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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Help reset HP stream 14 bios password. 


    Im getting system disabled i 71618458

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  • 12/23/18--00:40: theft
  • how can i block my lost laptop

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  • 12/23/18--02:01: ?

    index HP.jpg


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  • 12/23/18--02:47: half black screen on desktop
  • I just got a brand new laptop and after seting up correctly, it is now shows a black screen un der the icons, u can see the icons, but u cannot see the background picture or 90 percent of it    please help   HP LAPTOP 15-DB0041NF

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    I have a HP2000-2d49wm Notebook... I recently bought it and it has a persons name on it and asks for a password once it starts up. Is there anyway of gaining access to this computer and restoring it back to factory settings? I do have the restore disks that were made for it but cant seem to get them to run either... please help... I need in this ASAP!

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    HP if your reading any of your forums please take note!

    After installing this bios update i am now left with a device that is not fit for purpose,

    1. on start up i get a screen of snow them have to select windows key and b to repair bios on every start up.

    2. virtually impossible to use microsoft edge without it shutting down whenever the GPU is required.

    3. on contacting online support i recieved virtually no assistance apart from the windows B solution above.

    4.Still no fixes from HP Support Assistant.

    5. No public response to owners advising we are aware of an issue and looking to resolve it.


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  • 12/23/18--06:13: Issue IPTV 2 channels SKY
  • we have 2 switch core hp procurve and for the vlan 4 (IPTV) channels works but the two channels from sky box are missing.

    from box sky to a monitor works but through  untagged vlan does not work.


    vlan 4
       name "IP_TV"
       tagged B1-B24,C1-C24,D1-D24,Trk1
       untagged J1-J8
       ip address
       ip igmp
       ip igmp querier interval 60
       qos priority 5
       vrrp vrid 1
       spanning-tree instance 1


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  • 12/23/18--08:14: Trouble on start-up.
  • When I boot, the blue windows sign shows up in the center of the screen with dots circling underneath it. Underneath these dots, it says "Preparing Automatic Repair". It takes about 5 mins until the entire screen is bright blue with a gigantic sad face formed from a colon and a bracket. Right below this, it says, "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you."


    Below this message is a QR code on the far left. On the right of this QR code is a message written in smaller text than the previous saying,"For more info about this issue ad possible fixes, visit "


    It says that i should give this info: "Stop code: DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG"

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    My screen is totally black.

    Yes tried everything. Yes my computer is still alive, lol.  Well there’s no detachable battery on this which I was totally unaware of when I purchased it so where is the battery? Can you replace or .......????

    And yes I am TOTALLY SAVY ON REPAIR!! I 

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  • 12/23/18--11:06: Sleep
  • I recently upgraded from the early 2018 spectre x360 with the vega M chip to the late 2018 one with the GTX 1050 ti and when I put my laptop to sleep now it doesn't actually go to sleep. I thought it had something to do with the hinge of the laptop as when I closed it the fans kept running but the screen turned dark and then the IR blasters turned on for Windows hello, but when I changed it to hibernate when the lid was shut it worked perfectly. I then manually hit the sleep button and the same thing happened. the fans stayed, the screen when dark for a few seconds and windows hello activated. Any ideas why? Also is there any way to change the setting on the keyboard backlight turning off after a few seconds of nonuse? 

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  • 12/23/18--13:08: Please wait message
  • I  updated the windows 10 I didn’t like it so I tried restoring my HP computer to factory settings with the CD that it came with now that I have done that I keep getting an error message that has the date and time and says please wait does anybody know how to I fix this problem thank you in advance 

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    I am a college student with an HP Pavilion laptop, touch screen, and I absolutely love it. The laptop is about a year and a half if id guess. Last year I dropped it (a very short distance) on the floor while pulling it out of my backpack. After bringing it on the table it blue screened on me. It did this for a while but I'm a broke college kid who can't afford to fix or buy a new one. Ever since then it click near the TouchPad (assuming I bent the hardware inside or something) I have to punch it, in order to get it to stop clicking..


