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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/03/18--10:45: Re: Reset bios
  • Same issue. With a Compaq Presario.model C762NR. System disable key:60073976

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  • 12/03/18--13:30: Black screen with startup
  • black screen on start up, 3 long lights on capslock


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    Shut laptop at night, next day late noon lifted lid powered up and unit went into repair. Came up with with machine check excecption, needs to restart and does. And so starts the loop. Did a hard start, disconnect battery and powery supply, let sit restat., same thing. Installed a new hard drive, and downloader both the repair windows 10 disk and windows 10 USB . It would start to load and then come back to the same old error. Can't locate a motherboard, so is it worth it to send it in or part it out?

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  • 12/03/18--14:07: Administrator password
  • I need an administrator password 

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    Hello I need a code to unlock my bios the system disabled code is i 84036929



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    Lost the start up sheet of paper. Can't remember if it said to plug it into the mains before you first turn it on?  Thanks

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  • 12/03/18--15:35: Screen flashes at boot
  • My computer screen flashes for several minutes before allowing me to enter my password and sign in. After signing in the computer functions normally. But it takes quite a bit to get there. 

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  • 12/03/18--16:32: System Disabled
  • Bios System Disabled

    i 58038522

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    After the new Windows update my hard drive crashed and I have done research on ways to fix it. However, I am still having issues.  I have been told that I need to purchase a new hard drive which I find to be wrong since it wasn't until the update till it crashed. So, is there anything else I can do?

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  • 11/30/18--13:48: I should have listened.
  • So far I have had nothing but issues with this and no response.  A few months ago I purchased my first Envy x360 with Ryzen 7.  The laptop came in a couple of days but to my disappointment, it came with a dead pixel.  I then contacted HP to ask for a replacement (I have proof of this in emails), they agreed.  The laptop was collected, however rather than receiving a new laptop I found the initial cost had been refunded.  This was extra hassle as I had purchased the laptop on sale, and the offer was now over.  I then contacted HP and explained this.  They agreed to give me another laptop for the discounted price (this is the ony piece of good customer service I've had to date).  I waited around a week before receiving my second Envy, and was pleased when it arrived.  My pleasure was short-lived.  I soon found a crucial error; every few boots, the laptop shows a "NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND" error however all I have to do to pass this is turn it off and on again and it boots perfectly.  While this was frustrating, I decided I could live with it in order to avoid extra hassle.  I used the laptop for around a week (I'm now 2 weeks in to my refund time due to 1 week delivery).  The main issue arose when I put the laptop to sleep and received the same boot error when opening it up, causing me to lose progress in work.  I contacted HP a further time, the man on the phone took remote control of my laptop, claimed he had installed an SSD update (I clearly saw a message saying the SSD was already up to date) and told me to use it for a couple of days and see if the message appeared again.  It appeared the next day.  I contacted HP a further time and they told me that rather than replace the laptop, they would take it for repair.  I agreed, thinking there was no other option.  I waited 1 week for collection.  I'm now around 3 and 1/2 weeks into my 1 month returns period.  They took the laptop and in around 4 days time, I received another message saying the repair was complete.  I waited a further 2-3 days for delivery and finally had the 'repaired' laptop back.  The letter in the box said they had replaced the SSD.  I was happy with this until I took the laptop out of the box, turned it on received the error again.  Whatever HP did, they didn't spend any time testing their fix.  Furthermore, the body of the laptop is bent and warped on the left side and bottom near the power button.  I was forced to contact HP again, and was told that as my returns period was up, they couldn't replace it, despite them damaging the laptop and having it during the time the returns period ended.  I opted against the repair offered as I'd already had one failed and now didn't have a deadline, other than the warranty I'd paid for.  It's now a few months after that and I've hardly used the laptop due to these constant errors.  

    The moral of the story is; don't buy from a company who already have a terrible reputation.  I will never, ever buy anything from this company again, and neither should you.

    TL;DR - I have been (pretty much) robbed of about £900 by HP.

