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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I have loost my BIOS password. Is there a means to reset / clear or change this? 


    My UUID number is: 1FD8F25B9A32E3119D50009AE50260A5

    SKU: A115AV

    [personal information removed per Rules Of Participation]


    I have tried removing the CMOS battery, depressing the power button for 90 seconds and leaving it without power for a week resulting in no joy. I have also attempted the "generic" bios password clearing EEPROM sofware from a usb (thus from the cmd prompt) and from windows again with no luck. I have tried reinstalling win 8.1 and then running a factory reset and again this did not work. I can not change the boot order and booting from a USB is only possible, via a manual process through the options available from the menu available upon start up and pressing the "esc" key. When I do this it only works with an OS on the USB as an IOS file.


    HELP this is driving me nuts!!!! 


    Thanks in advance! 




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  • 12/20/18--16:58: how to remove bios password
  • Sir, I have a problem with bios password I don't know the password I want to enable Intel VT on this pc but I can't go to the bios please help me

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    I found a really old computer - it was a Presario C700, unfortunetly I lost the password.

    When i type the wrong password 3 times, it comes up with Key: 77105159.

    I cant remove the CMOS battery as all the screws are stripped and worn out.


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    Today my envy x360 decided to quit on me. When i press the power button the light comes on along with the fan but nothing else. I get the charger light on when i plug my charger in and when the battery fully charges it goes from orange to white. While the laptop is "on" the caps lock light wont turn on or the num lock light. I have taken the ram out and even swapped it with some extras still no change. I made a usb drive with the media creation tool to try to restore windows my usb drive blinks at start up but i cant get any response with f12 or f9 i also read escape works but none of them could bring my screen up. I also tried to hook up to a monitor and it showed something was hooked up but said it was getting no signal. Is this a motherboard issue or could it be something else? Any help is greatly apprectated thank you in advance.

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    I have tried several different linux distros on this machine and think i have finally settled on the ones i want to use long term. My uefi boot manager comes up with a very long list. Is there a way to delete the distros i no longer have installed? I have read this can be done from linux using efibootmgr commands, but even as root it says this file is locked. I have no idea how to unlock a file that resides in nvram? Thanks for any advice, and apologies if this is in the wrong category- it seemed closest to my issue.

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    The laptop was new at the end of August 2018.

    A few days ago the HP Support Assistant providied a BIOS update which I installed.

    Since then on power up I first get the power switch light flashing, then the light on the caps lock button give 3 long and 5 short flashes which I understand says it can't find the CPU.

    Forcing a power off, waiting the n powering on again gives "The CMOS checksum is invalid." CMOS 502.

    Press enter to rest and the computer starts and runs fine.

    I assume that the BIOS updtae is invalid, or has not installed correctly (all done through HP Support assistant).

    Any advice and a fix greatly appreciated

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    I want to enable my virtualization mode enable in BIOS , But after pressing F10 to save settings , every things goes wrong and laptop restarted and settings not saved! what is the problem

    i attached my system information for more information,







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    After my lil bro downloaded a virus that happened. Now idk what to do

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  • 12/21/18--03:19: Hanging
  • Hi my note book was hanging while kept in idle for over night with using power adaptor. Power button light and keyboard backlights are still ON. When I hit the enter key nothing happing. I need to forceably power off and ON by pressing the power button to retrive the systenm for opeartion. This is happing moslty while using with power adaptor pluged in. I have tested with battery for 3 hours kept idle, no hanging complint. I have run the all hardware diagnostic and other all test including power adaptor test. Every thing shows passed. I recently installed the windows 10 64 bit and no other software are apps installed. 


    Further I have upgraded from original otebook was shipped with windows 10 64 bit HOME and I upgraded with Pro by signing with my microsoft ID for Pro licence. After upgraded I am unable to recovery to factory setting by pressing F11 key. F11 key wont shows HP recovery software. It goes to only windwos default recovery option. 


    Any slolutions please? Thanking yopu in advance.

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  • 12/21/18--03:53: BIOS Admin password lost
  • Добрый день . Как убрать запрос BIOS Admin password lost и попасть в биос?

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    I am facing the issue while imaging the laptop from the server 

    having error "Failed to find a valid network adapter". Please have a look on the attached image.

    Any help would be appreciable.

    WhatsApp Image 2018-12-14 at 10.52.50 AM.jpeg

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    I have a HP Pavillion X360 2 in 1 computer

    The unit starts up and gets to boot but no OS on the M.2 drive as yet.

    But the issue is more with the power supply i think.

    It is not powering from the AC adapter nor charging. If I remove the battery it will not power up. I get a little orange light at the AC point when you first press the power button. Then it flashes white from then on


    The unit boots to the bios and then fails as no OS yet.

    I have tried 3 different AC units on the laptop. They all work on other units.

    Does anyone have any advice?



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    ever since I started up my laptop and got a blue screen it wont go past the hp logo on boot and just continuously turn back on just to go to the hp logo and turn off again, its stuck in a loop, I tried disconnecting my ctmos battery, I tried windows + B as well but that takes me to a black screen where my caps lock starts blinking and then does nothing else, also draining the static and restarting didnt help, Please help me

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    I just get the error Boot Device not found and it was working then it wasn't I have tried all the F2 and F11 things but don't seem to be able to get it to boot.

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    Laptop is a black screen when comes on and either says ESC or F10 or F11 service recovery but after this nothing follows or comes up on the screen and is stuck on this and will only turn on when conncected to a charger x

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    i cannot enter bios settings because it is locked with a bios password

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    Dear team,

    i recetly upgraded 512 gb Nvme ssd to my laptop and removed 1tb HDD and i cloned data from hdd to Nvme but sometimes system booting well but some times boot device not found,

    and i upgraded to latest bios as shown in hp drivers an software site current version was f11.


    So kindly help me to fix the problem..

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    Laptop was working fine but then wouldn't boot.  No sign windows is starting, can't get to bios screen.  I am suspecting it installed the recent november bios but I can't even get it to boot from a usb recovery fob.

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    My laptop was running good, but now is not.


    When i press power button ... Light work, but screen is black for 13 sec, then hp screen appears with error ... " warning : machine is not in committed state " 


    And windows open ... Every thing is normal .. but slow.


    I searched in hp previous posts, problems like mine ... But i found that this error appears only when changing the laptop motherboard !! 


    But in my case i didn't change any thing in my laptop !!



    I have windows 7 64 bit ... 

    Tried to update bios the the latest version 

    Tried another hard disk drive 

    Tried reinstalling windows 



    Still have this 13 sec late before hp screen appears ... Its annoying :(


    Can any one help me .. what to do ?

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  • 12/21/18--12:24: HP ab150sa - Boot fail
  • Hello all,


    Recently, my laptop crashed without a low battery warning. 


    Since then, I am having problems with laptop boot. The laptop powers on but all I see is black light on the screen. The HP logo is also not displayed, which i guess is that the bios is failing to load.


    I tried this solution: remove power cord, remove battery, hold on power button for upto a minute, put back battery and power on. But not much luck. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it does not.


    Majority of the time, I power on my laptop, the bios fails to load. But after repeatedly powering off & on , sometimes, I get lucky and the bios and windows loads.


    This has created uncertainty that my laptop may not start at all the next time I power it on.


    Your suggestions are welcome.



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