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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    My administrative password I forgot it goes 3 times and says system disabled code a [35d680d0] what do I do

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    Hi, have an issue trying to turn on laptop. Infinitely loops on diagnosing. Didn’t have any issues before just turned off laptop and next time I tried to turn it on I got this issue. So I tried EVERY command possible and luckily esc F2 worked. Got to run a quick test but kept failing on battery. Battery is plugged in. Need to decode this failure ID. UC0BHW-6AH9AR-9XKT1F-C08N03

    Pics are there also. image.jpg


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  • 12/11/18--20:23: mY aSUS sONIC mnASTER a556u
  • Dear All.

    I have this problems:

    1. My notebook shows no boot device..eventhough the bios can deterct my hard disk.. then

    2. Today i can't access my bios since the system require the bios passoowd .. I try to press Alt-R . It shows 2018/3/13

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    I have this same issue and I would be grateful for some help, my code is 60748930

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  • 12/11/18--21:56: Disabled
  • Disabled because of admin password and power on password 

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    I forgot the bios password for my HP Notebook 15 . After the 3rd try I got and the following error  { I 68865345}. Is there a code to bypass it or a jumper to wipe it?

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  • 12/11/18--21:16: Re: System disabled

  •  wrote:


    I've tried turning on my laptop today and a screen saying "Enter administrator password or power on password" jumped on me. After 3 bad tries, it showed "System Disabled i 59025056".

    Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I'd be forever grateful.

    Thank you for any replies:)


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    Im getting Enter Admnin password or power on password

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  • 12/12/18--03:27: x2 detachable
  • I have a pavilion x2 detachable which i downloaded & installed a BIOS update through the HP Assistaint, after rebooting it just opened up with "Selected boot image did not Authenticate", i've downloaded a BIOS update for this product onto a USB stick but in the System Diagnostic there isn't a section to update the BIOS, the Version it is showing is

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    Hey bud I'm having same issue but that code doesnt work for me I have hp stream 14-cb112wm

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    i currently have no virus protecction but otherwhise i havent got any messeges or somthing to show that something is wrong

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  • 12/12/18--06:30: Bios Password reset
  • hello,
    How can I reset my bios password cause I forget it and it's been a long time since i use it. and I just want to instal an Msata drive.

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  • 12/12/18--08:25: Hp Elite X2 password reset
  • I forgot my BIOS password. I sent an email to the local support center. They send me an SMC.bin file and instructions. They say:

    format a usb as FAT32 - I did.

    use usb 2.0 slot - I have only one USB slot and it is 2.0

    check your BIOS date and time - it is ridiculious, I do not have access to BIOS setup

    copy the bin file to the USB - I did

    keep pressing Window key and up and down arrows simutaneously and power the computer - I did many times

    it fails all the time.


    There are other links in the document that they sent to me, talking about HP_Tool and there are some links, all links are broken, the document is outdated.


    I also wathced HP videos on creating BIO recovery USB, I followed the steps, this time pressing Window + B key as stated, no hope!

    HP support sucks! They punish their customers for forgeting the password. Look at Apple, if you forget any password of Apple, there is an easy and safe way to reset it.


    This SMC.bin file is valid for 7 days and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. Well done HP!



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    My laptop no longer charges. We have tried both USB-C ports and tried other chargers as well. We have noticed that this is a common problem with HP devices and tried the "solutions" provided by HP support for this problem. THese solutions did not work. The laptop is only 2 years old, and this should not happen to a high end HP product. How much will this cost to fix and are there any other solutions?


    THe laptop is now dead and we cannot retrieve any of the data off of it.


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    Hello! I can not access to BIOS becouse I dont have password for my ProBook 6470b? 

    How do I get access to the password?

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  • 12/12/18--12:48: BIOS Password recovery
  • Hi there folks.


    We have 2 laptops (1x Probook 450 G1 and 1x ProBook 650 G1) that have been returned to us after WFR meant they were no longer required by the users. Unfortunately they both have BIOS passwords installed and of course nobody thought to check with the users before they left the company. 
    Is there anyway of resetting the the BIOS Password so that we can re-use the laptops?

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  • 12/12/18--13:38: can't lock branding
  • On site replaced a systemboard in our 440 G5. The Feature Byte, Build ID, Serial Number, SKU Number, Product Family, SB CT Number and Product Name are entered correctly. On post, we get an error - System in Programming Mode. In the past I have used the SMC.BIN file to open and Lock BIOS for Branding. This is a replacement systemboard what was installed unlocked. I've access to CSN, but not sure how to resolve this. HP wants to send someone out, NO........

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    When I try to log into my HP Pavilion X360, it starts to boot up, and then I get a black screen before it finishes. How do I fix this?

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  • 12/12/18--16:54: Boot problem with bios
  • I have a laptop hp pavilion dv7-6052er. The laptop has stopped loading. judging by the flashing capslock, the problem is in the BIOS. I need help in creating a bootable flash drive to restore the BIOS. Thank.

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  • 12/12/18--17:50: Infinite Recovery Boot Loop
  • So recently I've rebuilt my laptop with spare parts from the same computer my sister had (my dad bought me my brother and sister the same computer for Christmas) and I finally got it to work after 2 years of it not being usable. But the other day once I booted it up, is went into a system recovery. So I completely wiped the hard drive and all the files so I can start new. Then it went into a system recovery again and every time I would turn it off and back on it would go into the recovery options. So my question is, is there any way that I can get out of this system recovery loop or is the computer long gone?

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