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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    The laptop was gift to my friend ,one year later she decide to use it, it was too slow and shuts off unexpectedly, so i upgraded it with an ssd (samsung evo 860) and updated the windows 10 to latest version and latest bios.

    Everything was fine,  the laptop was very fast and agile for few days, it didnt shutdown anyt more............untill :(  today i received a message that the laptop is dead, dont react to any buttons, battery off, etc...

    I estimate that its hardware-motherboard related problem,  i cant find service manual, or schematics of it, here in greece chances to repair a faulty motherboard its near zero, to order new or used motherboard, i cant find any on internet, dont know part numbers to pinpoint same motherboard from other models....

    there is a rule that i live with, you touch it you own it...

    please help!!

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    Ao i got this laptop about a month ago, everything was fine until one morning i wake up and see a message like “BIOS update failed”(i never did anything that could start the initial update) .After i’ve seen that the HP assistent was telling me to update bios with a red exclamation sign,i did so.This time  it worked but after this the laptop started freezing randomlly, especially when using Microsoft Edge browser, on all kind of sites.The only way to “unfreeze” was to force shut down from the button, mouse or keyboard or anything else was unresponsive.Once i turned it back again one time, the screen was black and the capa lock button light was flashing.I force shut it down and restarted again, it worked.But the freezing problem persists all the time and beside that, the laptop is most of the time slower than it was before.I’m on wireless connection and this happens both when laptop is plugged in or not plugged in .How can I fix it? This is happening for about 3-4 days now, since the update thingy . 

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  • 12/02/18--14:52: Re: forgot bios password
  • Help Me 

    my system disabled code is i63481504

    HP Pavilion x360 13-u003la


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  • 12/02/18--16:21: Bios password
  • I have a HP 255 g3 notebook  with the admin password on bios. I want to run VMware 14 but I can't because I can't enable the AMD-V. 

    I get error code 

    " i 63140056"



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    Please help, my PC's HDD and Virtual Memory stutter. I need to change these options to prevent lags on games. I don't have OEM-Key. It's unplayable, my PC not damaged not corrupted, just settings are wrong.

    P.S.: This problem was not only on this computer but on acer aspire e1-772g too

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  • 12/02/18--17:18: Factory bios password?
  • When I try and log in to bios it asks for the administrator password (which I do not know and don’t remember setting). I enter my "guess" 3 times and it brings up the system disable id which is    i 86837158  I have tried the bios password generator which doesn't seem to work and was wondering if anyone could help get me into my computer. 

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  • 12/02/18--17:46: UEFI mode support
  • Hi. I have a hp g6 with bios updated by hp drivers support website - insyde version F.6A

    Im trying to install windows 10 in uefi mode.

    The bios setup do not show options like secure boot or legacy mode, and i've already tried to boot a usb pen drive with gpt partition scheme (uefi) with no luck.

    In hp website support, i´ve got a tool called UEFI hp ambient support that created another partition on my hdd and, as far i understand, it gives the habilite to do uefi hardware based diagnostics. I´ve tested it and doesnt allow any usb boot in uefi.

    So, i can run a diagnostic tool in uefi mode but cant boot a usb drive? Any thoughts?

    Thnks in advance.


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    Tried logging into my 2 year -old HP Notebook AY018-NR but it had a black screen. Could not get into safe mode but after a couple of restart cycles, saw the CMOS 502 error. After hitting Enter, received the 3f0 Hard Disk error. Given below is the System info I could salvage from the Bios setup screen (F10). Looking for help from experts to resolve error.


    With the diagnostics (F2) for the 3F0 error, the memory checked out fine, but the Hard Disk was not recognized - neither in the Quick check nor in the Extensive check (received the check power and cable connection message).


    I followed instructions in the BIOS recovery help site, but no difference - received same series of messages. Windows + V seems to be working on this laptop, but the BIOS recovery did not help (even tried going back a few versions but to no avail). One thing I noticed is that the System Board ID is 81EB, but there were no files in the BIOS recovery folder with that number (there were some for 81EC onwards).


    Please help resolve the issue - if the Hard Drive is fried, I can try to replace it, but did not want to open the machine unless that is the best step forward. Appreciate the help in advance.




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    I have set power on password for my Lap top HP 510 , before I went to exams now I have totally forgot it please I need help on how can I remove the power on password.

    Thank you

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  • 12/02/18--19:28: No USB boot option in bios
  • Hi guys,

    My Elitebook 8770w has an issue or 2.  It started to fail to boot a few weeks ago but would eventually. Just the other day it failed to boot but the fan was running flat out plus the caps and num lights remained on or would just flash a few times. Either way l would have to force shut it down.

    I think the OS system needs a fresh install which I’m trying to do, unfortunately getting the thing to boot for more than 2sec so l can get into the bios is very hard. If l can get it to bios l can’t change the bios to boot the USB 1st, I’ve noticed there is no USB option in the bios. So how do l do a fresh install when l don’t have the ability to put the USB as 1st boot?

    Your thoughts and help please 😀

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    I had factory reset my "Elitebook 8440p" from bios UI, and received the message


    "The following configuration change was requested to this computer's Trusted Platform Module (TPM): 


    Clear the TMP

    Press F1 = Accept
    Press F2 = Reject



    I do not know the previous user changed the hardware.

    Some information I can provide:
    - Serial: CND118999P
    - Product: WJ681AW # ABJ

    Please help me solve this problem! Thank for all.

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  • 12/02/18--23:08: Power boot issue
  • Hello, my laptop won't boot after the battery has drained off. Instead it lites up for 3-5 seconds and immediately shuts off. If I try another charged battery it will turn on bt does the same when it drains off. If I don't let the battery drain I don't have any problems with it. If I also try removing the battery and booting without it I get the same result. Can someone who has a solution please advice, thank you.

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  • 12/03/18--01:37: bios password reset
  • Hi, how to reset BIOS password on HP EliteBook 810 G1 Revolve? I have problems with noisy fan, it s constantly running on full speed and i wanted to update BIOS, but there is password...

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    I need to replace the cmos battery for my hp 250 g4. Could someone tell me the exact description of the battery so that I know what I need to buy please?

    Every time I restart my laptop it goes into bios and gets stuck on the date and time. I have read up on it and all sources point to a faulty CMOS battery so I need to replace it as it is annoying having to go into bios every time the laptop restarts.

    Any help for the exact battery type to by will be much appreciated.


    Thank you.

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    When i turn on my laptop i get message administrator password or power on password so i enter numbers and after the 3 try i get disabled message with numbers  57296193 is my disable code

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    no changes just updates  forgive my proble lack of info had stroke last wk and i live olone

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    notbook doesn't come on. not charging. no lights

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    Chromebook x360 will not charge or turn on

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  • 12/03/18--11:34: system Disabled [i 74291891]
  • I can not start please help me error code is [i 74291891]

    Hp 15-bw032wm

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  • 12/03/18--11:36: Password on bios reset
  • My laptop is giving this message"boot mgr is missing "when I went to bios for some settings too there is a password on it please help me?

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