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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 01/02/19--12:52: blue screen error?
  • Yesterday I went to open my pc and I got an error message saying no hard drive was found. I have it some time and tried to fix it but all the text failed and now it is an a continuous loop of blue error screens saying it’s can’t be diagnosed and it is running into a problem every time I restart it. None of the troubleshooting options have helped and neither has giving it a forced shut down. Any way I can fix this? 

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    My laptop does not want to start. I have run the diagnostic test and it says Hard Drive SMART check - passed, Hard drive short DST check - warning and Hard drive optimised DST check - warning ... Anybody able to help? 

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    I updated this laptop proablly over a year ago and stuck it in the closet.  Went to boot it up and suddenly wants admin password or power on password...

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    I purchased a Chromebook in June of 2018. The computer worked fine for a few months but suddenly will not charge or turn on. I plugged my serial number into HP website and it indicated that my warranty was expired already. The warranty "start date" says July of 2017, but I only just purchased the computer in June of 2018. 

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    Bought an HP Omen 15 after Xmas, since it was the only laptop with 16GB of Memory.  Intel I7 chip.

    Created a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu 18.10.

    Change the boot order so the USB stick was booted first. Ubuntu loaded, tried out GIMP and R worked fine.

    THEN, I tried to install ubuntu!


    • When Ubuntu started the install, it only could see the 128GB SSD drive, so i went back and used the advanced partitioning option use all drives.
    • Ubuntu appeared to do a clean install.
    • After reboot get errors: 
      • unexpected return from initail read: Invalid parameter. buffersize 0
      •  Failed to load image \EFI\BOOT\mm64.efi
      • Failed to start MokManger: Invalid Parameter

    I checked and like ASUS I have to tune off the smart boot. And like other systems that us AMI BOIS's I need the secret code to enable access to the part of the BIOS that turns off the smart boot.


    Can you please provide me the key sequence to the BIOS?

    As an asided the developement work that I want to do on the laptop can't be done under WIN10.


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  • 01/01/19--20:49: Hp laptop
  • What to do when your computer says no bootable device?

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  • 01/02/19--16:27: failure id code
  • try to start my laptop but it says preparing automatic repair then goes black and eventually turns to a bright blue screen and stays that way.  tried system diag  and got code


     failure id plvnsf-7kh9g2-mfpwlj-60x603    


    what does that mean?   thanks in advance

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    Just need to know how to fix this

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    I was using my laptop about a week ago and out of nowhere, the screen went black and the computer completely shut down. Afterwards, it would not turn on, as in nothing happens when I press the power button. No signs of life. At the time I was using it, the power cable was plugged in and the battery was also in, and to my knowledge, was fully charged.


    Strangely, my battery has four lights on the underside of it that are always lit. I guess this means the battery is charged, but my computer is still unable to turn on. If the battery is in and I press the power button, the LED light right next to the power port flashes orange a few times. If I remove the battery, it doesn't flash or light up, even if it is plugged in. Lately, I had been noticing my battery couldn't hold a charge very well, which is fine considering it is 6 years old now, and I would usually use it plugged in anyway, but it isn't getting power from the adapter anymore. It is recognizing there is power from the battery, but it isn't doing anything with it. When I would plug the adapter in, usually, the LED next to the power port would glow white, but it doesn't do that anymore.


    So far,. I've tried a static discharge several different times in several different ways, I've left the battery out and the adapter unplugged for a while and tried powering on again, and I've reseated, swapped and re-swapped the memory sticks. When I called HP support, I was told I would have to send it in based on what I told them. It would cost 300 dollars which I simply don't have. For all I know, this could be a hardware problem I could solve on my own for a lot less than 300 dollars, but I don't know what is wrong with it.



    My laptop shut off out of nowhere one day and now it won't turn on. It is getting power from the battery but won't do anything with it. It no longer charges when plugged in.


    EDIT: Power port LED light blinks 3 times whenever I press the power button. I'm trying to find a code for this online but I'm not finding one.



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  • 01/02/19--22:28: Bios Password unlock
  • After Three times of entering wrong password it says system disabled [i 59778224]


    After reading some threads regarding my problem, i went to and enter the numbers shown on system disable screen and tried the code generated 46650800. 


    Still Invalid Password..



