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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/26/18--14:01: I cannot start my laptop up
  • It keeps me on a black page which keeps telling me “checking media” it’s fails if it isn’t in a LAN cable and once in a LAN cable it tells me “Selected boot image did not Authenticate. Press <enter> to continue.” Please note my keyboard on my laptop is messed up for when you press a key it might mistake it for another key

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    Hello everybody. Week ago my notebook first time turned off from overheating. After this fan always work very loudly in any situation and when I start to play (for example) my computer turns off. Notebook cannot contain much dust. Can you please say me what is the overheating temperature? AIDA64 shows me that GP fans working only on 30%, but so loudly. In past, when computer was staying without work it was quit, but now it isn't. What I shall to do?

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    I need the Administrator Password or Power on Password of HP 250 g5 bios password reset (i 69022980) system disabled, please help!

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  • 12/26/18--15:36: Hp zbook 15u g5 not booting
  • So I bought this laptop last week and it's given me an error saying no hard disk found (3f0). I've tried the suggestions on the website, but no results.


    Because it's only a week old it's under warranty and I'd quite like to get a replacement, however the website is very circular and difficult to navigate! After finding the support page it says this product is no longer serviced by hp, which I find ridiculous considering it isn't that old of a product! 


    Does anyone know how I can go about getting a customer support case opened so I can fill in the correct forms and get this laptop replaced? 

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  • 12/26/18--17:50: RECOVERY BIOS USB
  • HP states that one can make a bootable USB BIOS recovery. Not so. There is no option to do so from the service pack BIOS update. HP's video tuttorail is therefore inaccurate. Moreover, NONE of HP's other solutions work, so if I could make a bootable USB recovery, I'm not sure that I could boot to it given my experinece thus far. Does any one have an answer? Machine will only boot to UEFI hardware diagnostics. Once you exit, it gives the 3FO error. There is nothing wrong with the HDD; it does not have a corrupted boot sector.

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  • 12/26/18--17:49: Bios Password? I'm stuck
  • Bios is password locked after I reset my computer and im so confused as to how or why?

    Can someone help get my coresponding code?



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    I just bought a refurbished HP Elitex2 1012 G2 and it's LED light just flashes amber twice when I attempted to boot it up. I left it to charge for about 6 hours, but nothing changed. The screen I black, there is no sound coming. Please reply as soon as possible. 

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    I keep getting a blue screen whenever i turn on my HP pavilion laptop, sometime it get stuck st the HP logo. Itried running the HDD test and it passed but the Memory test won't run or move?

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    My laptop can't boot in UEFI mode only on Legacy Support, if i change it anyway to UEFI the laptop will show the "Boot Device Not Found" if i started the laptop. Guys can you help me how to change the boot from Legacy Support (BIOS) to UEFI ?. I dont know whether the Windows installation is in uefi mode or bios mode because i send my laptop to repair shop before this. I got so many virus that eventually prevent my laptop from running  on my laptop before & the technician says that i should format my laptop & do clean windows installations so i accept it. After that, everything is fine except the boot mode issue. I want it back to UEFI rather than BIOS because my laptop a bit slow than usual. I heard that if you OS is windows 10, you can change it easily for like 3 second in the MBR2GPT?.. or is there other save method ?

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  • 12/26/18--20:11: BIOS Password
  • System disabled i 70989060

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  • 12/26/18--21:00: Hard drive test failed
  • Failure I'd RU60Q87A49B9MFPV7F60RM03 is what I got when I ran the test I'm not sure what this means and my hp is out of warranty.  Someone please help.  I also got a product I'd number G6R14UA#ABA. Thank you

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    Every time u try to start up my computer it says “an operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don’t contain an operating system.” 

    Then it says press crtl+alt+del to restart but every time I try to restart nothing happens 

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  • 12/26/18--23:25: System disabled I 633721501
  • Windows ten start up get stuck on administration  password click 3 times says system disabled I 633721501

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    Upon booting up, system immediately displays a warning message that states the system is not fully configured. I am asked to contact HP support. Then the message disappears, the system continues to boot normally, and seems to operate normally.


    This problem has appeared at least twice in the forum for other HP systems, and was in each case reported solved by running sssm.bat (apparently found in the wndmit folder of NbDmiFit). Apparently I need to get HP to run this proposed solution.


    Anyone able to help me out with this?



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    I forgot the BIOS administrator password.

    My laptop is a HP Probook 6550b.

    Please help!

    Kind regards,


    PS When starting up the laptop (during boot session) on the upper side of the screen i see the message S167132 (maybe this helps).

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    I have a Omen 15 laptop and sometimes when i press the power button nothing happens, literaly nothing, not even the light turns on or any fans at all. It happens very rarely and has never happened twice in a row. Once it happened also when it was on, i pressed the power button and it didn't respond.
    Can this be a physical glitch on the button or something? Or should i worry about a hardware issue?

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    I did not use my notebook for 2 years and I forgot BIOS password. I do not see any password or code on my screen after three bad attempts.

    Can someone help me, what to do ?

    Thank you for your help.

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    IMG20181227191241.jpgHp pro book 450 g3


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    È la seconda volta che dopo essermi assentato per qualche minuto dal mio pc appena torno e premo un pulsante prendo una piccola scossa e subito il pc si spegne. È collegato all'alimentatore attaccato ad una ciabatta. Come posso risolvere?

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    3 failed attempts, then a black screen with an error code reading


    "System Disabled: [err code]i68734272"


    Can't access BIOS menu or anything other. Please help!

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