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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)
    BIOS: P85 Ver.01.23 07.18.2018

    My Notebook will not start, sometimes with black screen und the fan blows, sometimes with the message "Error sending End of Post message to ME: HECI disabled, proceeding with boot!"


    Can any expert help me? Thanks a lot in advance!

    I am not an HP employee ;-)

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    Dear HP support communty,


    A few days ago, my notebook suddenly shut down while using it just like I do regularly. The notebook hasn't been able to start up ever since. I have tried to turn it off with and without the power cord, yet no success. Next to that, I have tried holding the power button for longer periods of time without success. The HP support website proved to success either because of errors I am receiving while registering my product.


    The product still has 2 year nbd warranty left, however, the website won't allow me to contact customer support. Anyone who can help me out? Help is much appreciated as the product is my main device for my study activities.

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    My laptop hp notebook 15 is not loading and showing any BIOS menu after I had installed Linux os with Windows 10. 

    The Linux installation was fully completed , then I shutdown my pc from Linux Os ,, after few hours as i opened my laptop then, it did not show anything. It was just blank screen with capslock button blinking and wifi indicator in red color. It does not show anything when I press escape bottom to enter in bios settings. 

    I tried some solution like by pressing windows+b(or v) + power bottom.

    But , it doesn't for me , what can I do 



    Please anyone help me.,😫😓😟😞😞😞😢😭

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  • 11/05/18--04:34: Bios Password
  • Hi,can anyone help me to fix my bios error,i bought my laptop from a friend and its only 4 months old,i was asked for a bios password and i gave 3 times the wrong code... then i got an error with the following : 


    i 81385035


    can someone please help me ?so i can reinstall windows 


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    When i am login to the bios my standard account is working with my fingerprint login. But unfortunately i forgot my bios Administrator password. Please be kind enough to assist me.

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    My computer hpx360 is stuck in a startup loop the hp emblem comes up then goes black screen and then comes back on.  just sontinues doing this.

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  • 11/05/18--06:44: “Restarting blue screen
  • I am having the same problem. I can't even do anything because the blue screen shows up at the point where I should be inputting my password to access my computer shortly after I turn it on.

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    My laptop wouldn't turn on (I tried taking the battery in and out, holding the Power button for 30 sec to a 1 minute and some of the advice I read in the forum), it just makes a beep about 3-5 seconds after it starts, and turns itself off again, and then tries again to power on, and it stays in this loops until I remove the battery or power. The screen sometimes lights up, sometimes it doesn't. 


    Now, I'm trying to run a System Quick Test, and all items passed, including the hard drive, but it gets stuck in the Memory Quick Check (it's been frozen with Estimated Time Remaining 13 min 53 sec for about 40 minutes). I tried with ESC and it wouldn't cancel, so I shot it down with the power button. Tried this twice, same result, and I tried to run the quick test individually and it's the same story.

    What can I do now? Is it ok to assume that it is a memory problem? What is the best thing to do now? 


    HP memory test.JPG


    Thanks a lot,

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    hi i have the same problem i 68408686 its a customers note book and im trying everything :-(

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    can you help with my password as well, my halt code is 95368454

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    When booting my HP Notebook I get the following error...


    The Following product information programmed into the system is missing or invalid.

    System Board (OOA) - System Board CT Number


    When I check the CT Number in System Information it simply says 'HP'.


    The Notebook is not under warranty anymore.

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  • 11/05/18--08:04: What is EIFU boot ?
  • My Laptop does not boot with Factory reset of BIOS.  I have to change the settings to enable Legacy settings.  Then it boots from my HDD.


    I had replaced the original HDD to an SSD and installed Windows 10 64bit.  I don't have any problem with the OS but only when the battery completely discharges the BIOS settings go to default and that is when I have to change to enable Legacy option.


    Is there any way to get around it.


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  • 11/05/18--08:04: WAKE UP ON LAN
  • Hello people,


    I need some help to get my Laptop to work on WOL.

    I will summarize my settings here so i need further information to make it working.

    1.PNG2.PNG3.PNG4.PNG5.PNG6.PNG7.PNG8.PNGyellow key its added manually


























































































































































    NO Bios options about WOL


    Drivers + Bios are up to date.


    Network adapter its Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (PHY: Realtek RTL8111)



    Let me know what settings i have wrong and what i need to do more than i have. 

    For the moment i will WOL only over LAN not WAN.


    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello i'm having power issues with my netbook. It can be charged - the power indicator light goes from amber to white which means its fully charged according to my user manual. I changed the battery thinking that was the problem still no boot and changed the fuse on the charger still no boot. As stated the netbook can be charged it just doesnt power on the plug is warm while charging and part of the netbook heats up while charging but apart from that there is no sign of life - can this be fixed?? ive been trying to fix it for over 2 mths is the motherboard/ssd fried?

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  • 11/05/18--08:32: Stream won’t boot
  • I have a stream that won’t boot up goes to blank screen reset stalls at 62% ,did system check of processor,checked out ok

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  • 11/05/18--09:19: Error code issues
  • When laptop starts up, it says Automatically repairing PC. After it goes dark (still on) then says Diagnosing Your PC; after it tries for about 5-10 minutes, it goes to a blue screen saying Windows couldn’t load properly. It gives the option for a system restore, but when I try to restore I get an startrep.exe error box.E40677B8-4BBC-4563-8B71-275E06140F0B.jpeg

    After I hit okay, it takes me to another blue screen with repair options and such, but NONE of them make a difference.

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  • 11/05/18--10:19: Bios code
  • Hi There,

    Could any one assist me in finding a code for my Bios? I am locked out. 3 attempts and locked out.  i

    have the code   [ i 67390785] . Thanks if you can help me.

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  • 11/05/18--10:40: Bios hp 15-f010wm
  • Need help on bios password idk what it could be i try my account password,pin and windows password nothing it just spits out a code number and says system disabled ? Wth is going on here lol the number is (i 72466194) hp 15-f010wm bios ver: F.41 sys board id: 233F hope someone can help me out with this puzzle thank you in advance

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    Going to Install the new SSD to the laptop  along with booting it up with USB Drive WINDOWS 10 .....


    Can anyone help me With the BIOS settings for this laptop so as to access the first boot through USB drive ?

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    Hi there,


    I'm desperately looking for a method to wipe the bios password of my laptop WITHOUT using the OS (it doesn't work so I need to rebuild the PC). IS there a way to do it?




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