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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/01/18--06:55: bios password
  • Hello all
    I have a labtop has a bios password
    i forget it
    i want to clear it
    my labtop name : 15-ay013nx

    product: X0K70EA#A2N

    THIS IS the error message : [ I 51216384 ]




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  • 11/01/18--08:05: 850 G3 BIOS password
  • Hi! 
    I was trying to install new OS on my laptop, but BIOS is locked with password. 
    Can you please help me?


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    pavillion 15 ac151nr system disabled b7ea6ca7 need to reset

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    My HP laptop won't turn on and charging light is blinking in white colour. .I tried many ways like holding power button and removing battery and all.. But none of them worked. .What shall I do now... 

    If I give it in service center will the data in laptop remains. ..Or not.. Bcoz I have a very important data in my laptop..

    Please suggest me what to do

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    HP mini 1000

    When I turn it on it asks to "Enter CURRENT Password"

    I tried multiple codes from the forum, but it looks like I need to provide the following:


    Thanks in advance for the help, as I need this device to searh for work, I just lost my job. None of my kids remembers the password.

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    Since a few months I have boot issues!

    It was never a big issue, but it got really annoying and disturbing in the last few days!


    Booting the laptop rarely works! (only 1 out of 10 times, it is very annoying and exhausting)

    Doing a "hard reset" (I cannot remove my battery) also does not seem to work, at least the mute LED, which should come on for a second does not illuminate!

    In the last days, I almost wanted to buy a new notebook because I just could not turn it on!

    At some point it worked and I updated windows and the BIOS!

    Unfortunately this does not really help, I still have the problem!


    Is there anything else I can do to solve this problem, this is very exhausting!? I feel like the PC will die soon if I do not do something....


    Thank you,

    Oliver Tausendschön

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    [personal information removed]

    P/n: LW788ES

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    Hello. My brother has cancer and lost allof his hair. He tried to log into Hello and it no longer recognizes him and he never set up a pin. The frustration exasperates his situation. What can we do? We are still in the hospital as I write. We called HP but they tried to sell us the monthly support before helping us out.

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    I have a 4530s laptop that refuses to go into the BIOS or startup menu using F10 (I haven't password).

    Express Boot Option screen and then laptop will boot normally into Windows 7.

    How do I get to the Bios?

    Anyone now how to cure this?





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  • 11/01/18--11:26: Bios passoword
  • Good morning, I need the bios password for 2 hp netbooks, can you help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 93298864 ]

    The system disabled is [ i 54907976 ]

    Thank you

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  • 11/01/18--09:47: Re: Bios password
  • Good morning, I need the bios password for 2 hp netbooks, can you help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 93298864 ]

    The system disabled is [ i 54907976 ]

    Thank you


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    Page 27 explains the process.

    Make sure both the AC adapter and regular battery (page 28) are disconected first.

    Disconnect the RTC battery plug for 5-10 minutes, then reinsert.


    Note: I dont think it will be neccesary to remove the speakers as the manual implies, just to disconnect the RTC battery plug.



    Hope it helps. Let us know if it works.

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    Hello, , I need unlock passcode for 2 hp stream 11, someone who can help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 70616475 ]

    The system disabled is [ i 51398993 ]

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  • 11/01/18--14:32: Bios forgotten password
  • i need a Smc_bin file for reseting Bios password , beacuse i forgot the last password and i was wondering how can i get it?

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  • 11/01/18--14:48: HP Spectre Fail
  • Laptop would not charge or turn on.  I took it to a repair shop and they say the motherboard is fried.  This laptop is less than 10 months old!!!???  This website is USELESS for trying to get ahold of HP customer support.  Can anyone point me to where I can get someone to help with this total brick of a laptop?!  I knew I should have bought another MAC!

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  • 11/01/18--16:12: Disabled Account
  • When I press sign in it tells me my account is disabled and to see my system administrator how do I fix this 

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    Running a HP Pavilion notebook, I tried a system restore after slow performace & crashes yesterday. It completed the process but now is unable to load Windows 8.1. I get the HP logo followed by a blank black screen. 


    I've removed all devices & performed a hard power reset. I've run the quick test & all the hardware passed. When trying the Esc/F11 options, system recovery, refresh, & auto repair have all failed repeatedly. Once in a while I get the Windows drive is locked message. Is there anything else to try either by Cmd Prompt or in the BIOS?

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  • 11/01/18--16:29: Boot Device Not Found
  • Boot Device Not Found 

    Please install an operating system on your hard disk


    Error message above, after attempting to update windows which led to all kinds of problems and has ended here. 

    Tried all the troubleshooting I could find re the error. 

    Please can someone help or am I just wasting my time? 

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  • 11/01/18--19:22: Fatal error
  • Hi can some one help me for my hp mini 110-11

    fatal error and i dont know what is my current password ,


    [serial number removed per rules of participation]



    thanks :) 

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    system disabled 86983868

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