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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/10/18--19:08: Bios Password Unknown
  • Hello. I have a Probook 6550b that prompts for a password when you hit f10 to go into setup. I do not know what the password is. You enter the password 4 times then it says "system locked, press power button to restart". There are no boot options available, and so the laptop will only boot from the hdd. Is there a known way to deal with a locked bios with no boot options? Thanks for the help. 

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    Hey! I hope someone will be able to help me with my issue.

    I am having an  issue with my boot device not being found. I don't have knowledge on computers. I have tried many ways such as resetting, quick testing, and removing the battery or hard drive. I am just a teenager and I can't really afford buying or getting help for this issue.

    I have also heard of trying some way of connecting an usb to restore it? I'm not sure what that means, but I don't have another device to install anything on an usb or any knowledge on how to do so. I really hope someone can help me, because I really miss using my hp notebook. Any help would be appreciated! :)

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    Hello ! I formatted hynix nvme to use 4k lba sector size (in linux: nvme-cli -l 1 /dev/nvme0) . After this notebook can't even enter into bios settings: it locks on message "entering setup" . But, if I press ESC when powering it on, I can use menu to boot from nvme (F9 also locks) or even enter into setup. But bios setup looks like be very damagesd: some menu points (main ones) are not visible, but works and so on. I sure, it is bios bug, and I want HP to fix it.
    It is very easy reproducible bug: boot from usb flash into ubuntu 18.10 desktop, install smartmontools and nvme-cli. Then check for support for 4k sector in smartctl -a /dev/nvme0 , and , if supported use nvme-cli -l 1 /dev/nvme0 to reformat nvme drive. All data will be lost
    I want to use 4k sector to minimize flash wearout. All modern OS now support 4k sector size.

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    My HP Pavilion notebook 15 ab243cl Starts automatically after shutdown only if theresa power source i.e (if battery is connected or charger) after shutdown if i remove my charger or battery immediately or both (if connected) it will not restart automatically and remains shutdown.

    Things I have Tried :
    Switched OS windows-> To Linux
    update BIOS

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    Can anyone please help me.. my brother tickering the laptop and dont know the password he put before.  
    it says on screen now HP administrator password or power on system disabled with  [i 63645344] after 3 tried wrong pass.
    I tried bios password org but wrong also.

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    i 57815629

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    Hi! I also have the HP logo appearing twice (side-by-side) at startup, how did you fix the problem?

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    I dont know about this but when i rebooted my laptop this came up i dont understand why its so happen nd who locked this

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    Can in please get a password for halt code i97205874

    Please and thank you 

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  • 11/11/18--08:26: How to get SMC.bin file
  • Hey recently this problem occured 

    Yesterday i restart my device and got with the module stating as below........



    admin_name/vsa server account     (in big font)


    Enter Password

    (Box to enter)

    Keyboard Layout     (different layout of keyboard)



    Plz reply......

    I dont know what happen to trigger this issue(if anyone know plz let me know) nd last command i gave was to restart .......

    One more thing after succesive 3 attempts it says.....


    System Locked

    Press the power button to restart the system 


    If anyone know the solution plz reply.........................

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    I decided to update my BIOS on my HP ProBook 650 G2 to the latest version of 01.33 from 01.17 (or 01.13 I do not quite remember which one was there) and after downloading it and attempting to install it I got stuck on the “BootDevice Not Found”.

    I tried to troubleshoot it and I found that it can be solved by configuring Legacy Support and Secure Boot in BIOS menu. So I boot up to the menu and tried to set Legacy Support to enable and Secure Boot to disable, yet it did not fix my issue.

    After that, I decided to try to recover the BIOS. I found a guide on the HP customer support page ( But when I try the first step, it won't load. The computer screen stays black and the fan gets pretty loud but nothing happens not even after several minutes. I also tried booting it up via Windows + V as the guide suggests but that does nothing.

    I can access the BIOS menu and the diagnostics menu (which shows no errors whatsoever).

    I tried to apply factory defaults and or update (and or rollback to the 01.17) BIOS version from BIOS menu, but that fails on “BIOS Update did not proceed because the system administrator has locked the BIOS version”.

    I do not know what to do, does anyone has any suggestions?

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    I have a similar problem.


    Can you help?


    I 50449728

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  • 11/11/18--09:15: system disabled
  • trying to help a customer of mine with a notbook issue. When turned on it asks to enter administrator password or power on passwor. Ive tried the defualt ones bu no luck . removed cmos battery for a while and then tried flashing the bios from usb sick. still stuck at the screen now even ater it said recovered the bios succsessfully .   ive got system disabled code A [ 19713AC2 ] .    Can anyone help out there please . 

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    Anyone can help?


    I forgot the password when booting.


    I get the following message:

    "system disable   i 50449728"


    Thank you.

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    Error msg 303 305 hard drive. Wont boot

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    Last night my computer was working normally and after I was done I shut the lid as usual. This morning when I went to use it it was dead so I plugged it in and the power light blinks once and then it doesnt turn on. I've tried compleatly draining the power by removing all power sources and holding the power button for 1min to no avail.

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    I need to unlock the bios, the key it gives me is A [DB49DF31]

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    my disabled code is:    75779392

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    Hello, I have an HP 15-ac105nf. When I try to turn the computer on, it freezes at start up.


    When I hit on f10 and f9, it shows "Bios option" and "change boot device" but then it keeps freezing


    I also tried this


    Can anyone help?


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  • 11/11/18--12:47: problems starting up
  • Hi!  Two weeks ago the touch pad died.  So I got wirerless mouse.  This last week I shut down computer and when I started back up and when I got to were I put my pin in the computer it wasn't registering I was using the keyboard.  So I turned off and started up about 6 times before it worked.  Why is this happening?  Iam afraid to shut down computer!  Help any idea?

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