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  • 01/02/19--23:36: Admin password for Bios
  • I have a Hp laptop that I am trying to boot a new windows on it. However when I try to enter the bios is asks for a admin password. It seems to be different from the one I use to access my current windows 10. The error code I get is : 78692209 .. it has an i intront of it.

    I am really asking for some help as I need to get some school work done.

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    Ok, so I'm starting to get a little pissed at this now. I've been trying to get my 2-year old laptop, which I kind of want to replace but I want to use the laptop till the end. I've got some important files on there and, well some save data for my games.


    The problem I'm having is that the computer just refuses to boot up now. I've had some similar issues in the past, but it just got solved with a little patience. Unfortunately, the battery we had for the laptop, which is also dead 🙃, is lost (oof). I did a little troubleshooting myself and it looks like a problem with the power pin things. The pin on the top is a lot farther away from the center than the rest of the pins, and might just be a bent pin. It will be useful to have a little diagram of the layout of the power pin tbh. A possible thing that might have happened is the CPU might have been fried since we had been watching stuff in 4k on... Obviously a 4k TV. We had this show running overnight but it looked like it was in 480p. I did try running Deus Ex 1 and GTA Vice City running in 4k (only VC worked and it was very laggy.) I don't exactly think it's a CPU problem though. 


    So, I know this post is pretty big, but what should I do? I'm starting to get pretty stressed here. 

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    Can I please get help in generating a code so I can access the bios on my hp15-bs013dx windows10 64bit


    error code I recieved

            [  i 67843330  ]


    thanks in advance

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    Hello everybody,

    I have this problem with my brand new laptop.

    Boot is super fast when nothing is connected through USB; I normally leave my 2 extra-space disks attached but then, if I turn off or reboot the PC, it takes like 5 minutes: it goes in blank screen for 4'55'' and then fast boot through HP image with circling dots-windows dots-login screen (5''). Times are just to explain the waiting.

    I searched the BIOS but didn't find any useful setting (I disabled the boot from USB and LAN, just for excluding: no effect).

    Anyone with a solution?


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    I have a relatively old laptop from late 2012 with an AMD A8-4500m (+HD 7670M) in it. (Pavilion g6-2100sh)

    I'm on the almost the oldest BIOS firmware and I'd like to update it to the latest. However, when I try to update it, it says "IHISI: Get platform info fail in SMI!" every time. It cannot read the BIOS version too.

    How can I resolve this problem?

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    Wow. Purchased this laptop 11/24/17. On New Year's Eve I used it in the morning for a few hours, then came back in the afternoon to a black screen. The power button blinks on and off white, the power button lights up white. But nothing comes up on the screen. I've already taken all troubleshooting steps, including with an HP rep on the phone this morning. I've had dozens of computers and laptops in my adult life and never had a laptop die suddenly like this when only a year old. I've read other posts indicating that there is a known issue with the 360 motherboards - and also that HP was replacing these faulty motherboards for free. But the BEST HP support could quote me was weeks without my computer at $460 - and that was after the rep went back to his "manager" and offered several "discounts." It felt like a used car scenario. I'm extremely disappointed that my small business spent so much money on a lemon. Up until this point I really liked this laptop, other than it had some issues coming back promptly from sleep.

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    Good morning,

    Could you please help to understand the "option" VT-X on the Bios system.

    I would like to know if this option affects the Dual boot installation ?

    As I understood, VT-x allows running simultaneous windows and virtual machine (VM) on the same processor. Is there an impact when usig a dual boot on the machine ? what is the result if it is disabled ?


    Thank you in advance for your help and support.


    Joseph Mirmont [personal information removed]

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    I am having the same issue as outlined in this post.



    That post never received any replies from HP and has since been locked.


    Please note this only occurs if Thunderbolt security is enabled in the BIOS.  If I disable the Thunderbolt security in the BIOS, I can get it to boot while connected to the docking station.


    I have already updated all pertinent drivers and the firmware.  The Thunderbolt software detects the dock and I have set the connection mode to "Always Connect".  All ports on the dock work without any issues.  The laptop just won't boot if connected to the dock.


    Exactly like the link above, I have to boot the laptop prior to connecting it to the G2 dock.

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  • 01/03/19--07:05: Forget Bios Password
  • I forget my bios admin password.

    This is the code i get when i try for 3 times.


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