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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Can in please get a password for halt code i97205874

    Please and thank you

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    For a few months now, my laptop's screen has been freezing, then fading to white or a color distortion with vertcal lines. Sometimes when I press hard on the outer edges of the screen (side/top/bottom), it's fixed for a while. Now, that isn't working anymore and I can only get it to stop if I press hard behind the bottom of the screen and keep the pressure. I don't know how to solve this. 20181109_210430.jpg

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    It just looks like its gonna boot up where it shows the hp symbol then it goes back to that instead of showing the windows loading screen and when i run hard disk check the short or long dst fails

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    i have forgetton the password to the windows 7 ultimate on my Pavillion G62.


    how can I resolve this issue?



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    I can't get back into my kid's HP laptop. He's had it off for so long he forgot the BIOS password and now gets the code - 59735918


    Please help!

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    My bios stopped working for me (black screen, also no output for hdmi). I have tried following the guide to create a usb recovery to repair the bios by pressing the windows button +B, but no luck

    ( The HDD isn't working so I cannot get to the recovery bios on it. When I install the Bios update program I get to the ULA screen and hit next. It creates a folder on my C: drive, but doesn't go to the next step to create a usb recovery drive. Do I need another HP laptop for this to work? I have tried on other computers and it does the exact same thing.


    Any help would be vastly appreciated. 

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    Hello Friends,

                 I have a laptop HP specter Pro x360 G1 (Model: 7265NGW)and while it was on the table some water went in from down of the laptop. Now on plugin the charging wire the orange color light blinks but unable to start the laptop. The local computer expert came open the back screw and charged 50$ just said it might be the problem related to the motherboard without checking anything. Now I have open the laptop and removed the battery and kept open to dry. Please help me to fix my laptop issue. 

    Thanking you in Advance


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  • 11/12/18--00:09: BIOS Password
  • I have no access to the BIOS menu.

    I've tried resetting my BIOS using the windows and B key but when my computer built the new BIOS, it still had an unknown password.

    There's no error message with a number after I make 3 wrong attempts.

    However, the screen displays:

        SYSTEM SN: 5CD6363F1L

    Can someone help me access my BIOS?

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  • 11/12/18--00:15: Locked Bios
  • Hello to everybody. I have the following problem:

    Sometime around late 2017 I bought one shiny EliteBook 8470p from a local man. But the seller "forgot" to tell me that the bios is locked. So now I cannot upgrade my bios version, which from 2012 and cannot use uefi. Can you help me ?

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  • 11/12/18--00:34: forgot bios password
  • Hello i have recently put on a bios password onto my laptop to stop my brother from always going on it but i forgot the password after going on a break for 3 days (i have really bad memory)

    when i put in the password i thought was right the laptop gives me this code

    [ i 60555264 0D256EB4-20ED-426B-B440-C575D19CA4BD.jpeg

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  • 11/12/18--01:25: Boot code on HP Pavilion
  • Hi, 

    I have an issue with my notebook, it can't boot because i have a administrator password or power on password.

    When i tip my password 3 time i have this code : 50790401

    Please Help me !

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    I just bought a second hand Envy x360 which seems to be in very good shape and everything works so far.

    During booting though it shows me 2 Warning messages:

    Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock Mode
    Warning : OEM Keyboard type is not set !!!

    both are on a black screen with the second line beeing yellow.

    It just displays the information for a few seconds and resumes with booting.


    Now my question is: what does this cause, can I fix it myself,

    and is it something to worry about, as it does not seem to influence the anything yet.




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    I have an HP Mini 210-1091NR. When I turn it on, the Capslock light is on blue, and the fan comes on, but nothing happens. I checked CMOS batter and it has 3.2 volts (Good) and then I changed memory module with a known good module. Now it turns on, blue light thats on power switch is lit, fan runs, but nothing else. Pulled memory and tried to boot without it, nothing but fan comes on. No beeps or anything. I then tested hard drive and its good but to be safe I put in a new one. Same thing happens. Fan comes on, but no boot screen at all. Tried hooking an external monitor to it, same result. What can be the issue with this thing? It was working fine then went to boot it up and nothing.

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    So I happen to have lost the password that i've set a long time ago on my notebook's BIOS and it displays me some kind of code when I fail too many times :

    [ i 19021475]

    Can someone help me recover my BIOS password. Please.

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    Hey gays 

    I am having a issue with my laptop.1542041420154-888114201.jpg

     Every time i turn on my laptop it comes to this screen and the screen lock window get's frozen. The mouse and keybord don't work. 

    Please help. :)

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    My Spectre x360 13 is just 7 months old and I face the same issues. 

    No one answers me at the phone, No assistance ...



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    Hi, I have an hp mini 110, it has been in drawer for a few years and I cannot remember the password. I now need it to help my dyslexic son with school work. Any idea what I can do? I think it is running Windows 7

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    When i turn on my laptop it won't show screen instead capslock blink 5 times slown and than 3 times fast it repeat this and won't show me anything please help me, i used the mathod of bios recovery but it won't work even i downloads the bios in usb drive it still not working, try reset method but don't work please help me.

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  • 11/12/18--12:45: Battery not Charging
  • My HP laptop says it is pluged in and charging with only 28% Available.  I went and purchased a new HP battery but it says its charging but it is not! I tried unpluging the AC power plug, removed the battery and held down the power button for a minute! When I put the battery back, plugged in the AC power plug and rebooted the laptop. Still says it has 28% available and charging but it is not. Interestingly when I turn it on it starts to show the battery is charging  but only for about 10 seconds. This problem started about 5 weeks ago and it was at 78% then but continues to discharge. If I unplug the ac cord the computer goes dead as if I did  a forced shutdown. 

    Hope you can help!






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    I am working on this HP laptop for a student at our University and the laptop will not power on. When you press the power button it tries to start and then shuts off instantly. If I take the battery out and run it on AC power it will boot up, but if you move it just right, it shuts off. I reseated the power button cable and the laptop tested fine with the top cover loose (not screwed tight). It would turn on and off properly with the battery in and plugged in. As soon as I put all the screws back in, it started acting strange again with the power. Not sure if it's the power button board or cable.

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