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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/24/18--18:45: Hard disk error
  • Boot device not found

    Please install an operating system on your hard disk

    Hard disk (3F0) 

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    I wanted to update the BIOS, after updating the program and restarting windows, the laptop stopped working, or rather the screen was burning black and the fan was just spinning and nothing else. I tried to restore the BIOS, clamped the win + b keys and then the power button, the Bios recovery window came out, it was all over, the reboot started and now the laptop is constantly rebooting every 2-3 seconds and nothing appears on the monitor. Tell me how to revive it (restore)

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    After installing debian as a second system, I cannot enter the UEFI / BIOS settings by entering my password.I didn’t exactly forget this password (I’m typing it ~ 30 times a day), just before Install system using this password I entered bios settings to switch legacy on. Windows 10 and Debian Stretch 9.6 are installed and they boot correctly. What could be the problem and how to fix it?

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    My laptop keeps on restarting. My brother plugged my laptop to our wifi modem thru LAN to check if what's going wrong on our wifi connection. I dont knwo what are things he navigated or clicked. Then after that my laptop keeps on restarting, every time i will open it, input my password the windows opens then a dialog box pop ups saying "your pc will automatically restart in one minute " "windows ran into a problem and needs to restart. " also this " failed to

    conme to windows seevice. windows connect to the SENS Service. This problem prevents standard users from signing in ".

    Please help. Thank you

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    Laptop is Pavilion g6 2301ax,

    Comes with AMD a8 4500m with 7640g +7600m graphics integrated

    Upgraded to AMD a10 4600m 

    Graphics chip is not changed.

    Ram: 4gb ddr3 sodimm. Condition: OK

    HDD: hitachi 500gb condition: ok checked via memory and hard disk diagonostics via HP bios


    Laptop was working fine after upgrade for several months, no heating issue at all.

    No other hardware upgrade.

    A few days ago i started playing Mass Effect 2 game. 

    I was working fine for few days.

    And last day when i was playing laptop just turned off.

    And while restarting again display didn't turned on but rest of thing were working fine. 

    No heating , no power issue ,

    I did hard reset many times by removing battery and pressing power button from 30-60 seconds. But nothing worked.

    Then i found a solution to remove CMOS for few seconds and try.

    Now this works and i am able to see display, bios, i can login and use windows. 




    when i try to enable legacy mode and press save and exit. 

    Laptop restarts but display not starting like it is disconnected. 

    And is if remove CMOS and try again it resets changes back to legacy mode disabled.

    How can i fix that? 

    I tried older version of bios. (insyde bios) and i tried win+B but no luck.


    On other hand with graphics driver. 

    If i install via any mode.

    1. Amd provided setup update method

    3.manually updating from Device Manager

    After some seconds display flickers and goes black and never gets back to normal. Laptop restarts after several minutes. 

    But windows stucks on logo and rotating dots. Dots stops rotating and after several minutes it restarts again and same is case.

    I can get to safe mode, disable one graphics out of two (dual graphics) in device manager or uninstall both and i can boot into windows.


    Its been three days now. and i have tried reinstalling windows (same version latest) and older version(1803). But no luck.

    I was using phoenix OS  along side windows 10 and that stucks at boot too.

    I had replaced CMOS with same voltage and numbering too. But nothing working.

    Using windows without graphics is of no use for me.

    Ram stick is one and i have tried both slots.

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  • 12/25/18--00:32: BIOS Help
  • Hi everyone. I have an HP Probook 450 G2. I wanted to dual boot the Windows 10 OS that I currently have installed with Linux. I have a problem though, I put a BIOS password on it when I first bought it and I can't remember is. I need help in either temporarily bypassing it or deleting it so I can restart and boot from the drive to install linux. Thanks.

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  • 12/25/18--01:47: Blank screen and double beep
  • When i start my laptop, nothing appears on screen and the caps lock button flashes and I hear a double beep .what could it be?

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  • 12/25/18--02:01: admin password
  • Hi.

    Black screen.

    Blue box.

    Enter admin password or power on password.

    Thank you very much


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  • 12/25/18--02:52: delete encryption device
  • hello evryone. i've got a problem with encription device. i tried to update my windows from 8.1 to 10 but something went wrong, then i dowloaded back 8.1 version, loaded it to my PC and now i've got next problem:

    while i try to enter the password it shows me an error, so i've got to enter the OS throw bios. may you please explaine me how to uninstal this soft (encription device). i downloaded HP Security CLient and uninstal it from there, but it didn't work. What should i do, thank you

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    I Bought this laptop in 2017. After 3-4 months of using the laptop is dead. We brought in for repair - motherboard replacement. We waited a long time, at last repaired.


    After the repair, new problems appeared - periodical suspension of the mouse cursor. You want to move the cursor, and he slowly and slowly stretches into that area. On the touchpad the same thing does not depend on the presence of a connected mouse.

    There is no possibility to carry repairs, a laptop is needed for work. After 5 month there is new problem - blue screen after screen lock Win+L. Blocked the screen, went away, return back - blue screen.


    Error code:


    Произошла ошибка при настройке дескриптора безопасности на устройстве \\.\klfltdev.
     Код системной ошибки 0x5:-
    Отказано в доступе.
    Z4 error.jpg

    I compleetely removed Kaspersky Endpoint Security. 

    Problem still exists, only now refers to flcdlock.exe service. This is HP secure utility.