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  • 12/03/18--07:17: HP support issue
  • I'm posting here because the normal means of contacting HP support are not working, and haven't for a number of days.  I'm having a boot loop with an HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE, that results in the 'Chrome OS is missing or damaged' screen.  I've done the Chrome OS USB recovery utility successfully twice, and the Chromebook still exhibits this behavior.  I'm certain this is a hardware issue.  Is there any other way to contact the HP support team so I can get this resolved?  Again, I've been trying their normal support mechanisms for many days (since 11/26) only to be met with an endless hold time or a 'support is temporarily unavailable' screen.  Not sure what's going on there, but it sure doesn't inspire confidence in HP support.  Thanks for any help,

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    Good afternoon, I need unlock passcode for 2 hp's , someone who can help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 60164920 ]

    The system disabled is [ i 52117024 ]

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  • 12/03/18--23:06: BIOS password
  • Hi

    I have an old Elitebook used by a company. It has no OS and is empty. It has been ooperating by network. I tried to reboot the CMOS memory but it demands the BIOS password.

    Pressing three times enter on yhe password page doesn't work anything. Only on-Screen Keyboard comes to sight. I'd like to assembly Linux to this old laptop...


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  • 12/04/18--00:03: Laptop not booting up
  • I have a hp 15 ac101tu notebook which is 3years old. Since a month i am facing a problem, the laptop is having a problem while booting up. When I power on the laptop the two lights for CPU and display light up and suddenly the display light turns off. Sometimes the laptop boots up and the screen shosh there is a BIOS problem. I have recovered BIOS many times but now the laptop doesn't start up at all. Can someone please help me identify the problem, a service engineer says there is a problem in motherboard but I cannot believe it since the laptop is only 3 years old with moderate use and I have seen people use the same laptops for more than 6-7 years.

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  • 12/04/18--01:24: HELP
  • When I turn on the notebook I get the following message:

    Main code of EC got destroyed!update it yes or no

    I am able to change the option yes/no using the touchscreen, but unable to click "enter" on the keyboard. Searching the web I found out this is a known issue, but could not find a solution.

    This happened after I updated the bios. Download utility from the official site.

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    I’m getting boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard disk (3F0). This happened after a restart on my hp 2000 laptop.

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    My kids messing with my old laptop. It says enter administrator password or power on password.I have no clue what to do. Can you help.

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    I am getting a blank screen at power up. I have been reading on-line forums and it seems that the solution will require:


    1. thermal reflow of the mother board thermal paste applied to the GPU/CPU

    3. Cleaning lint from the fan/vent


    The procedure for doing this is very intrusive. I consider this a fault with the design. Will HP fix this issue free of charge? The product was purchased in 2011 and is out of warranty.

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  • 12/04/18--06:38: The device turns off
  • Gentlemen HP
    Thank you for providing the best services in the field of smart devices and we as 
    customers do not contact only the parent company HP When I was young, the first device I got was made by HP and when I arrived
    in the prep, my father gave me HP as well. When I arrived at the university, I bought
    an HP device. All of them were working well, With my last exhaustion, which I got from
    work. It's an elitebook 8560p. It works fine for a year and at the moment I have
    a problem. I switched the CMOS battery and from that time the device works for only
    a minute and a half exactly and turns off. When I disconnect the CMOS battery, the
    device works well all day. I'm using the device without the CMOS battery. Time and
    date alarms and Bios settings change after the device turns off more than once I hope
    to find a solution to my problem, thank you for your cooperation in advance and I hope
    after God that you will solve my problem
    Greetings to you with all the friendliness and love



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    The PC initially won't power on unless it's plugged into a power source and would complain that the battery is bad, that it should be changed. I got a new battery today and replaced the old one but the laptop will just power on, display the HP logo, after a few seconds it will start blinking the capslock and numlock LEDs simultaneously 5 times at regular intervals.

    It won't go beyond that. 

    Please help. 

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