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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/30/18--15:39: Bios password
  • Hello, I have forgotten my bios password.


    It's HP stream laptop  pc model 14-ax010wm


    It shows; 

    System Disabled
    [i 63168814]


    thanks for your time.

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  • 12/30/18--16:07: Power on password
  • Hello, how i can reset power on password "Enter administrator password or Power on Password" [i 64800698]

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    Laptop's HD will power off after 2-3 mins, screen goes black, while the fan, power light stay lit. The wireless light does turn orange.

    Also - not sure if this is related, when it is plugged in, the battery shows 0%, plugged in, not charging.


    I have left it sit for 2 hrs, same symptoms.

    Unplugged battery, pressed power button for 30 seconds, powered back on. After complete boot up, plugged battery back in, same issue.


    Unable to run diagnostics on battery, or system, since the laptop will not stay booted long enough to run it.





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  • 12/30/18--19:22: Hp bios halt
  • Need help with system disabled gave it to my oldest kid and he locked out. System code is ( i 69378787) please would greatly appreciate 

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    Hi, I've had this laptop for the past 4 months or so, and I have seen how the BIOS updates have been changing how the computer handles temperatures.

    At first with F0.3 Rev.A the temperatures were a bit high, but performance was pretty good in games, though in some CPU intensive games you could see it wasn't delivering.

    Then we receiven F.05 Rev.A, which in my opinion was a very good version, the temperatures on idle and while gaming were acceptable, plus with undervolting you could get even better temps, if I'm not wrong they added the fan profiles to the OMEN Command Center which was great.

    F.06 Rev.A didn't seem to change much releated to temperatures but improved performance which was good.

    But in F.07 Rev.A it look like we took a step back. Performance is good but temperatures are concerning. When you are on battery everything seems fine, nice temps that don't even go over 40º C which is very good, but when you are plugged to current you start seeing some problems. 

    At first I thought it was because I was using a second monitor, which made it use the 1050Ti and therefore generate more heat, but even when I don't have an external monitor plugged, I see the CPU constantly at 50ºC with the default CPU Fan plan, but even with the Performance plan it is constantly at 47º C without doing any kind of work.


    I'm also using throttlestop to check how much Watts it is using while not doing anything litterally, just me looking at the PKG Power and it is hovering around 7-10 W, and I'm pretty sure I don't have any malware causing this, I'm pretty sure it's the BIOS.


    So please HP release a version which fixes this and also I'd like a new option that allows you to select a more conservative power plan or a full performance power plan for the CPU, because you already have those but won't let the user pick.


    Also I'm saying this through here because honestly I don't know any other mean of contacting straight to someone who can take on this problem except on the Omen Command Center comment section, although I doubt I can give feedback about the BIOS through there.

    If someone else is facing this same issues please share it.

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    I have a hp envy m7 notebook. I was using it yesterday and when i shut it down with the normal procedure the screen turned off but the power button light remained on forever.

    I then waited for almost 2 to 3 hours then manually took the battery out and inserted it again.

    Then when i turned on the laptop the screen wont turn on just the power light turns on for 10 sec and turns off once. 

    When i press the power button again same thing happens. during this time for twice the time screen turned on and it showed that boot system not found- something like that.

    Since then the laptop wont turn on only the power light turns on for 10 sec and turn off.

    I also tried the hard reset, but nothing happened. Please guide me what to do.

    This type of issue has occured before also and the laptop started running normally after a few tries on the power buttton.












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    My HP Elitepad 900 is not turing on. While I'm press and holding power button for few seconds a tiny white light from right top side is blinking once. 

    Last time I used and turned off the pc from start menu yesterday afternoon. 
    At night I tried some solution explained by HP experts in this forum but nothing came up. 

    Please help me if anyone have solution this issue. Thanks in advance. 

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    My HP Elitepad 900 is not turing on. While I'm press and holding power button for few seconds a tiny white light from right top side is blinking once. 

    Last time I used and turned off the pc from start menu yesterday afternoon. 
    At night I tried some solution explained by HP experts in this forum but nothing came up. 

