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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/13/18--17:08: Unable to register SSD
  • I'm unable to register my product with support because when I enter my serial number and product it tells me that the numbers are not valid.  I bought a SSD EX900 M.2 SSD from new egg (HP branded).  the SSD died and I'm unable to open up an RMA or call anyone because the system keeps telling the product number is invalid.  What can I do to open up an RMA?

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  • 12/13/18--17:23: Runs slow when plugged in
  • I have had my laptop, HP Spectre x360-13, for two years and it has run just fine plugged in or not. After the last bios update, 51, it now runs at 15%  speed when plugged in. Verified by MicroCenter. I thought is was a virus, corrupted OS, etc. tried all fixes. Had MicroCenter verify. Apparently the last bios upgrade thinks it will run too hot and slows the processor down so it does not overheat. After an hour today with support,  they were unable to roll back the bios to a previous version. We tried roll-back, creating a flash drive with previous version and the one before that. Tried every option that it created on the flash drive. All said they were not for this machine?  This is really poor on HP's part. And this was with the help of support. So now I am stuck with a machine that  HP  made run slow. Oh, and they are glad to have their techs work on it for a price since it is out of warrantee. But wait, HP created the problem! If any HP tech gets this, case number 5024593559.  Hopefully someone will have a solution. Otherwise I am going to start a serious bad publicity campaign and investigate a law suit. I am willing to bet there are others with the same problem 

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    Friend has Pavilion dv7 notebook. It aksed for power on password. I got I entered it and restarted the computer. It got to the HP logo then went to black screen with flashing cursor in upper left corner and then went blank. I popped battery out and held down power button 15 sec replaced battery and plugged in. restarted entered BIOS and ran start up test. 100% memory ok Hard disk quick test passed. Hard disk SMART passed. Checked boot sequence. HDisk 1st then CD no option for USB. Restarted and got same result. Got any ideas on what to do next? BIOS says OS is Vista. Can someone please help so I can get him to shut up? I am grumpy enough already!

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    I've been having trouble with my laptop for a long time now. It would turn on and then go to auto repair was not successful but today it turned on and went to a black screen that says " Boot Device Not Found,  Please install an operating system on your hard disk. , Hard Disk (3FO), F2  System Diagnostics" What should I do?  Please help

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    Current Status:

    Lost OEM adapter. Universal adapter worked 2 days ago (w/o charging but that's a common problem) but now laptop won't turn on. When I plug it in there is a single red or orange flash at the power port, then nothing, or one red, one white/violet, then nothing.  Little white light on power switch glows the whole time so power is clearly getting through. I did a hardware reset and opened up to check for physical damage. Cannot boot up, not even into BIOS. No beeps, no clicks. 


    Backstory: Bought "new" (or sneaky refurb) 9 months ago, opened it up once to install more RAM, recently connected to an external display for the first time. Last week I dropped my laptop while running through an airport terminal and some plastic chipped off the case, but when I got to the gate it started up just fine and I was able to connect to WiFi and play a game, which confirmed stuff was working, including fan and USB port next to power port. (I use a wireless mouse.) Only weird thing was that the touchpad was working perfectly. A few months back it had disabled itself and nothing I could do (following directions) would turn off that little light. Apparently it just needed a good thwack on a concourse floor?


    I soon discovered my charger had disappeared in all the commotion. It said I had a couple hours but after 30 minutes of an energy hogging game it abruptly shut itself off with the typical chirp of sudden power-down . Charger never turned up and I have deadlines, so I just bought a universal adaptor at Fry's. 65w, 9.5v per specifications. 


    3rd party adapter would not charge battery but at least I could use while plugged in. While troubleshooting I saw HP Assistant wanted me to install an update so I did. Still had working laptop until I shut down for the night and tried to use it in the morning. It's going to be a few days if I order an OEM adapter but not going to bother if I actually just killed this thing.

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  • 12/13/18--23:08: Boot loop
  • Now its stuck in a boot loop! 

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  • 12/14/18--03:37: BIOS Password
  • Al intentar acceder a la BIOS de mi portátil recibo el siguiente código de error:


    Sistema desactivado [I 59490304]


    Necesito me faciliten la clave maestra para poder tener acceso total a mi equipo

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  • 12/13/18--23:04: Re: BIOS Password Halt Code?
  • My laptop is hp omen 15-ce018dx

    I restarted my pc and power on password was asked and as usually i entered my password and now it wont recognize.

    I saw some of the post where it mentiomed that entering 3 times enter key or incorrect key would generate a halt code but that too is not happening.

    So is there a way to get backdoor password or a way to reset or bypass this login?


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    As with many questions and responses and solutions, my laptop requires an admin password or power on password. I have a code [i 88045185] but this doesn't work. I checked out but their p/w also did not work

    I have tried various password on this community but they don't work HELP!! I need my laptop for teaching class

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  • 12/14/18--06:01: After bios update

    HP pavilion g7 2050er


    After I updated the BIOS to the new version of F.2A Rev.A,
    Windows stopped loading. And she began to show this message.



    What could be the problem?

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  • 12/14/18--06:59: HP 15-d016sv forgotten BIOS
  • Hello all.

    Well I have this laptop HP 15-d016sv and have lost the code in order to enter BIOS.

    Now when I try to enter (after 3 times) I got as "System Disabled" this number: 62143991

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 12/14/18--04:57: Laptop Not Turning On
  • Hello,

    so I have a hp laptop and when it is plugged in it won’t turn on and I tried solution:

    remove the ac adapter and battery.hold the power button for 30 seconds and without replacing the battery put the ac adapter back in the laptop and press then on button.

    this only worked once or twice but it’s not working anymore.and sometimes I leave it plugged in and a white light comes but when I press the on button the white light goes and the laptop does not turn on.

    so please help me and give me a solution.



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  • 12/14/18--07:04: BIOS Password forgotten
  • Hello!


    I forgot the bios password - very bad for me to do that - and now I'm stuck. After three retries, an on-screen keyboard appears, but no error code - as other users here received.


    The serial number of the machine is: 5CG5042RXG

    Is there any chance to reset it?


    Thank you!

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    I've got a system disabled message on my HP Notebook - 14-am082nd.  The code is SYSTEM DISABLED [i 59776384]. 

    Any help you could provide would be very appreciated!  Thanks!

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  • 12/14/18--07:39: Reset BIOS admin password
  • how to reset bios password? i dont get any code when i enter a wrong password 3-4 times. i want to dual boot android os but i need to enable virtualization in bios. help me please.

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    Looking through this Forum, it seems this is a common problem - I plugged in my 1040 G2 today and the Power and Caps Lock LED's are constantly flashing and the notebook will not power up. I have been through all of the normal tips:


    Hold Power and Mute buttons for more than 30 seconds

    Hold Power and Esc buttons for more than 30 seconds

    Ditto Power and Wifi buttons


    If I hold just the Power button down, the LED's go off after about 15 seconds, until I release the Power button again

    The LED's also go out after 5 seconds with the Power and Mute buttons pressed (until I release the Mute button)


    I have tried another external power adapter I have.

    As my warranty expired two months ago (typical!) I removed the back and disconnected the battery and did the 'drain' tip. I also tried the external power with the battery disconnected. I also re-sat the RAM module.


    Still no joy.


    Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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    I have a failure ID numer for this problem. Can someone help me?

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    Hi. Same problem. Displayed [ i 51927799]  Help. Thanks.



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    I forgot my password. I called Turkey HP Service but 237 dollars for a motherboard change. I showed my invoice again asked for money. Help me please

    My code bios code : i 59624768

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