    Today (12/23/18) I login to my laptop and it goes to a black screen where I can move my cursor. It doesn't move from this spot so I click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and bring up the task manager, hoping this would help but now currently I can only see the Taskbar at the bottom with nothing besides the windows tab and cortana and my background. The desktop is blank. The fan is going and it's sort of loud and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.


    The cursor is also buggy and if I try and move it, it'll fidget and it'll take a second to go where I want it to go 


    This is completely new to me and I've never had it happen before. 


    Thank you in advance for your help! 

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    My search online to find the latest BIOS for a dv6000t laptop with the following specs below came up empty.

    Would really appreciate a URL or link to where I can find the most up-to-date BIOS so I may upgrade the laptop to use 2-2GB SODIMMs.



    Model: Hp Pavilion dv6000 (RD869AV#ABA)

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 (1730 Mhz)

    Current BIOS: F.16

    Serial Number: CNF7170ZBL


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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  • 12/23/18--14:44: locked BIOS
  • Hi there


    I bought this laptop second hand and the first owner has set password for the BIOS settings. I can't boot from USB, so I was unable to install another OS - like Ubuntu.

    I found on the internet method for resetting BIOS to default with: SMC.BIN file. Can you please provide me with that file.

    UUID: 42020AB8-980F-000B-1C19-6A776FAC389D


    Thank you in advance.


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    I just replaced the hard drive on this notebook and I need to boot from the cd for some diagnostics. I've tried using the esc and I mean I have my finger over the esc key as I press the power button with my other have and I'm tapping the esc key a couple times per second and I can't get the startup menu to come up and the computer just boots through to the operating system.

    I've shut down and retried this half a dozen times and I can't seem to get that menu to come up; alternatly several other people have said in other threads to try the F9 or F10 keys and neither of those work either; anyone have an idea?

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    So yesterday I was playing video games on my laptop, nothing out of the ordinary when my mouse stopped working. This had been an ongoing issue for the past couple of weeks so I thought I had to adjust it but after about 10 seconds of moving it around and no lights returning to the mouse, my entire laptop crashed. I thought at first that it was just dead and needed to be charged, as it was possible that the charger wasn't plugged in properly and I had missed the warning, but no after charging the computer for about an hour and attempting to turn it back on several times nothing worked. I had attempted to hold down the power button to force it to shut down if it was still running, and then attempted to boot it again but nothing, no power goes to the screen nor do I hear any signs of life from the fan or internals of the laptop. This thing is kind of the only computer I have so any assistance I could receive would be greatly appreciated!

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    The screen is completely black and when charging the light next to the charging port glows

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    Hi all, have an HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k125dx.  It will turn on for about 10 seconds then shuts off.  The power and Wifi lights will come on, I can hear the HDD spin up, and the CPU fan is running.  The screen doesn't come on.  After about 10 seconds it shuts off. Charging port light is orange while plugged into the adapter.  Have tried removing the battery, RAM, and CMOS battery for several minutes and then reconnecting.  Battery is slightly bloated.  Have tried to turn it on with the battery disconnected as well.  Any idea what's going on?  Further things to try?


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    hello, really need somones guidance here. i have in all in one touchsmart 520 win 10 64bit.

    it recently doesnt stay on long enough to do anything. as soon as the power cable is plugged in it turns on breifly 2-3 secs fan turns on then off again. it repeats this process a few times then stops and later starts again. i have tried new ram, new mother board, tested power supply , not sure what else to do now. spent a few $$$$ already trying not to give up as it was a good pc but runnning out of options. this will make me go to a mac if i cant fix it.

    thanks for looking.


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  • 12/23/18--17:52: lap top wont stop resettig
  • itll turn on show the HP symbol trun to a backlit screen with nothing on it for about 10 seconds and does it again ang again and again and again never acutlly boots up just keep on resetting itself and dont know what to do!!!! HELP 

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