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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/21/18--05:37: bios administrator password
  • Hi all,


    I've picked up my niece's laptop to try and fix the machine after it was stuck in a boot loop with the HP logo.


    After doing the basic system check the progress remains stuck on the short dst test so my conclusion is the HDD is bust.


    I have installed a new HDD and am attempting to install the OS but I've ran into a problem of accessing the BIOS in order to configure the boot device. It asks me for an Administrator Password. After failing the password the code given is [i 75466478] and I can't seem to figure out how to bypass that.


    I tried by entering the numbers only and the results don't seem to work. I've come across many threads like this that were solved so I'm hoping somebody can help.


    Many thanks.

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    Bios was updated and computer wouldn't reboot - came up with error "selected boot device failed".  Have tried using older versions of BIOS using rollback and ones from the HP site, but it seems the one it came with is no longer on the HP site.  


    When bios flashed it goes into infinite loop. 


    Can't access BIOS at all using F10!    


    Error screen on start up: 


    (Black screen)


    "Boot device not found.  Please install an operating system on your hard disc.  "


    Diagnostics performed extensive test on hard drive and all passed.


    Does original recovery disc come with original BIOS file as the only way I can get hold of it is to buy a recovery disc from HP.


    Want to see if that will do it or if I'd be wasting my money


    Thanks in advance!



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  • 11/21/18--06:17: HP DV6 startup freezes
  • Hi

    my laptop is hp pavilion dv6 core i7

    recently im faced to a startup freeze after 20seconds I get into my windows account and  mouse and everything freeze and i cant do anything unless poweroff.

    I never had a similiar issue  with windows 10 .  The notebook works fine in safe mode with connectivity . 

    So is it belong to a app which runs in start mode? 

    Before these happend i tried to install bluestack and the blue window error come up and one of thr solution was to write this code in the command run:

    bcedit/set increaseUserVa 3072 


    i did. And afterward these issue happend.  Im not sure the freeze issue is because of this code or not.    Any helps? 

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  • 11/21/18--06:55: Stream 14 not booting
  • Unfortunately, I can't get to the System Tests Menu. I keep going back to the black screen with "Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password".  I have attempted numerous passwords posted on the blog.  I have the Streem 14-ax-0xx that results in "System Disabled i 94206778". Thank you!

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    I need to reset the power on password to an HP stream. disable code is i 59185621

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    I have hp compaq 620. I dont have a bios adminstrative password. I was also contact with hp support but it gives only service center mobile number. I dont get any smc.bin file anywhere. so help me any one can reset my bios password.

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  • 11/21/18--08:57: Boot issues
  • Good afternoon guys. I just ran into a huge problem last night when my Hp 450 G5 ran into some suspicious performance mode, I then later received a message from windows saying there's an error with my disk drive and so I need to reset it but ever since I did that, my laptop has been acting up and showing me this message when I try to investigate the matterIMG_20181121_185529.jpg



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  • 11/21/18--10:09: Bios for Pavilion DV 6500
  • Hello to everybody. Please I need BIOS for hp Pavilion dv6500 product number rs085av (AMD Turion Processor). Unfortunately I've downloaded the wrong one and the bios update procedure was freezed. So first of all I need the right BIOS for this device (I cannot find in the HP server because it seems that this model is old and it is not the one that I've found, obviously). Then I'll try with HP recovery tool to restore it. Obviously if someone knows other better procedures to fix it please post them or address me in other posts. Thank you for your your help and attention

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    My son's hp stream screen won't turn on. Power light indicates it is on but screen is black and the caps lock is flashing 3 times fast then 5 times slower. I'm getting really mad as this is new

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     My eliteboon was working fine for more than year , l forgot the laptop charging all the night , when i wok up i tried to turn it on but won't  only power button and cap locks show lights , i removed the battery and hard drive ,ram , tried to hard reset bios , but i didn't get any results after one week i tried to turn on the laptop and he worked fine for 2 days , then the problem comes again, 

    I got this issue for more than 4 times , when he turns on he works only for 2 or 3 days and after that he won't turn on 


    Note: the laptop has a bios password 


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  • 11/21/18--12:47: Re: Bios password
  • Hi. The BIOS on my laptop is password protected. Password unknown. Help reset the password.

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    Hp advised bio update. I did & now login pin "is not available." So I am locked out.


    Computer suggests that instead of pin that I use password.  But I don't know what that password is.  I tried Microsoft password, but that did not help.


    Any suggestions?



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  • 11/21/18--17:09: i need the bios password
  • im getting a system disabled error code from trying to get into the bios i 68839945

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  • 11/21/18--20:27: Laptop wont work?
  • I factory resetted or rebooted?? My laptop but now it wont work???? It's charged and everything but when it turns on its just a black screen. HELP.

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    I have an issue with a probook. When the power cable is pluged in the power LED and capslock turns on. It does not blink it just lights up and that's it. No reaction from the computer. What this can be? I found only about blinking codes but for me it does not blink.

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    Hi all, I have a HP 15-bc404ur laptop. After Windows install I got an BIOS update... It ended up fine, but after some reboots I've got a CMOS checksum error (502) and "Enter Administrator Password or Power on Password" dialog appeared. I've never used a password, but it asks for it... So after 3 attempts of entering passwords like "1234" I got a "System Disabled" message with code. This code changes at every boot... So the last code I got was "A [338F0F98]" (the first letter 'A' doesn't change). What can I do to fix this?

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    I got an old computer from work and replaced the hard drive.  I purchased a locense for WIn10 with bootable media from Microsoft.  When I entered the BIOS F9 to change the drive, it only presents me with Notebook Eithernet IPV4, IPV6, or EFI file.  I also do not have the BIOS Admin Password.  How do I get the laptop to boot from the USB media?

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  • 11/22/18--08:15: Forgot BIOS Password
  • I have forgotten the BIOS password. After a few failed attempts I get this error . . .


    System Disabled

    A [1281E6D2]


    Is there any way to bypass the error to regain access to my laptop?? Help, please!!


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    Laptop won't boot up, every time I go to the trouble shooting and try to reset it to factory settings it gets to about 50% and says there was a problem doing the restore and the only option is to cancel.  Also, sometimes i can't even get to the troubleshooting because the laptop just keeps resetting itself when the initial HP logo pops up.

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    Hi all.

    I've a HP Pavilion dv6-6080se that i need to boot it in UEFI mode because of The SSD that i installed.

    The SSD model is samsung 850 PRO 256GB that needs GPT partition table in order to function properly.

    GPT only can be booted using UEFI mode.

    Now my system is using Legasy bios mode which  only boots from MBR.

    So how can i be able to boot it in UEFI mode?

    Please help me, Thanks in advance.

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