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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I have forgotten my laptop BIOS password.


    A dialouge pops-up whenever I try to enter BIOS setup asking for administrator password and after three tries that failed, it just says System Disabled {i 51662145}.


    Please help this is fustrating, I've tried everything.




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    I had an important update, i did it, everything was fine so i turned off the PC. The day after it asks me to update the BIOS i go for the update but after the reboot it ask me again for the update. I've tried again but everytime i turn on the pc it asks me to update the BIOS to version. I'm stucked, i've  already tried to recover the BIOS via USB but it does not work. How can i fix this problem?

    Thank you

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    Good day!

    The HDD on my HP ENVY 4-1256er died and I installed a new SSD with the same capacity into the computer. Then I booted from recovery flash (which I made long ago with HP tools) and in the recovery manager I chose system restore (reformat disk and full restore the system as it was from factory). The process began and took a long time, the computer rebooted several times and finally on a normally working windows it showed a window with message something like "Restoration was not complete" and the only buttons for show log or continue. In the log file I found 2 errors: p2pp burnboot check and some problem with USB-IF USB3.0 Hub.

    If I pressed "Continue" button the process asked a restore device and did not see my flash.

    After that I rebooted and windows was not loaded: the same message appeared that Restoration was not completed. And nothing I could do. Any reboot now finishes with this message.

    (How can it be? I had seen a normally working Windows after restore, before it said restore was not complete)

    And one more problem: now I cannot get into BIOS setup or change boot device options (so I cannot change boot device and boot from flash). When I switch on the computer and press Esc I got Startup Menu, but when I press F10 (Bios setup), F9 (Boot device options) the computer does not respond as usual and try to boot and show the same message Restoration is not complete. So I cannot do anything now.

    Could you, please, help.


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  • 01/13/19--01:57: Bios Startup Password
  •  forgot the bios password on my HP Stream 14 and am getting the system disabled code [i 77241946]. Can anyone assist me?

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    Pleas help me forget bin bios ... 

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    when entered wrong 3 times i got a code saying 


    please help 

    also why would this come up and what will entering the password do to everything on the computer

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    hello mines doing the same and coming up with a code 67722867

    please help

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  • 01/13/19--07:21: BIOS Password inactive.
  • Hi!, all :

    Please, i needed help for activate password for BIOS.

    Message i 76696897

    Thank you soo much in advance.


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  • 01/13/19--07:31: Locked Bios
  • Hi

    I've got a problem. My boyfriend have a laptot HP Elite Book 8440p. But the problem. Bios is locked and we don't know the password. We tried everything

    Please help

    Serial number is CZC11535W1


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  • 01/13/19--07:38: BiOS PASS REST
  • hey,
    i forgot my admin bios pass and i wonder if there is any way that i can reset bios ?

    plus does each laptop need its specific SMC.bin, if yes how can i get mine  ?

    please help.



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  • 01/13/19--09:16: Computer won’t turn on
  • I factory rest my computer when it went to reboot it went black and won’t turn back on

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    I activated the fingerprint reader on my new HP Elitebook 840 G3, I was hoping that it would mean I just swipe the reader to get into windows. All it did was ask me to swipe the reader before taking me to the windows login page to enter my password. I wanted to reduce the login process not make it worse! But how do you turn it off? I tried disabling the device in biometric devices but then it asks for an admin password (took me a while to work out what that was!). So how do I turn off the prompt for a password?  AND Is there a way to make windows hello work with the fingerprint reader to make it go straight in? MS say it will do it but when I try it says it's not available on this machine.

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    I am an IT Professional and service HP Products through one of your partners. I acquired one of your high end notebooks, the HP Spectre x360 (15-bl012dx) in 2017 and now I'm highly disappointed, shocked and very unhappy as the motherboard failed less than 2 years after purchasing the system. I was using the notebook with the power adapter plugged in and all of the sudden the machine just shut off and will not power up now.  This is unacceptable with the amount of money I had to spend for the system, just to have the motherboard fail during normal use.  I am looking for HP to stand behind their product and help me resolve this issue asap.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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    Boot loop

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  • 01/13/19--13:26: Bios Locked
  • I forgot my bios password to my Stream and it’s giving me a code after 3 failed attempts.


    [i 94716673]

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    My trusty laptop hard drive failed. Totally. No backup disks (noDVD slot either...external only on this model.)

    WAS WIN 7 Home Premium.

    I've tried all of the standard "boot from USB" fixes, for both Win7 and Win10. The machine will not recognize that there is a bootable USB drive plugged in.

    What to do? It seems the USB boot feature is somehow locked out entirely of this particular HP model.




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    It seems I can’t open up anything and I can open by my password and a file 

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    SMART Hard Disk Error.  Imminent failure confirmed sys diad testing.  Not sure where to go from here.  Continue startup seems the only option.  

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    short story aboat my problem. Okay, not very short, but i try to include all details.

    after some water damage over the keyboad (following a complete drying of the parts) the notebook worked fine for a couple of weeks.
    Then, after some HP updates, the PC was not able to turn on anymore. Power LED was lightning, fan was blowing full speed, but screen was black. This goes on for a few second, then everything off, and a few seconds later everything startet again. This was looping until the battery was emty, no way to stop it.

    After that the device could not be turned on anymore. But after connecting the charger,
    Power-Switch, CapsLock and Power-Jack Leds were on at the same time, then first power-jack-led went of, and a second later power-switch and capslock. Then everything went on again. Loops continously, while screen black and no fan, no beeps. No reaction to pressing the any key or power switch.

    Well, i disassembled the complete device to check for visible damages from the water. Nothing. I also measured the power-switch, but its all right. Stripped everything down, removing battery and bios-buffer battery. (By the way: its a realy, realy bad design that you have to disassemble the complete device to the core to change bios-battery or disconnect main battery. Shame on you, Hp for this.)

    After connecting the battery again to the main board (keyboard, card-reader-board, touchpad etc was still disconnected.) the device was booting like a charm. After putting everything together, i checked everything,runned some stress tests but everything was working.

    But after i turned off the pc, i was not able to turn it on again. Everything black and dead.

    So i disassembled again, removed the batterys, connected an external keyboard, put the batterys back again and the thing started easyly. I did all the self-test provided in the bios, everything was fine.

    Windows also booted fine. After windows was running, i tried to turn it off with the power button. Also worked (conlusion: the button itself is working).
    But as soon as it was of, i was not able to turn it on again. Only by disassemling and removing bios and main battery.
    Im very fast now in disassembling the device, feeling a litte like dr. Frankenstein. But its a very inconvinient way to turn on this thing.

    Anybody of you has any idears what might be wrong? Just always having the thing powered on is a possibility, but not a real solution ;).


    Thanks for reading and sorry for my sloppy english. I hope you were able to understand everything.


    Best Regards,


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