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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    My laptop freezes completely and I need to manually shut it off when it does. It freezes when I use Chrome only, when I use Netflix only, when I use Zoom only, when it is charging, when it is not charging. I bought this laptop (i7) to be able to use Matlab Software and AutoCAD, I can't even download them without the laptop freezing and erasing everything and requiring download to start from 0%. Please help. This was a very expensive laptop.

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    Since a few days, I get an error when starting my laptop that my Fan is not working properly. I did a bios update and that solved the problem but a few days later the same problem. Did again a bios update (same bios) and the problem was solved again. 

    Just afraid that it will pop up again. Anyone else had this issue?

    Any advice on what to do? the laptop is 8 months old and still in warranty.





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    Product F3F15UA

    Serial [edit]

    Have set the BIOS to boot from USB, but the machine won't do it.


    Windows can see the USB drive OK.

    Machine is 2GB RAM, 1.5 GHZ. 

    I want to change from Windows 8 (64b) to Windows 19 (32b)

    Cannot get the laptop to boot from USB

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    I've just put ssd into my hp and obviously I've started with new system. Since that 2 of my USB ports (on the left side) . Only one - the closest from battery is working. I've tried drivers and no effect.. PRoblem is when I plug anything (pendrive or my wireless mouse ) there is no reaction at all. I've tried HP support  and solutions .. so plug unplug, update drivers - and nothing?

    Any suggestion?

    Thank You..

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  • 10/29/18--21:24: WINDOWS BOOT BUT CAN LOGING

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    My hp envy x360 wont boot says system disabled code with a i infront of code how to unlock bios?

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    I turned on my nothebook, entered to the email and suddenly it gets this blue screen:

    "system is booting in manufacturing program mode 0"




    "BIOS Build Version:  0000"

    "N75 Ver . 01.05    03/22/2016"

    "Press the ESC key for Startup Menu"


    So of course i pressed ESC and nothing happend. 

    Also tryed to plug and un-plug the AC adapter and turned on 10 times - again nothing happend.

    (it turns off almost immediately)

    realy need your help!


    thanks, sivan

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    HP 250 g5 system disabled  [i 70818433]
    Please, I need help for unlock code!

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    I have forgotten the PIN code of my now dead man's laptop. So I wonder if I can reboot with my USB stick. I have copied the Windows reinstallation program to my USB stick. What key should I press to reboot with my USB stick in my now dead man's laptop? Grateful for help!


    Thanks in advance!


    Sincerely Maria_48!

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    Had our HP pavilion i5 for not even 2 weeks. Quite often it won't come out of sleep mode and we have to force shut it down with the button ( works sometimes) or pull the plug. Considering taking it back, this is garbage. My last hp pavilion didnt do this for 10 years and is the very reason we just went to buy a new one. Want this remedied before I lose my **bleep**.

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    I have a laptop and forgot my power on password..


    HP Model 15-bs070wm


    Error: System Disabled [ i 93343040 ]

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  • 10/30/18--07:59: BIOS Password
  • Hello.

    I have HP Probook 430 G4 and i forgot BIOS password.

    Pls help me to reset it.


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  • 10/30/18--03:28: Rest BIOS password
  • Product: Notebook 15-r262ne

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

    Asking for password for BIOS error code is [i 50888704] please help!!!

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    Hi all,


    So I recently replaced the thermal paste on my HP Spectre X360 (2018 Vega 15" version) as it was running hot and it seemed to all go well, except now whenever I power down my machine (using Windows shutdown or booted into Linux "shutdown" command), the laptop powers itself back on after about 5 seconds of being powered off.


    Things I've ruled out:

    • Power button (problem persists when I disconnect power button internally then shut down)
    • OS (persists across OSes, including live boot Linux environment)
    • BIOS (reverted to default settings and problem persists)

    Is there anything else I'm not considering? I've opened the machine up again and I'm not seeing anything that's obviously disconnected or damaged. The only way I can get it to stay shut down is to hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Then it stays off.


    Thanks for any tips.

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    Help!  I can't remember the Administrator Password or Power On Password.


    System Disable Code: 51806473

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  • 10/30/18--10:25: HP 250 G5 - won't power on
  • Hi all, first post using this forum. 


    The HP laptop is just 16 months old. Last night it had two random lockups whilst powered on and in use. Nothing more than internet browsing (reading text) was taking place at the time.


    The lockups lasted for ~20 seconds each approx 10 minutes apart . At the end of the second lockup the laptop just powered off and hasnt come on since. 


    Power is getting to the device; the power light on the side of the laptop lights up when charger is connected. 


    I tried a hard reset with battery removal and holding the power button but it doesnt respond; it is like the laptop is dead.


    Does anyone have any advice?  I have not decided to take it apart yet and check any connectors. 

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  • 10/30/18--10:28: BIOS reset
  • Hi, I nedd a BIOS reset, bcs I don't know the password. Thank you!

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    My daughter pulled her laptop out of her back pack and it was wet. (We found out later that the 8 year old had spilled water on it after a day of denial)  My older daughter decided to do what you should alway do with wet electronics, she plug it in and tried to turn it on to see if it was working.

    It did not.  The power light id on but it will not boot up.  The Caps lock led is flashing 5 times and then 3.  

    She found something online about it being a bad board.  We tried removing the battery and resetting it, but it did not help.

    Three questions:

    1.  Can it be repaired?

    2.  Is it worth repairing?

    3.  If it can not or is not worth repairing, is there a way to retrieve personal data from the HD?

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    I have an HP Stream 11 Pro G2 that someone has put a power on password.  None of the passwords listed worked.  I'm coimg up with a system disabled screen with the [ i  68862004] underneath.  Is there anyway I could receive an unlock code??



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    Hi I have problem wiith power on password after i clean my admin password in BIOS... my error code is [i 82502050] and I try and pull out CMOS battery but password is still there... pls help

    thanks Emanuel

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