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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/04/18--05:03: bios password problem
  • I am having trouble getting to bios and the laptop wont get past admin password.  

    model is 15-ay009dx  the code after 3 attempts  is [i 70726914

    Please help.  


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    HP 250 G5 system disabled [ i 74607112 ]

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    Boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk.


    Hard disk (3FO)

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  • 11/04/18--05:39: Laptop won't power up
  • I saw no error messages. But it did boot up twice after going to sleep mode when i hard reset it. Also i tried restarting when it was on and it worked fine. Boots up normally. But when i switch it off, thats when the problem happens 

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    Hi, went to turn my laptop on today to find a message about an administrator password or a power on password that was never set on here before. My code for my disabled system is 92458304. Already tried the website and put the code in and the ones that came up are not working. Please give me the right code for my laptop. Thanks!

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    When I turn on my ultrabook hp I saw this messenger: “Windows is resuming”. Now the pc doens’t turn on, just is staing on this process. What I need to do?

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    Hello, I have a very strange problem with my HP Beats Edition laptop.  Originally, the computer crashed and then gave a 3F0 error because the hard drive wouldn't start.  I thought the hard drive was bad, so I put a different one in and reinstalled Windows.  Now the laptop boots up fine and is usable, but the hard drive will attempt to start repeatedly and fail when the laptop is woken up from sleep mode.  The hard drive intermittently shuts off and restarts while the computer is running, but usually doesn't cause a crash.  The hard drive also shuts off and restarts when the optical drive is opened and closed.  This causes the computer to crash sometimes.  Crashes in the event log are listed as DistributedCOM.  I've updated the BIOS, and that didn't seem to fix anything.  Does anybody know what could be causing this?  I'm hoping it's not a bad motherboard. 


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    Sorry for my english, am not from usa... My notebook dont see my ssd kingston hyperX 240gb with win10 onboard, in bios too... Screen show 3f0 error. But ssd is working, on another copmuter is works perfectly... Please help me! 

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    I have an HP Pavilion 15-e067si laptop which had Windows 10 running on it and BIOS version F.24. My BIOS was out-of-date so I decided to upgrade it to the latest BIOS version F.28 Rev.A from HP's Website ( The package that I downloaded was sp79531.exeI installed it and chose the option to update the BIOS on my notebook. However, towards the end of the installation I got an error saying that the BIOS Update failed. I then looked on the HP Support Forum for answers and found the following guide: I followed the instructions and created a recovery USB Drive with the new BIOS version and then shutdown my computer. After this, I kept pressed the Windows + B key while pressing and releasing the power button after 2-3 seconds and booted into the HP BIOS Update. The BIOS Update then installed and was successful. The message was: "The System BIOS recovery is complete." It then said: "Upon restarting, the screen may be blank for a few minutes and various LED lights may flash. Please do not attempt to interrupt or power down during this time." So I followed the instructions and my computer proceeded to reboot. However, since the USB Drive was still plugged into the computer, it then continued to install the BIOS again. This process continued over and over again until I decided to unplug it after the BIOS was installed. However, after waiting for about an hour on a blank screen with a flashing LED light on the CAPS LOCK key I decided to try something else, since it did not load to a black screen with white writing giving me the option to press ENTER and boot into my OS. 


    I then tried to install the same BIOS version that I had on my computer: F.24. However, after it wrote the BIOS firmware onto the blocks, it then verified them, to which it again wrote on the blocks, and finally verified them once more. Upon reaching 100% verification it came with an error message saying that the BIOS Update failed and it would reboot. The same process occured like that with the F.28 Rev.A BIOS version: if I did not unplug the USB Drive it would continue to install over and over again with failure. 


    Finally I tried to install an even older BIOS version: F.21. However, on this BIOS version I could not even boot into the HP BIOS Update screen while keeping the Windows + B key pressed while pressing and releasing the power button after 2-3 seconds.


    I am desperate since this is the only laptop that I have. I need to have it fixed and working URGENTLY! If I take it to an HP Service partner here in Johannesburg, South Africa where I live, they will probably charge me since the laptop is out of warranty. I find this very unfair considering that I was using the ORIGINAL GENUINE HP BIOS firmware and not some third-party custom BIOS firmware; and it was their firmware that damaged and corrupted my BIOS. HP should give me a fix for this issue or repair it for me free-of-charge. 

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    Ноутбук не включается с первого раза и с 101. Может включиться через месяц или через день простоя. В сервис возила уже 10 раз . Проблема говорят плавающая. Деньги берут. А ноутбук опять не включается. Помогите решить проблему.

