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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    I got a brand new HP Notebook - 15 - db000na for Christmas and it is running very slowly. It takes a long time to actually turn on and if I try to use any apps/google something it takes a while before anything happens. 


    Any help would be appreciated,



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  • 01/03/19--08:23: Unknown Power On Password
  • Hello,


    I forgot my power-on password to my HP Stream 14-ac010wm. Is there any way I can reset it? Please help.


    thank you

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    I have a  HP laptop  When I start up my laptop it gives the following error message:




    HP Battery Alert


    The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low.


    For optimal performance, this battery may need to be replaced.


    Primary (internal) Battery (601)




    When I continue my start up I can only use my laptop with the charger. When I don't use my charger it will shut down, because of lack of battery.


    However, the strange thing is that occassionally the battery works totally fine for a few days. And then it starts to show the error again.


     Can anything be done to solve this problem?



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    So I went away on New Year's Eve and my laptop had been working fine beforehand, no problems. However I came back on New Year's Day, turned on my laptop and it started booting up but the screen was blank. Before I could decide to do anything it turned off and then it just started going on and off, all the while the screen is black.


    I've tried doing some of the solutions like leave it unplugged, hold down the power button, try windows button + B button, etc. but I'm not as computer savvy to know how to check BIOS and CMOS stuff. I'd rather not touch my laptop incase I end up breaking it even further, is there anything I can do? I haven't had this laptop for long (2 months or so), but I do have a 3 year warranty if that helps!

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    When I choose "Shut down" the computer reboots, sometimes into sleep mode. This is related to the two locked topics linked below, #6624709 & #6292804.




    This happened on my newly imaged Windows 7 HP ProBoook 650 G1 and my newly imaged Windows 10 HP EliteDesk 800 G1. The EliteDesk did not have the problem before re-imaging, but the notebook was new, so I don't know whether it did. Completely disabling hibernation, as follows, worked for me. This can also clear some hard drive space. I originally learned it from here.


    1) Run command prompt as admin.
    In the Start menu's search field, type “cmd” then right-click on command prompt and choose
    Run as Administrator”.

    2) In command prompt, type the following command, including a space before the dash.

    powercfg -h off


    3) Hit the "Enter" key. Effective immediately, in the Shutdown menu, there should no longer be an option for “Hibernate”. The hiberfil.sys file should also be gone.


    4) Now, when you choose "Shut down" the computer should actuallly obey.


    I hope this helps.





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    HP Spectre X360 13 inch, bought it in August 2018, stopped working in early November (during midterms!!!). It won't turn on at all, no flashing light, won't show a charging light. Charger works, tested it on my samsung 8+ with the same port to check. Tried different outlet, don't know what else to do. Treated my laptop like a baby, no falls or scratches, no eating and using, ect. 

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    Hi All,

    Everytime I start my laptop below is the error message I see before it starts booting into windows 10.

    Product information not valid

    The following system information programmed into the system board is missing or invalid.

    System board (00A) - system board CT number

    Enter - Continue startup.


    Once it boots up, windows always froze, stuck and sometimes opens up services tab. Frustrated me a lot, then I formatted my C drive but does work. Windows is not partially installed. Please HELP!


    Thank You!

    Rudra R



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  • 01/03/19--10:11: Password Reset
  • Hello,


    I need another password reset. I don't have a "System Disabled" type of lockout but I forgot my Administrative Password and need a password reset to get rid of the old Administrative Password. Your help is appreciated


    Bobby :)

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    The lid of my laptop appears jammed and will not open

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    I lost the pasword to enter in the PC Portable HP 17-by0013nf . Please help to reset it. 

    I bought it in December and I do not remember the pasword. I tried many times using the advices with upper words but nothing succeded. 

    Please help me.

    Thank you ! 

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  • 01/03/19--14:56: Bios locked
  • Greetings Happy new year 


    i brought a laptop on ebay it wasnt until the bootup failed that i realized the bios are locked with a password how can i reset that ? 


    I know i can put a new os onto the hd but i will loose all my work again 


    dont know what to do any options ? 


    Thanks Mark

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  • 01/03/19--16:23: Bios Power on Password Help
  • I've looked though the forum but cannot find an unlock code for i 72561924. I really appreciate any help you can offer. 


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  • 01/03/19--17:03: bios locked
  • i have a hp g62 notebook with t he bios code. i forgot what my password was and now im stuck. 

    i got this code after  i entered it wrong a few times ; 58058741


    thank  you

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    Hp 2000 E2 vision AMD asking for administrator password or power on password. I entered the wrong password wrong three times and it gave me a message Saying System disable code 53404800. Can someone please help if they you can. Thank you. 

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  • 01/03/19--21:45: Keyboard Light
  • I was unable to on my keyboard light that l just brought 3 days ago, kindly assist


    Serial Number
    Product Number


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  • 01/03/19--20:21: Bios password lockout
  • Trying to reset power on password. Got disable code. I 87949304.  Cannot find unlock code for it.

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  • 01/03/19--21:45: HP battery alert
  • Hello. Recently, everytime i start my laptop, i've been receving a message stating "The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery below to be very low. For optimal performance, this battery may need to be replaced.

    Primary (Internal) battery (601)."

    All of a sudden screen becomes blue and with unrecognised text and then suddenly it shut down.

    Please state the solution as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the attention  


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  • 01/03/19--22:33: Notebook won't start
  • Yes I need help with my notebook. I had forgotten my password yesterday and couldn't get in so I decided to restart/reboot my notebook but it had failed to do so. But then it had started installing software after I had restarted it again but after that it just stopped working. Now all I am getting is a black screen with white words. The picture below is what it said about a hour ago before I turned it off. So what am I suppose to do? Buy a disk or what?? Thank you!20190103_180435.jpg


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    Have a Hp Notebook pn w2m88ua#tba works great except when attempting to enter bios to make changes I am met with a admin password request my error lock is .(i 98728404) can you help? As it has been forgotten. Unlock code?

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    When I see this I diagnosed it and it was failed and display 24 digit code. Plz tell me what happened with it. If it is hard disk issue then my data will be recovered or not and how it will be recovered.

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