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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Hi there @DavidPK


    My laptop prompts me with the System Disabled code " i 93179200 " after three failed attemps on Power on Password. Can you help me out? I've seen the wonders you've done for other people. Thanks in advance!

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    My laptop disabled code: 48480886

    Please help.


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    I have notebook HP Model 14-ax002nw and there is a problem with code SYSTEM DISABLED [i 79433470]. Please help. Thanks in advance!

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    hp 15 

    i   51199087 please help and thanks in advance.

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    Since I've purchased this laptop (from Sam's) almost 2 years ago, it has continuously lagged and/or locked up on a regular basis.  It seems to happen when I'm working in Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, or trying to print to my HP Printer.  After discussing with HP Support almost 6 months to 1 year ago, with them logging into my computer remotely and looking around to see if they could fix it (to no avail), the laptop continues to disappoint at the highest level.  I'm starting to think that there's something wrong with the hard drive, not being able to process the work I'm asking it to do, which is limited to general use (i.e. web surfing, document creations, excel usage, etc.).  I am highly disappointed and cannot figure out what the next step is.  I don't have the time to sit in front of my laptop to try and diagnose.  I spend WAY too much time waiting on the lag between trying to perform the general tasks outlined above every single time I use this laptop.  Does anyone have any idea on settings to change, similar characteristics or some things to look into.  Thanks in advance for any information.  I am very close to calling it quits and tossing this laptop in the garbage and never going back to HP products.

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  • 11/19/18--23:30: After BOIS update
  • Hello

    After I download the BOIS update on my probook 4530s, I press the power button then it turn on for a seconed and then turns off immediately. 

    Please help me fix it.( maybe I downloaded the wrong BOIS from the official hp website) 

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    I have a HP Spectre x360  13 4166nz that is 4.5 years old and the warranty has expired for 6 months :{
    I cannot boot and tried different options i.e. Reset and Windows+B. The boot button light goes on for a millisecond only, otherwise no sign from laptop.

    I have now removed the battery and can now boot and Windows is OK. Only thing is the CMOS is checked/reset evertime when i boot.

    Is this a problem with the battery?


    The day it happened , the battery light was red and charging normal. But during the previous 2 weeks had to hard reset the Laptop a few times.


    Thanks in advanced for the help

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    Need to replace the CMOS battery, and after it I got 503 and started asking Power on password.

    After all 3 tries, I says System Disabled with halt code [ I 68550657 ] Any one can help on the reset code? S

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    I need to reset the power on password to an HP stream. disable code is i 64146792

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  • 11/20/18--11:01: System Disabled
  • Please help bios lock


    System disabled i 86284930

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  • 11/20/18--13:10: Re: How to get SMC.bin file
  • [personal information removed]

    UDID: 7F357211C860E3119673CE39E75C1B10


    My HP ProBook 450 G1

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    Hi. I can't access my laptop because I forgot the Boot Password. I have the System Disabled code and need the unlock code. Thank you very much. [ i 85039746 ]

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  • 11/20/18--16:54: BIOS Master Password Reset
  • Hi everyone, i need some help:

    try to get Bios Setup on my laptop but appears a mesage with a password, after try 3 times show this code:

    System Disabled

    i 91545842


    Could you help me, please?

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  • 11/20/18--17:49: Black screen no boot
  • Was working at home and my laptop (zbook 15 G2) suddenly stopped. Ever since, it's black screened. Fans run for moment; wireless and audio buttons light up breifly, then it dies - followed by a single blink of the Caps Lock key (no beeps.)

    I have tried re-seating ram, battery and out, etc. Need to know what the single blink means. Also: pretty sure the three year warranty just ran out :( If it's a CPU or motherboard issue, what are my options?

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    So last night, I remembered that I shut down by computer before going to bed. However this morning, I found my laptop power button on. I tried tapping on the mouse and keyboard to try and wake the computer...No response from the computer. Then I forced shut down by holding down the power button. When I check the event viewer, I saw errors and warnings... Warning - Kernel-Processor-Power Error - DistributedCOM Should I be concern about this issue? Can someone explain what do both mean?

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  • 11/20/18--22:42: about my battery
  • nowadays even if the battery is full my laptop shutdown itself especially when i turn on my laptop without cable.its been third time its doing it.last time when i came from work i turn on my laptop n i went to change my dress when i came back it was shutdown so i thought maybe my charging was finish then today also it did the same thing n i remember the battery was enough so can someone pls explain me why n also sometime when i turn on my laptop on screen it appears disk checking if u want to skip press button so can someone pls explain me why my laptop is doing this.

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    Bought HP Spectre x360 - 15-bl112dx during BlackFriday 2017 for ~$1500, but today it just suddenly turned black and could not power on at all. Searched and followed several instructions, eg, hold the power button for >15 seconds with or without A/C adapter, nothing works. Not even LED ligth turns on, fan not on. Nothing, it just silent.

    Search HP support site by S/N number, and it says the warrenty covers only Sept 17, 2017 - Oct 30, 2018 (although I bought it during black friday 2017), which means the warrenty expired 3 weeks ago, and for it covers less then one year for me. :-(

    Please help how I can get this expensive notebook back. It is only one year old.  Thanks.

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  • 11/21/18--00:42: Won't turn on
  • I accidentally left it in my car, possibly causing it to overheat, now it won't turn on, I've tried removing the battery, keeping the battery in, I've tried holding the power button to drain the residual electricity then plugging it in, I've tried everything I can think of

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    Hello everyone,


    I have this HP Pavilion g6-2307au laptop with me and when I try to boot it I only get a blinking capslock key that blinks two times continously and F12 key which is lit orange and there is no display, I've basically tried everything like taking out the CMOS battery waiting for awhile then fitting it back, Cleaning RAM, Swapping RAM, Reflowing Motherboard, Changing RAM slots, Shut down remove battery hold power button then fit battery again and turn on, Changing Hard drive. I was told it was bad BIOS but I don't know how to get into the BIOS if theres no display, I tried looking for bootable BIOS but I cannot find for my model. HELP PLEASE!


    Thanks all

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  • 11/21/18--05:22: Bios password
  • Hi, I recently format my hdd and install a password in the bios when accessing it by pressing f10. I totally forget the password and I have a i-code system disabled message. I try flashing another bios and now im totally unable to boot from any device hdd, usb or other. I contact hp and the guy seem to tell me anything to convince me to pay 300 bucks to send them the laptop because her tools are needed to repair it I probably damage the motherboard and the hard drive.... I am not stupid.....  I have read that a smc.bin file can be sent by hp to boot the laptop with the i-code generated. Can someone tell me the right thing to do.

    Thank you

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