nl model and after having read preceding topic about compatibility only with SATA model i've bought a Crucial M.2 SSD SATA ( I don't see any SSD in BIOS boot. Also i've disabled Secure, I've upgrade bios, i've enabled Legacy but solution. I've promised this upgrade to my son...I've read every forum about this problema but i've not found any real solution. Sorry for errors, i'm italian. Thanks 

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  • 12/29/18--14:45: Bios Password
  • I updated my laptop through the support program and the computer now asks for a bios password?
    Previous owner has not put a password.

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    Did a hard drive check and says SMART Check: passed and Short DST: FAILED 




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    Laptop was working fine but fan was slow to start and noisy.  I opened the bottom lid to inspect the fan, brushed some dirt out and replaced the lid.  The laptop would not start.  No indication of power.  I reseated the ram, afterwhich the power led will light but still no boot.  I also replaced the fan and still it does not boot up. Help!?

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    I don't have my bios password and now I can't get to the desktop.  The code I receive after 3 attempts is 77188417.  The code generator is not helping.

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    I bought a laptop, once i restared, the laptop is requesting for an "administrator password or power on password"
    I tried to enter it, but is response with "System Disabled [i 55420576]"
    I tried to solved with a master password (40588578), but it doesn't work.

    Is there anybody that can help me?

    Thank you!!!

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    My  HP Pavilion - 15-cc123cl  shut down, I booted it up, walked away and when I came back later it was off again.  Booted it up again and it said "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart." Then something about  "stop code data corruption."  Then lines started going across the screen, until it was black, and now won't turn on.


    So, that seems terrible.




    Also, I just unloaded pictures onto my desktop yesterday, WHICH I NEVER DO, because I needed the space and my external hard drive wasn't with me to back them up.  Family Christmas, among other things. I feel pretty dumb.


    Please tell me it's not the end, even though I assume it is?


    I truly cannot believe how unlucky my timing is.  I'm pretty upset.

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  • 12/29/18--21:36: forgot admin password
  • Hello, I just dug my HP stream 11 out of the closet, I was going to set it up for my daughter. However none of my old passwords worked and now it says system disabled 67641544. What is this? Am I completely out of luck?

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    Hello, I have set up windows hello( facial recognition) on first boot up but now it's not recognizing me, so I tried the "improve recognition" option but when I put my pin, it doesn't start the camera to do the recognition thing...

    I tried removing the facial recognition to set it up again and nope... Will not start the camera to improve recognition

    I also restarted the computer an still not working


    thanks for any help

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