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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 10/30/18--12:03: Asking for password for BIOS
  • Notebook Pavilion 17-f250ur
    Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)


    Asking for password for BIOS error code is [i 84528394] please help!!!

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  • 10/30/18--14:16: Re: Disable code 50897054

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    So I came to use my laptop to find it wont turn on. I press the power button and a white light comes on at the side for about 5 seconds, flashes and then turns off, no screen display or any noise, just nothing. I have tried to reset it by holding down the power button to drain it but every attempt at anything keeps giving me the same result. Most on this forum says to remove the battery pack but there is no way for me to be able to take it out as its fully sealed. I've tried fully charging it etc, the orange power light still comes on. I have only had it for about a month and I'm in dire need of it at the moment. Any help is so appreciated as I'm a student and I spent most of my money on it to find it not working after not even having it long. Cheers.

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    Hey I've been trying to find someone to help with my computer I forgot the administration password and I can't get to the boot menu under f10 cause it's asking for the administration password. When I keep typing the wrong password in I get a system disabled [ i 60712168] Can someone please help!?

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    I can’t reset or anything enable legacy I do all of them but not fix I begging pls help me

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    hello everyone, i hope you are doing well. this is to request for help. i've a HP ENVY X360-M6-W103XD (ENERGY START. And it has locked with admininstrator password, i have tried to find out for how to fix this issues regarding the BIOS locked. i am not able to reinstall any operating system such as windows 8,7,10 because i have no any access to go through Bios in. therefore, is there any solution for this problem?

    any assisstance given to me is highly be appreciated.



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  • 10/30/18--16:32: Bios system diabled
  • 1540942274991528988701524832845.jpg


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    I purchased my pavilion x360 notebook in mid August 2017, and one day during the first week of September 2018 it starts popping up with low battery warnings, even though I was plugged in at the time, and dies shortly thereafter.  It has never turned back on since.  It will not boot, it will not even charge.  There is no POST, the LED indicators do not light up, the fan and hard drive do not even spin up/start up.  The only sign of anything powered anywhere is the tiny light right next to where the power cord plugs in that flashes red when I push the power button when it is plugged in.  Two repair shops later and the diagnosis is a dead motherboard.  A dead motherboard after only 1 year of use, use consisting of primarily word processing and internet browsing, and 3 weeks outside of warranty!!!.  I have been doing alot of research online and there are countless posts in this and other forums going back multiple years with pavilion notebook owners experiencing the same issue: motherboards dead after little more than 12 months and conveniently just after the warranty expires. Those people seem to have initially gotten the same response from HP that I have received when trying to talk to them, which is primarily "not our problem, but you can send it in and we will replace motherboard for upwards of $700".  That is $100 more than I paid for the notebook brand new.  My most recent call had me transfered between departments and agents 4 times, one agent straight up refused to speak to me until I paid a phone support fee.  No one would escalate my call even when I specifically asked (sent me to CS instead). This is unacceptable.  HP clearly knows that their motherboards, either by design flaw or component parts, are chronically malfunctioning.  I found hundreds of posts within a hour or two online, there are likely thousands more.  HP knows this and refuses to do anything about it.  [edit]  I would be happy with assistance resolving my issue at this point, but surely others have had the same thoughts.  Does anyone have any contact options that will actually speak to out of warranty product owners, or examples of what they did to have similar problems resolved?

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    When I am using the computer it freezes for several seconds and then blue screens with the error message video tdr failure atikmpag.sys. I do not know what causes this as I have reinstalled and updated the drivers several times.

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    This was posted twice  after I edited it, and I couldn't delete it, so please go to the other post - Infected? Unknown MBE code found, and Computrace.




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    I stupidly allowed a scammer access to my computer - only for 5mins before I shut it down - and I fear he may have injected a keylogger or rootkit into it. I have hardly used it since and am using an old computer in the meantime.


    An indepth ESET scan found Computrace in the UEFI/Bios. Both HP and Absolute have assured me this HP model was not pre-loaded with Computrace. Subsequent ESEST scans have not found it again.


    A scan with GMER found : an "unkown MBR code".


    A subsequent scan with MBRCheck found :

        238 GB  \\.\PhysicalDrive0   Unknown MBR code
                SHA1: 79FD7572A47915D4D6B28F9B2238ED620FEC4B2F
    Found non-standard or infected MBR.


    At - it says "It can be reported as UNKNOWN when you have an OEM system such as an HP or a DELL for instance. They may have used a custom/unique MBR for their use of a recovery partition."


    So is that true, that the unknown code is an HP thing? I noticed that a Z drive appears now and then, is it to do with that? Or is this malware? And I'm worried that Computrace or a rootkit is still there too, hiding


    All help gratefully received, thankyou :-)




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  • 10/30/18--18:24: HP 15 Bios Password Disabled
  • Please if someone could help my laptop says at power on for a password. Then goes to disabled screen with a code . Is anyone out there be able to help me with this?

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    I'm not sure how the POP/Admin password got set, but the recovery/hash reads System Disabled:  i 55500662   Can an expert please generate this hash into a master password for me?  Thank You so much!  The notebook is a HP Stream model HP-14-cb112wm.  Thanks again!

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  • 10/30/18--20:43: Boot error System Disabled
  • System disabled 68352233


    Please provide override code

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    hello experts,


    This comes from a HPE employee. 

    I donot know my bios admin's password.

    I can enter into BIOS only with my fingerprint but with less privileges.

    Local IT helped to do something on the CMOS battery, but not worked.


    Is there any other ways to reset or clear the password?




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    I just received and setup a brand new HP ProBook 450 5G (i5-8250U, 500GB HDD, 20G RAM) on 10/20/2018. The startup time is extremely slow (slower than my 7 year old PC running Windows 7).  It takes a while to get to the login screen and then, once the fingure is swipped still time to get to the actual desktop (sometimes with a black screen in the process).  Even after the desktop has been reached, there's significant drag.


    What gives?  What's causing this and how do fix it?


    Thank you for any assistance you may have

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  • 10/30/18--22:27: “Restarting blue screen
  • Couple days ago i restarted my computer because it was running pretty slow thought it would’ve fixed it but it clearly didn’t, in fact it made it worse.

    Now my screen is completely blue with “restarting” 

    hasnt done anything ever since I’ve had it like that for a couple of days and still nothing

    anyone knows how to fix this? 

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    Yesterday I left the computer to install an update of windows 10. Today I woke up to the nasty surprise that it wont't start. It got stuck in a black screen for about 20 minutes, and the boot sequence won't get past that point.

    * I cannot open the boot menu for more that I try

    * The Caps Lock indicator led blinks erratically* the lcd backlight turns on, but displays blqck

    * keyboard backlights don't turn on

    * if I press the power button, shuts down instantly. I tried to force a boot error repair sequence by pressing it 10 seconds so that it starts up and dies. It didn't take effect.



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  • 10/31/18--01:09: System disabled
  • I cannot figure out the power on password..

    System disabled code 853360640. I'm lost. Lol

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    Yesterday while I was working on my pc at a point the hard disk started making a strange sound like it was blocked or something. Then Chrome froze while Meduaplayer was still accessible. Then the pc gave me the black page with hard drive failure. I looked for info on the support page. I switched it off and then on and it started as usual. I created a image of the system and backed some data. After that I did both the quick test and extended test and it passed them all. After these it started normally. Maybe it's been a little slower for a couple of days but my other laptop did the same and I blamed it on Avast. I understood from some other questions that it is probably just at the start of failing completely? The pc is new, I bought it in July so I'm really frustrated about this. I will also move to another country in a couple of days and planned to bring it with me. Options? 

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