    Please help me if anyone have solution this issue. Thanks in advance. 

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    My hp envy has been locked up. It will not open files, menu options, wifi, file explorer, or task manager. I have tried restarting it, and shutdowns that is about all it will let me do. When signing on to this help service it said my computer was located in Singapore so I don't know if that means it has been hacked or what ....any thoughts 

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    HP Elitebook 820 G3

    hp technician came and replaced the defective hdd, now my question is what to do with the defective hdd,

    should the user send the defective hdd or is it a non returnable part?.



    Jayachandran Durganathan.

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    My laptop will start as normal, but a few seconds after I log on everything will freeze - I can move the mouse around but it doesn't register when I click on anything. I also get a series of strange messages like this:Message 1.PNG


    I can turn the laptop off and then on again to get round this problem, but this is very time consuming and annoying. Any help with the issue will be very much appreciated.





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  • 12/31/18--07:29: Dead Keyboard - Letters only
  • Turned on computer this morning and can not type in password because letters on keyboard are not recognized, just numbers.

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    Like many others here on the forum, my HP Spectre x360 died one month after the warranty expired.  I only had it four months.  I have followed troubleshooting from HP support.  Nothing works.  Appears to be motherboard issue that everyone else is having.  Does anyone know of any class action lawsuit since HP won't recall the computers and instead wants you to pay 400-800 dollars to repair it?  Other posts say the motherboard fails again after having it repaired.  

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    I bought this thinking it was new. It requires an administrator power on password.I've tried everything. I called hp and they need 50 dollars. Does anyone know how to get it on? I just need it unlocked by the 3rd for my daughter.

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    HP 4540s, Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. This is a weird pickle.


    I upgraded from a 256 GB SSD to a 1 TB HD 2 days ago. Used clone software to clone the HDs (I've done this several times). Now when I start the computer everything is fine, but when I close and reopen it almost never takes me to the panel that lets me (a) click on the icon to get back to W7 or (b) enter a password - it's just the background where the icon/password field shows up.


    When I go to HP ProtectTools Security Manager, I see that it isn't starting - I think therefore that the PC doesn't 'know' what credentials it should be waiting for. It just says, "Please Wait" - "Loading Applications" and the blue bar goes about 20% across the panel and it just sits there.


    I would think that deleting HP ProtectTools Security Manager is the way to go, but that concerns me and think it might get me to an irreversible state where the computer won't ever get me to the OS. I wanted to test drive it by just turning off the process in Task Manager, but since the application never completely starts, the process doesn't show up in Task Manager.


    Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance -




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  • 12/31/18--12:22: Boot Device Not Found
  • Hi,

    I was trying to complete reset my laptop through recovery manager and it froze midway. I restarted the computer and now I have a black screen saying “boot device not found, please install an operating system on your hard drive, hard drive (3f0), F2 system diagnostics”. I’ve searched online for solutions and nothing seems to work. I would be really grateful if someone can help.



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  • 12/31/18--15:09: Bios password reset
  • Need help for my password for bios need to rest it forgot old one .shows system disabled 59422221

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    Bootmgr is missing. So i try recover but it ask for the administrator password which was not setted by me. After click enter 3 times. The halt code shown is I 70909952. What is my administrator password.

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    Hi, I connected my USB hub to my laptop then plugged power adapter to the USB hub and unexpectedly laptop stopped working after three seconds, Now my laptop not working even the charging led. What should i do?

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  • 01/01/19--04:47: Forgot BIOS setup password
  • I set up a password to access the BIOS configuration and I lost it.

    I can boot the computer normally, and have full control over it once booted, but I can't boot from an USB stick since my boot order is locked along with the BIOS config.

    I tried updating the BIOS with the HP official BIOS update for my computer, but that didn't reset the password.


    Before the upgrade, entering three incorrect passwords showed the message


    System Disabled

    [i 92654912]


    Currently, the message is


    System Disabled

    [i 84777602]


    Can I unlock the BIOS with this information? Thank you in advance.

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