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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I have a weird problem. My keyboard and touchpad would pause/lag every second, not only in Windows but also in BIOS. So for example, if I would press and hold let's say letter F, it would type for like a second, then pause, then type for a second, the pause, etc. Same thing happens when I move my course in circles. It would pause in about a second and then continue.

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    I'm unable to wake up my laptop using the external keyboard or mouse which is connected to a HP USB-C Universal Dock.

    In the "Power Management" tab of both the keyboard and mouse the "Allow this device to wake the computer" check box is ticked, however I still need to open the lid to wake up my laptop.

    The laptop is a HP Spectre

    The dock is a HP USB-C Universal Dock

    I'm running Windows 10

    When I open the properties tab in the dockign station, ther is no "Pwer Management" tab - not sure if thre is supposed to be or not.

    All hardware drivers are uptodate as are all Windows updates.

    Can anyone please assist with this.


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  • 12/12/18--20:27: Hp spectre not booting up
  • So I was using my laptop in school perfectly fine then I shut it down like regular to come home. I came home and plugged my laptop in to charge then I went out for like 10 min. When I walked back in I tried to turn on my laptop and it's not turning on . When I press the power button their is a light right next to where the power is that flashes 3 times and nothing else happens. Would appreciate the help thanks. 

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  • 12/12/18--21:59: Re: Bios password
  • how do you reset bios password and or administrator password in a hp beats audio 3115m the system disable code is 57281118

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    After the usual battery replacement message immediately upon start up the machine displays "Product Information not valid". I followed the Help instructions and have the CT number but am unable to find a way to contact support since the machine is out of warranty. My options are to ask the community or use the virtual assistant (which I tried but was not given any help). Interestingly, I also get a "Windows is not genuine" message immediately following. Both of these appeared around the same time with no system changes having been made. How do I contact support??? Can I get a phone number or email address?

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    Notebook will go black and shut down randomly while on battery power.  Doesnt do this while plugged into AC adapter.

    Ran a sytem test on Battery several times. First two tests battery failed. Next three tests battery passed. Bought a new battery but have not installed it yet.

    Next I ran a system test on Memory and got a fail code of Q4G63V-8209AR-MFPX61-40F103 (memory check failed, memory module 1, bottom left slot).

    Does this code mean I need to replace memory card?



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    Windows 10 was reinstalled by his son and he also locked the hard drive I know the password but then on boot up it just shows the HP symbol and does nothing just goes to a black screenDSC_0211~2.JPG


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  • 12/13/18--03:13: My Hp was Stolen
  • Hi, 

    my pc was stolen. I would like to know if the manufacturer HP has an assistance that allows you to find the pc or block it.
    The features are:
    HP - 15-ac181nl (ENERGY STAR)

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz
    Serial number: CND5502H9J
    Product number: T8S55EA.

    Help me please. I have already tried to find it with WIndows assistence, but the pc results offline.
    Kind regards.

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    Hi, first post here...


    Somewhere during the spring update of Windows10 something seems to have gone wrong. I have made up my Omen into a dual-boot system, with XUbuntu Linux as my primary OS; hence the delay in my taking any action regarding this problem.


    The Linux system boots up and works splendidly, just as in the ~18 months before. However, when I now select the Windows bootup, I immediately get the following (black) screen. Windows does not even get a chance to start up, and thus I cannot try the repair function in the W10 installation image I downloaded from Microsoft.


    Does anybody know anything about this problem, and how I can get rid of it?


    Thanks for any help!





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    Hello everyone,this is quite a compilated problem so i will try to explain as best as i can.

    I love to experiment with tech so i decided to install macOS Sierra on my HP Split x2 13'' laptop.All went fine untill graphic card macos drivers.I made some changes in Clover(bootloader) in for semi-support for Intel HD graphics.Next few boots laptop didn't want to boot it only show some verbose text and then restart.After 5th restart there was no screen output.I charged laptop and tried to boot it but no succes.It doesn't give any output or sound except a charging light on the back of the laptop.I think this is my fault and I want to fix it.Does somebody know how to help  and if does please answer.Thanks.

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  • 12/13/18--11:11: Hard Drive Short DST failed
  • My laptop (HP 15-af114AU running windows 10) was refusing to boot properly. Sometimes windows log in would show up, but would be stuck on the lock screen or stuck on the "welcome" after logging in for hours and never start. Otherwise it just used to remain blank with no windows booting. So sometimes it boots to windows lock screen and sometimes it doesn't.

    I got into the automatic repair thing after hard reset, a menu flashed but there's no "running diagnostics" coming up, just a black screen with a cursor.

    I booted with start up check and ran system quick test multiple times. There seem to be a hard drive short DST failure:

    PLU2J1-7R79AT-XD7WMF-60W603 Hard Drive 1

    This came multiple times. I've got 2 other errors codes once each:




    The product code is p3c92pa#acj


    Please let me know what I can do. If there's a case that the hard drive needs to be replaced, let me know how i can back up the data if possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I forgot the password for my HP Stream. When I turn it on it shows a blue box that I cannot bypass. The halt code/ system disabled code is [i 59053498]. Thank you so much for your help. If the password cannot be recovered, I will be satisfied with completely resetting the laptop. I do not have anything valuable on it. 

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    when I turn on the laptop the screen is black but you can see hear the system running

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     I bought used hp zbook 14 g2 mobile workstation laptop before 4 days ago, and when i tried to log in to bios setup for making some changes to it, but i faced a message that tel me to write the adminstrator password.So please i need the smc file to put it on usb flash drive to reset the password.

    [Personal Information Removed]


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    I have a stange problem, after i shut down pc or if i close the screen (maybe the PC goes in hybernation) the PC doesn't restart when i push power button nothing happen, like the button doesn't works. I must disconnect the battery and after few hour when i reinstall battery the PC restart without problems. I try hard reset but doesn't works.

    I don't known what do. Please help me.

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  • 12/13/18--13:27: Bios Setup question
  • Quick questionj about the BIOS Setup. In the Boot up order there are asterisk's beside certain devices and would like to remove one and cant quite figure it out. Maybe some one could help.

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  • 12/13/18--14:12: Laptop won't turn on.
  • Laptop won't turn on even after holding the power button for 30s with no charging cord attached. When I pull the charger in the led by the cord turns on, so it seems that it's charging. 

    Any suggestion on what to try next.

    Note: Laptop is still under warranty. 


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  • 12/13/18--14:50: Bios rollback
  • Hi, My NVME PCIe was workin as PCIe 3 X4 with reading speed up 2800M, however after bios update my PCIE changed to 1 x 4 and speed is about 500M. Please I need to rollback the bios and I need it urgen as I did'nt pay all that money to buy 970 smasunf to get 500M.



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    My laptop turns on, but after I put my password it doesn’t work anymore. The inicial scream appears and the apps and documents too, but I can’t access anything. It keeps loading but it doesn’t open anything. I tried to run the tests and it was all ok, but I can’t fix the problem.  

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  • 12/13/18--16:37: SrtTrail.txt Log Error
  • Getting the SrtTrail.txt error when I try to startup. Any help?

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