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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    System Disabled: 85724926


    OS has been corrupted need to get in and fix it


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    I have problem /boot/cds
    my computer is encryptd by hp tool
    winmagic/HP drive encription

    i remember password but after use my fingerprint or password how i can fix mbr? becouse even i do a bootable USB with windows i can't fix it becouse drive is encrypted.

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    So today, I tried to turn on my laptop, but the power button just flashes and I hear a click sound every 2 seconds. 


    I took out the battery and plugged the power cable, still the same click and wouldnt turn on (Black Screen).

    I took it apart, SSD works, took the optical drive out, same issue. 

    I noticed that when turning it on, the fan runs for 2 seconds and stopes. Then the cycle loops: Led power button comes on , hears a click sound and turns off. 

    I disconnected the audio from the board and now there was no sound, but still wouldnt turn on, same loop as described earlier without the clicking sound.


    Now im thinking its either the Fan or the mother board itself. Any ideas??

    If its the mother board, i tried looking for a model number on there, but had no luck. Would a faulty fan cause this? 



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    I need help with the power on password as well. My disable code is

    [i 59710328] It would be much appreciated if you can help me with this. m6-ar004dx. Thank you.

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    My computer recently downloaded a Microsoft update that causes a registry issue and forces a BSOD repeatedly. To try to resolve this issue, I checked my drivers, memory, and hard drive as well as running the blue screen troubleshooter. I ultimately had to use system recovery to stop the bsod. After completion of system recovery, things seemed fine for most of the day. I again removed expired McAfee from my computer and went about my daily activities. My computer then suddenly shut off and gave only a black screen on booting. The Caps lock flashing pattern is 3 slow flashes. I followed initial instructions already to remove the battery and adapter, hold the power button for 15 seconds, and then reboot. I also tried starting while holding the windows key and B as well as windows key and V. Neither would bring up bios recovery. I ultimately created a recovery usb, but it will not register this either. I'm at wits end as this is my school system, and I need this for University!


    My product number is x7t85ua#aba


    Thank you for any and all help!

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  • 12/09/18--17:37: My Computer is not workin
  • So my computer was working just fine until i recently opened the computer. The computer did not boot and the monitor is black. But the keyboard is blinking once every 5 seconds. I can't power off the computer and the only way to kill the computer is to let it die by not having enought battery. What should I do?

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    When I start up my computer, instead of booting it goes directly to boot menu. If I click on boot device options the first option is OS boot manager (uefi) Windows boot manager(sandisk-256g) which is what it is booting off of instead of notebook hard drive. This is because I did a reinstall of windows using a usb. But now whenever I boot my computer it goes directly to the black Start up menu. I also cannot get into my bios because I forgot my password. After 3 fails it brings up System SN: 8cg50705dj and under that it says insert HP sparekey usb.  I have attatched photos showing my problems. Thanks for any help. I really need it.IMG_20181209_195626.jpgIMG_20181209_195727.jpgIMG_20181209_195751.jpg

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  • 12/09/18--19:20: Laptop does not power on
  • Laptop suddenly turned off while watching YouTube and will not power back on. AC Charger cable was connected and battery was charging at that time. 


    Tried holding the power button to reset. But still no response from the laptop. None of the LEDs are on. 


    How do I turn it back on?


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    The system disables with the code: i 93659881.

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    Hey, got the same Problem. HP 655 system disabled code 52553606 after trying to reset the password

    any help would be great :) 



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    When I turn my computer on I put my password in as soon as I click on one of the apps or programs it freezes have to turn it off and restart just started doing it out of nowhere

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    I would need your help in order to reinstall my OS Window 7 since my HDD crashed and I am no longer able to use my recover partition. I changed the hdd but need to reinstall the OS. Can you share the link in order to get a OEM version of Window 7 please? Note that I still have the window sticker at the back on my laptop. So I will be able to resuse my key license.







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    I must have entered the wrong password too many time, my System Disabled (or that is the last error message that I saw. HP has been little to no help, they say it's a hardware issue and that it's not covered under my warranty (go figure). They want me to send it in and pay $400.00 to have the hardware issue repaired, between 6-8 weeks from now.  I just want to get back into it...even if I lose everything. And, the sooner the better. 
    Any help would be so appreciated. I am comfortable getting into it, and navigating throughout the, hardware or software, I just don't know where to begin. I haven't even had this Notebook for a year.

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    Hi All,

    I have a x360 i7 machine that overheated and now does not work. I am on a buisness trip and the laptop was in my bag. 


    Between 2 connecting flights I noticed my laptop bag being hot - opened it and the machine was really hot. It did not respond to the power button.  I kept it out the bag to cool off.


    Once it was cooled, I plugged in the AC adapter - the Orange charge light went on, when I press the power button for 15 seconds, the charge light changes from Orange to white for about 1 second and then goes back to orange. 


    Saying that, the machine startes heating up again when I connect the AC - The machine was serviced by HP 2 months ago (as the screen was replaced) 


    I really dont know what to do .. I am now overseas with a machine that is a safety hazard.



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    When I switch on the laptop I get the following message appear (most of the time) and it can take several attempts of turning it on and off again before it correctly boots up? Any help would be appreciated.


    Boot Device Not Found

    Please install an operating system on your hard disk

    Hard Disk (3FO)

    f2 System Dignostics

    For more information please vist:



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    hp deskjet 3545 scanner component is broken

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    Dear all,


    I would like to ask you for help. I cannot run my laptop Pro Book 450 G3. The caps lock nad num lock just flashing 7 times and nothing more happens. 


    I did not find the explanation for the codes here:


    There is no explanation for 7 times blinking of caps lock and num lock. There is just "Power button LED blinks 7 times with 7 beeps", but Power button never blink - just the caps lock / num lock.


    Do you have any idea what is the issue, or how to fix it?


    Thank you for any idea.


    Thank you.




    I treid to remove the bios battery but it did no help. 



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    Can't login to bios with password.

    How can i reset that?

    Error code:

    i 92818753


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    invalid product information

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