    I removed this service. Problem still exists. But now, there is only blue screen without any error code. Helps only shutdown button.

    Even if the lockout is not turned on, move away from the laptop, pull the mouse - the blue screen.


    I have standard waranty on 3 years. At the time of repair, the service center will not give me another laptop.


    What to do in this situation?


    Thank you.



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    HP Elitebook 840 G1 + Core i7 4600U CPU + 16GB RAM + 512GB m.2 SATA SSD + 2TB HDD 

    P R O B L E M:    NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK Lights blink 7 times during bootup.


    I bought an installed a brand new 2TB Seagate Baracuda Hard Drive in my computer. However, the computer would randomly have delays during boot up and the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK LED would blink every time before boot up.


    To test, I removed the 2TB HDD, and the computer normalized. This was baffling since when the computer DID boot up with the 2TB Hard Drive, it would work normally in windows.


    After much research, I realized that HP 840 G1 and G2 Series DO NOT SUPPORT Hard drives over 1TB. I tried a 2TB Firecuda SSHD, but had similar issues.


    Afterward, I installed a WD BLUE 1 TB HDD in the computer, and it is now perfectly fine and booting up normally.



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  • 12/25/18--05:35: Zbook 17 Bios password
  • Hi,


    Can anyone help me on this please ?


    I am not sure of the BIOS Administrator password on my HP Zbook 17, When I press Esc after a reboot and Enter into BIOS Setup mode, it is asking for Administrator password which I have forgotten.


    Product Name: HP Zbook 17

    SKU Number: D5D93AV


    After 3 attempts, it come to a new screen with the following

    "On-Screen Keyboard"
    then display a keyboard on the screen only.


    If I press enter again,


    I get


    "Authentication failed"

    "system locked"

    "Press the power button to restart the system"


    Please help me on this !!

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    I have a HP EliteDesk 705 G2 that needs the BIOS Supervisor password removed.

    I am aware of the jumper on motherboard, but on this particular device the jumper will not work becouse on the BIOS Setup i have Enabled Stringent security. Which means only SMC option left.


    On HP Manual for this device it says clearly

    "Resetting the password jumper CAUTION: Stringent security is a mode where there is no physical bypass of the password function. If enabled, removing the password jumper will be ignored. To enable this mode, change the security setting Clear Password Jumper in Password Policies to Ignore. If you lose or forget the password when in stringent security mode, the system can only be reset by System Management Command."

    I have talked with HP but they told me that they cannot crate SMC file for Desktops becouse it only works for laptops which is obviosly NOT TRUE. And after i refered to the manual, the guy create a SMC File for me BUT the new problem is that i get SMC Command Failure becouse of wrong date and time sett on SMC Files.
    I get following info on SMC Command Failure info.
    SMC Command Failure
    SMC log status: 0x4
    PEI Status: Success
    Command GUI: F0EE.............
    Number of Executions: 0
    Maximum Executions: -1
    Command Start date: 0000/00/00 00:00:00
    Command End date: 0000/00/00 00:00:00
    System Date: 0000/00/00 00:00:00
    I have told this to HP, that the SMC Contains wrong command dates, and the support agent told me that their tool generates SMC For Desktop with these dates becouse Desktops are not supported for SMC, which contradicts the information HP provides on they hardware manual.
    Anybody on this forum that can help me clear this whith HP?
    Is the support agent just messing around with me? Or what is this all about?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

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    Hello all,

    I have Compaq Presario Cq 56 laptop. Sometimes I cant start, CAPSLOOK is blinking and screen always dark. After I hold power button till power off , then I trying to start 2nd or 5th times finally laptop is opening normaly. If I shutdown and try open when I want to use laptop 5 minutes 1 hour or 1 day later again I will do same steps try 2 or 5 times finaly opening. What can I do for start only first time pushing to power button?


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    Maria Grazia Massarotti

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    Stuck on current password 

    dont know what the password might be 


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  • 12/25/18--11:41: SMC.bin file
  •  how can i get a customized SMC.bin file

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    I've a HP Pavilion Notebook, model number Dv7-6103ei

    I resently cleaned the fan and got to change the thermal paste successfully. Though, henceforth whenever I boot my notebook it lights up the monitor but displays a blank screen without  neither the HP nor the Windows logo during startup. The next thing I get is a circle of dots (which normally appear on boot-up). I get a "Please Wait" note then it directly takes me to the user login area and normal security measures.

    Everything else after that seems to be perfectly well, though at first the monitor was flickering a little bit... Rechecked the video cable, that stopped and the monitor worked fine. 

    My main concern is why it is not showing the HP and Windows logo at startup unlike before. I can't access my BIOS as well and my external keyboard has started freezing with the number lock LED on.

    Please assist. 

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  • 12/25/18--14:46: Stuck in verify identity
  • Tried to set up new laptop and in the process of finding my Microsoft password the computer got stuck in verify your identity. Also narrator is stuck on and I can’t do ANYTHING. Is there a way to reboot. I can’t get out of this screen. Help 

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    My laptop keeps shutting down while I am working on it, 

    Sometimes when I start it ,it goes into automatic repair loop and shuts down immediately,

    It's also shows problem in charging also 

    Some while the charger is connected it doesn't get charge and shows unconnected

    I have tried resetting it but it didn't solved my problem...

    What would you suggest me sir.

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