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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I setup a BIOS Password plus a BIOS Administrator Password, but managed to forget both. I tried to make an educated guess of a recovery using but failed. Now I get a "System Disabled" message and the number "51158902".


    Thanks in advance for any help,


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  • 12/22/18--08:38: Doble parpadeo Bloq Mayus
  • Hola, quizas no hablen espanol, pero tengo un problema con mi HP 15-ba009dx, y es que ayer, la apague un rato y luego la volvi a encender pero solo prendia el ventilador a mas no poder y las Bloq Mayus parpadeaban 2 veces y se apagaban. Lo mas raro fue que luego de haber sacado el mouse, el USB, el music port, ya que uso parlantes, prendio otra vez. A que se podria deber? Y en caso de que me vuelva a pasar, como lo arreglo?

    EDIT: Por lo que estube averiguando, es un error en el BIOS

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  • 12/22/18--09:25: Battery
  • My battery was not charging, after running checks and diagnostic's I purchased a new battery.  The new battery at first charged, than would not charge showing pluged in not charging (did the same on old battery).  Than after re-pluging it in a few times, rebooting and putting it in stand by mode it started charging again but now will not go pass 75%.  I checked the system again ran diagnostic's (from HP support) again and everything is good it says.  


    My question is one is it the battery or the system not charging?  before i send the battery back how do I check and make sure it's not the noteboook ?  Thanks, Craig

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  • 12/22/18--09:26: Laptop randomly hibernates
  • My HP laptop randomly hibernates, as if the battery level was very low, even when it is not low at all (in fact, it happens even when I just recharged my battery). This only happens when the laptop is NOT plugged in.

    When this happens, it won't turn on again, unless I plug it in: if I press the power button without plugging in the laptop, the LED power light flashes as if battery was down. However, when (after plugging it in) I turn the laptop on again and check the battery level, it properly detects the level at which the battery is charged.

    Is this a battery problem?



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    When I turn on my laptop the screen says preparing to is on a continuous loop. I have pressed escape and ran a test. Everything passes but when to back in and press f11 to restore system the screen flashes that it needs to restart system and goes back to the preparing loop

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    hi all

    i have 840 g3 i got smc file from support i already did it know how it works but this time this hp have fastboot activated so the first time success smc command when i try to reset setting quickly exit so after this first time keys windows up down not work anymore

    i am askin if there is a trick to get smc command again i try many usbs 2 gbs try creat a partition on my hdd with 2gb names HP_TOOLS fat32 fail too

    i saw the same case in the forum the guy after powen on it use escape then between blank screen he click windows up down and it work but i try it 1000 time without success to get blank screen if any video will be appreciate

    if anyone can help i will really appreciate

    best regards

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  • 12/22/18--10:36: How do I format?
  • I'll format it from the BIOS menu for my laptop.
    I have one problem, I don't know what to do with my BIOS menu.
    Anybody can help me according to the model of my Computer?

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    probook 450 G2

    system product ID:2248
    system board ct PEMWPI31V9ACAA
    current BIOS Version: M74 Ver. 01.14
    current Bios release date 06/23/2015
    sku #: L8E08UT#ABA
    intel 9R0 VBIOS (2180)


    need and Smc.bin or unlock key

    thank you in advance


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    Fast boot was accidently ticked on in BIOS, and now I can not get to the BIOS setup on boo-upt. I have the "3F0 error or Boot Device Not Found." It will only go to "PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI." I have I have tried a hard reset to clear memory; reseated the HDD; tried another hard drive. Nothing is working. How do I reslove this so I can get to the BIOS setup?

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    System disabled code I 86114305

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  • 12/22/18--15:06: System disabled
  • I keep getting system disabled [i 92522345] can anyone help

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  • 12/22/18--15:11: Failure code
  • So my laptop keeps getting stuck in a repair loop. So I hit the esc button then F2 and ran a scan. It comes up with this failure code. 


    disk 1


    what is my issue?  


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    HI guys, I'm having problems with my laptop. Every time I start it goes straight into BIOS with the message exit without saving changes. I can't access any of the options, I have to press control alt del and then esc as it boots before I can access the bios menu.

    The date and time have reset to the when the computer was made, I've replaced the CMOS battery but it comes up with the message The CMOS check sum is invalid (CMOS reset 502). I made changes to the date and time but when I come to exiting BIOS, if I select exit saving changes it goes straight but to bios and then it's a loop if I keep selecting exit saving changes. It will only go on to start windows if I select exit discarding changes, it then boots normally and I can then use the laptop without any problems.


    It's annoying having to deal with bios everytime I start up my laptop. Can anyone help me out please, I've run out of ideas in terms of what to do. I'm including screenshots of the messages that have been coming up.


    Thank in advance for all your help.IMG_0154.PNGIMG_0155.PNGIMG_5417.PNG

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  • 12/22/18--15:14: Blinking lights
  • My laptop will no longer turn on at all. Lights are flashing at the charge Port, the power button, wifi switch button (f-12), and Ethernet Port. Have already tried taking batt out. Is it now a boat anchor?

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  • 12/22/18--15:15: bios locked
  • hi...

    I have a problem unlocking the bios with a password. the password is from the previous owner but does not remember which one he set. I have FreeBSD installed and i want to change OS but reboot from dvd/usb not work without passwd..

    please help me!

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    HP Probook 450 G3 5cd5524c82 Forgot or never set administrator password unable to update applications and renew subscriptions. Can someone help?



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    My stream is totally messed up. I have decided to wipe the hard drive via BIOS and need to know what to do next. The reason I want to clean everything is it will not reboot, corrupted files, stuck on diagnostics . I't's a total mess!!!!!!         thank you

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  • 12/22/18--21:54: Bios locked hp folio 13
  • Hi! 

    My HP Folio 13 bios is locked and I don't have the code to unlock it. It says system disabled code 87723702. Which code do I have to enter in order to unlock it ? Thanks! 

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    The selected boot device failed when booting from CD/DVD created 2 years ago while buying laptop.

    Should I create a new bootable device or buy one from HP?


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  • 12/23/18--00:28: cant find bootable device
  • Can someone please help me I'm stuck st cant find bootable device after system kept restarting when I corrected changes made by my friendly hacker stalker.. after attempting restore or reset on device from troubleshooting my lappy stopped process half way and restarted but the last time it went to cant find bootable device.

    After changing bios and hardware check pass I got half way thru win 7 installation and was told cant find drivers. And I dont know where to look or if they are there still but I tried win xp and finished not 30 seconds be4 message flashed machine has to shut down to protect itself.??

    So I downloaded drivers for my p.c and read up that I need to change the boot startup bios options again but I dont know the correct package to try win7 from usb bootable flash type package with correct installer shi cant access a comp that works I only have my phone and I've been trying to get it all in one step by step process.

    Can anyone help me or has my ex the hack succeeded in yet another expensive brick. ? ??

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