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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/14/18--10:14: Forgot Power on Password
  • I've forgot my power on/adminstrator password. I want to turn it off but can't get pass the enter password screen. Please help.

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    Dear community,
    I have following task: I want to use the build in hardware encryption of a SSD with hardware encryption support.

    Notebook: HP Elitebook 840 G4
    SSD: NVME M.2 PCIe Samsung 970 PRO 1TB

    Following encryption possibilites are supported by the SSD:

    class0: works with bios ATA password and ATA security, for NVME drives the UEFI firmware must implement the UEFI ATA Pass-through protocol or the UEFI Security Command Protocol

    TCG Opal: Winmagic SecureDoc oder SedUtil is necessary for encryption.

    eDrive IEEE-1667: This is used for bitlocker hardware encryption with windows 10. But the UEFI must support this.

    Problem Description:

    The UEFI of the 840 G4 supports neither the Bios ATA Password method for NVME drives (Drivelock) nor the bitlocker hardware encryption. Same companies like Lenovo have already updated the UEFI of their newer machines to support this. E.g. the Thinkpad T480s supports both Bios Password and bitlocker hardware encryption for NVME drives.

    I have a strict specification for a full disk encryption which can be done at best with a Bios ATA Password, bitlocker with hardware encryption whould be my second choice.

    Is HP planning to update the UEFI firmware of the 840 G4 to support both or one of both: Bios ATA password (Drivelock) and bitlocker for NVME drives?

    Thank you very much for all of your help.

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    I deleted 3 of the 5 data file backup periods.  Kept the largest and the latest.  When computer restarted i get a black screen.  led's on fan on , just no display.   Caps lock white Led blinks 2x,   The orange light on f12 is illuminated.  Used Hp virtual agent troubleshooter.  nothing helped. 

    ALso this laptop is pluged in 100% , the battery is dead.  As soon as you unplug  a/c cord, it dies.  Ive been using it like this for years.  

    Any help would be highly appreciated.  

    Thank you.

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    Hi all,

    I've managed to boot firectly from the mSATA card (in the internal eSATA slot) using MBR and WIndows 10 1803.

    Also, using MBR2GPT to change the drive format to GPT was successful, but neither UEFI Hybrid nor UEFI Naitive will boot. It just complains that no boot drive is found.

    Since booting from MBR works just fine, I'm surprised that UEFI boot fails.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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    Idk what is happening

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    Hi I just bought this laptop, but the person using it is a professional typist, they need the CTRL and FN buttons swapped.  I looked in the bios but i don't see anywhere to set this.  We don't want to retun the laptop, but i think we may have to if there is no way to swap these buttons.



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  • 12/14/18--18:05: Password problem
  • Haven't used the notebook for quite a while and started the computer and asked for a current password; attempted three times and received the following message: password check failed, fatal error....system halted, CNU9225MW4.

    Any assistance in resolving this is greatly appreciated.

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    I Have completely blanked on the Administrative BIOS startup password! I've also scowered the internet for any backdoor or master password including the for keys, all in VEINs. Now short of consuming massive amounts of stimulants then binge watching multiple YouTube teardown videos that will only feed into my now spiraling out of control ideas of Do-It-Yourselfers with Old Broken Laptops because even though Mine isn't broken I know that at the end of this Tweeker Challenge their will be atleast 3 different Pc's torn apart yet connected together with what looks like old nokia cell phone displays wired together and that the only thing I'm Absolutely Positive of at that point is that those Techno Remixes playing in every YouTube video are Just AWESOME!!!yeah short of that I'm stumped. The code it gives me is

    (i 92607048)...PLEASE HELP

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    Hello, I updated my elitebook 840g1 with the latest bios (1.46) as given in the product drivers page. The laptop lost the bios data and it says that it is "illegal" and I have to contact HP. The screen is black and the cap lock key and the num lock key are blinking . Seconds after, the fan high speed can be heard with nothing on the screen. Any chance to correct this? Cheers.

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    Notebook not booting

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    I have a hp pavilion dv 2000, which I kept off for some time and I do not remember the password of the bios, after three attempts with the incorrect password tells me System Disable [13425]
    can you help me

    Thank you

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    i have tried the battery out etc and pressing escape but nothing happens except the error lights and the fan starts up and runs fast. Can't seem to find the same combination of error lights in the listings. Any ideas apreciated


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    Hi Sir, me too i have an HP 250 g5 bios password reset

    This is the message, the computer is showing:

    system disabled

    [i 50703321]

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    My hp pavilion dv6 notepad wont boot, only the battery full white light is constantly on. I have tried to hard reset the notebook but didnt help. Also on removing battery the light went off. Then plugging it in AC also didn't help and the notebook didn't start. 

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  • 12/15/18--07:06: Constant lockups
  • constant lockups after installing new bios recommended by hp support assistant, any help appreciated

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  • 12/15/18--08:32: Can't start my laptop
  • I press the power button, it tries to start but powers down automatically. Then it automatically repeats the same process without me pressing the power button

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  • 12/15/18--11:11: Bios Password reset
  • Hi ,I really need your help. i've got my hp mini 110, it's requesting for a current password. I've hit enter 3 times leading to password check failed fatal error........system halted [serial number removed].

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  • 12/15/18--08:48: Hard drive test failure
  • Hi, my pc goes in to a loop of automatic repair saying " Preparing automatic Repair" on start screen and then after sometime switches off and repeat. When I run hardware diagnostics pressing F2, Hard drive optimised DST check failed with error code 6CQG7W-72X9AV-MFPWWK-61TC03. Please Help

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    I need to enable the fingerprint in my device , but this feature is missed (not showen) in my bios settings , please help ? 

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    My BIOS is asking admin password. I didn't remember the password. my bios is not working and i need to change some settings in BIOS.  Help me please


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