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  • 11/04/18--09:04: password on hp
  • Hello


    i have an bios problem when i put in 3 times wrong code the bios gives

    an code begin with i and 8 digits, i was searching  for an unlock code


    my password hint code is i94674682   (hp insyde bios)


    i hope somebody has a keygen for it (i like to buy it and give good money)

    if you need help with hp elitebooks  passwords i can help (also with dell,asus,acer,lenovo etc)

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  • 11/04/18--10:17: Pavilion refuses to boot
  • I hope someone can point me in the right direction of how to attempt to resolve the following issue as HP's support team have been very unhelpful so far.


    I have a pavilion BK154 laptop, barely 7 months old with little use. After attempting to fire the trusty £550 laptop up after not using for a few weeks, I was greeted with a Windows update screen. This was odd as I had turned Windows automatic updates off. It hung on that screen for an hour or so until I became very irritated and restarted it.

    After restarting, it worked ok and no other issues were apparent. I put the laptop to sleep, only to find the next day I wasn't able for the life of me to get the thing to work.

    Now the laptop wont boot, keeps power cycling, caps lock is flashing 5.3 code, fan spinning at 100,000 rpm - everything but working. Screen is blank, apart from on some occasions when trying to start it has shown a static underscore in the top left corner. Tried all of the 'support' options HP provide on their website including trying to recover the BIOS, hard resetting etc.


    As mentioned at the start, HP support have refused to help in anyway so far. This is a cry for help before the laptop goes in the bin and some very bad reviews are left.






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  • 11/04/18--10:26: Boot
  • Hello. Trying to install win on my friends laptop its asking"Admin Password or the Power on Password" how do i find that? 

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  • 11/04/18--10:32: Password bios
  • Need administor password reset.         [ i 59024095 ]

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  • 11/04/18--10:36: Re: Boot
  • I need the same [ i 59024095]

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    How do I get a laptop to boot from a USB stick?

    I'm trying to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop.
    I start Boot Menu F9 and there is nothing in the list.
    The usb stick has a Windows installation tool.

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    Recently I turned my computer off and it wouldnt boot up again. Nothing happened when i pressed the power button, however the charging lights (orange when charging and white fully charged) displayed and worked fine.


    Hard reset etc didnt work.  Took it apart and replaced the BIOS battery, put it back together again, did it wrong but eventually put it back together correctly and it worked okay for a day or two and then same problem.  Took out the BIOS battery again but doesnt necessarily work.

    Ran diagnostics in windows when i got it to run and no issues were reported.


    If I try to power up and it doesnt work, if I disconnect the cable from the power button to the mother board (the connection under the keyboard) then the laptop will turn on!  


    How to I confirm whether this is a power button/cable issue? or what steps should I take to resolve this?

    Whilst I am asking, does anyone recommend anywhere to get the spare part?


    Thanks for your help.

    Power to the people


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    The original motherboard would not boot at all.  I would get the 3 blinking light code on the caps lock button.  I replaced the motherboard with a new one.  No error codes but still no post.  I have no idea where to go next.  Can anyone please help?



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    I have 2 HP Probook 4530s all working fine untill i update Bios of one among them to F.65A.

    now the pc cannot install either run windows 7 again since then i have been receiving this BOD message uploaded above.


    i try all my best but cant get it working, and the big issue is that cant downgrade my bios to F.60 on F.63 downgrade possible and the F.63 still has that problem.


    Please HP Support Gurus should help me out on how to get my bios back or a modified one that use windows 7 on my pc.


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    i have a laptop probook 450 G4 I7-7500U 8GB Ram


    i have a proplem with my network wired connection card ( Realtek)


    so i went to find a solution or any option that may cause he proplem in the BIOS


    i chosed the option ( apply Factory defult reset ) and choiced yes and laptop restart


    first of all < the software ( Hp Sure Click ) showed a massed that it need the VT-X to be enabled


    i searched on this massege and it seem to be in the Secuirety Tape in the BIOS


    my first Question is : why factory rest disable this option while it was enabled since i bougth the laptop and didnt do any change in the BIOS ?


    and who to reenable it agin ? and what factory reste disabled or enabled too ? ahd how to get it back to its defult to make every thing work proparly ?


    my second question > i enterped the power mangment tap and i found an option called ( Deep Sleep ) and it checked on


    what is this option ? as i have a question about battery drain its charge while shutdown ?


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