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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics
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  • 01/15/19--21:01: BIOS Password
  • Hello,


    I'm a technician, a client has dropped in their laptop needing password removal from a Windows 7 laptop, I thought this would be easy, removing a local password.


    But when I turned on the laptop I saw "Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password" in a blue box.

    Anyway to bypass or remove it?

    After entering the incorrect password multiple times you get a "System Disable" message in a blue box, "84836617" below it.



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  • 01/15/19--21:03: Bios licked
  • I purchased a zbook with a locked bios password. I removed cmos battery but didnt reset. Need to know what to enter for the bios password to reset it. I am not able to boot to the OS and cant boot to USB without accessing the bios

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    When I log in to my laptop everything freezes once the icons have loaded on screen and the HDD light doesn't flash. I can get cmd prompt or other windows search functions to work on immediate log in but the desktop freezes after about 2 minutes. Cannot use keyboard to attempt task manager or cmd prompt but mouse will move around.

    I have tried to boot into safe mode but when I initially restart under the advanced options it won't reboot to choose which option to boot into. I get a greyish screen with the previous screen still slightly visible. Again HDD drive doesn't flash. 

    It's very frustrating as the laptop will not work for long enough to allow me to run suggested maintenance programs. Any advice?

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  • 01/16/19--00:01: Forgot BIOS password
  • BIOS password forgotten area code 19411 4539

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  • 01/16/19--00:25: Plesae SMC.bin file...
  • I have some problem with my bios, can see the message "Product information not valid".
    So, please provide the "CMI Tool" and "SMC.bin" file for may laptop. (Probook 4530s) I will try anything.
    If possible, let me have the manual also.
    Probook 4530s. (included i5 cpu)
    Need wncmifit or cmitools or smc.bin or....somthing like that....all~~~


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    My laptop (Elite book 8440p) only shows the error message

    "PCI controller error" 10 times. I cannot boot it or enter anything but BIOS. All anayltics and tests in the BIOS claim that all is well.

    I read on other threads to update PCI drivers, but I cannot boot at all.

    I would appreciate any help


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    Asking for bios administrator password it return error code: I 74134787

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    I was using my laptop normall - only 2 windows open (Thunderbird email, and Firefox browser).

    I deleted some messages from the inbox,
    Then the display froze.  No mouse response.  Cntr-alt-del did nothing.  Totally unresponsive.


    So I pressed and held the power button until the display went off.

    Pressed the power button again to wake it up.

    The laptop booted up as usual and all seems OK.
    HP diagnosticcs shows no problems.


    Any idea what might have gone wrong to cause this?

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  • 01/16/19--06:28: Laptop is not booting
  • Hello

    my laptop shutdown suddenly and wont start again.

    every 2 or 3 days it boot and run about 15 minutes then shutdown, i have tried to hard reset by removing batery and adapter and pressing 15 sec on power botton but nothing happen.

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  • 01/16/19--07:03: Can't wake up laptop
  • Can't wake up my laptop. Powerswitch don't work?

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    I am intending to sell this laptop and have attempted to resett but keeps saying not enough disc space

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  • 01/16/19--08:01: Forgot password
  • I cannot recall the password to access my HP laptop.....HELP! Any suggestions?

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    HP I5-bsO66nr bios password has been forgotten. bios codes unable to correct the system. Password setup by 15 yr old student trying to help mother. I have attempted all preliminary attempts codes, bios codes all have failed. Asking community or HP support.

    MichaelT./Engineering Computer Systems 

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    I have a hp mini 1000 that I haven’t used in years. I forgot the password and now I can’t log in. Please help me to recover..

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  • 01/16/19--10:11: Forgotten Bios Password

    SERİAL NUMBER: [removed per Rules Of Participation]

    Bios I forgot my password and I can't do anything. Some friends say they're given a code, but I don't see any code on my screen. Only "System Locked Press tje power button to restart system" writes. Can you help me

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  • 01/16/19--10:37: Changing from AHCI to IDE
  • Dear Friends, 
    Hope all is well...
    Was going to run HDD Regenerator to possible help with some unhealthy sectors.
    When entering th BIOS >F10 there is no place Under Main or System Configuation that shows "SATA Native Mode" 
    Your supposed to be able Enable or Disable and  to change SATA Mode from ACHI >IDE.

    I can run it in ACHI mode but they claim and ask you to change it.
    HDD Warning BIOS.jpg

    Is this possible with this computer?

    Thank You

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  • 01/16/19--12:32: Forgot bios password
  • I cannot remember my bios password. How can I reset it. When I enter the password in wrong 3 times I get the key i 51367233

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    Error message at startup states that product information is missing or invalid. System board (00A)- System Board CT number. I have not installed any new components; message appeared suddenly. Computer will shut down and go back to this message at random. Is hard drive fried?

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    I had just downloaded and installed an authorized driver update and was asked if I wished to restart now or later. I selected now and when the sign in screen came up it will not accept my usual password. How do I get around this?

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    Hello...! i need help try to reset my bios password someone ask please....! thank you everybody have great day..!


    my bios system disabled code is: [i 81757697]