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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    HP Pavilion laptop keeps turning on at night by itself! I have tried downloading software to block window update. I have stopped all wakeup's. Killed wakeup when mouse or keyboard is touched. Tried finding last -wakeup without any success, nothing shows. I have my laptop set to hibernate and approx. every other night my laptop reboots to bios. I have an administrative password set so it nevers loads windows.  I have been trying to figure this out for 5 months without any success. You name it I have tried it. I have completely killed task scheduler - which now shows nothing. Totally disabled windows update, in fact the last one was done in October. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this your help would greatly be appreaciated.  Thanks

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    My HP Spectre if off after a low battery signal. I’ve tried switching buh nothing is happening.looks like the machine is dead. How do I fix the problem?

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    Hi Team. I recently did a Windows update and now my laptop isn't responding. My screen was busted when my house was burglarized and I've been using my TV as my monitor (HDMI).  I've never had to get into the BIOS or system OS for I can never get the video to show on another screen.

    My questions are:

    1. How can I get the boot menu, BIOS or system OS on a monitor? I've tried with VGA and HDMI and neither one will work.
    2. Where can I view the exact BIOS menus so I can try and navigate in the blind since I can't get the video option to work?
    3. Is there a shortcut key or combination of keys I can press to send the video to another connected screen? My original screen is busted and even when I completely remove it, the VGA nor HDMI receives a signal.
    4. I did remove the CMOS battery as well as the laptop battery and I need to find out how to get in the BIOS blindly and be able to navigate through it.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
    Buck Buchanan


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  • 12/16/18--17:34: Power on password reset.
  • Looking for assistance with reseting the power on password.  Receiving the following code after hitting enter multiple times.


    i 60575041


    Thank you!

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    where do I find my admin. pw or power on pw

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    I powered on my old HP mini and it takes me to a black screen with nothing but white text asking "Entet current password" I have tried all of my passwords and I can't do anything. I can enter a password 3 (three) times and then a message pops up with "System Halted"


    My  s/n CNU9292XB0

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    Hi There,

    I'm in the midst of a system recovery on my HDX18 and it's  back in 64 bit Vista.  Going to redo the Win 7 upgrade before long but I can't get hold of the latest BIOS file for my machine.  The HP support site says the unit will soon be unsupported but maybe that's happened already.  If anybody has any suggestions of where to get this file that'd be most appreciated, thank you.


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    sound is coming from the top , middle ... right next to the hp logo of the display. 


    when you plug in the power cord, the laptop is quiet.


    i just opened it and first time using it.  it's very high pitched and unusable pretty much when not connected to the cord

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    As the title says.  After the most recent December Windows update the device now shuts down when the screen angle is merely adjusted.  "Choose what happens when the lid is closed" was, and still is, set to "Do nothing" for both battery and plugged in.  Unit is always plugged in.  And this is not about "closing the lid." The unit shuts down after adjusting the screen angle, even slighlty. This was triggered after the update, from one moment to the next.  Item was shipped with Win 10, notan upgrade.

    As an aside, the unit also has the "plugged in, charging/not charging/low battery" issue that was triggered after an earlier update in late summer, early fall.

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    This is a brand new HP Pavillion bought for Christmas.  It locked up with a black screen out of the box.  I have updated the drivers, disabled App readiness, applied the patch sp81965.exe, performed a clean boot, performed all windows updates and the screen still locks up after 5-10 minutes of turning on or logging in.  If I put the laptop into hybernation, it does not lock up.  

    I saw a lot of post from 2017 but not any recently on this issue.  Has anyone found a fix for this or can an HP Technician fix the problem?

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    i lost the bios (administrator) password for an HP elitebook 2760P

    need help for smc.bin file

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    Dear all,


    please could you help me to identify, what is the source of the issue, when CapsLock and NumLock flash 7 times, the fan is not running and nothing more is happening?


    I am aware about these links: and and similar post here:


    but none of these post mentions the 7 times flashing for CapsLock and NumLock.


    Please do somebody know what is the reason for this code?


    Thank you very much for answer.




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    I have been trying many steps from the internet to get this resolved.  But nothing has worked.
    • External keyboard and screen keyboard work, but after logging in, laptop keyboard still doesn't work.
    • I have reloaded the relevant drivers
    • I have checked in the device manager that the box is checked so the keyboard can wake the computer
    • I have repaired the registry
    • I have tried Windows Startup repair with no messages
    • I have performed multiple disk scans using sfc /scannow, says everything is OK
    • Twice I have used the Reset this PC function, keeping the personal files.  This didn't work.
    • I also tried the in-place Windows 10 reset, as directed by Microsoft chat, but no change
    • I don't want to reinstall Windows, since I have so many personal files I will have to reload back on.
    Do you have any other ideas that my work?

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  • 12/17/18--04:00: Frequent Freezing or Hanging
  • So, my laptop frequently freezes mid way of using it and I have to force shut down to continue use. I removed all antiviruses and virus from my system but the hanging continued. I also used the chkdsk command and got this result below. How do I solve this fault, please?Hp chkdsk.PNG

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  • 12/17/18--04:12: Restore CD
  • I inherited my mother-in-law's HP Pavilion dv8000.  The hard drive has been wiped.  She can't locate the restore cd.  Is it possible to obtain a restore cd for this notebook or is there another way to restore it without a restore cd?  It came with Windows XP Home Edition.  Not sure if 32 or 64 bit.  Thank you in advance for your support. 

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    I am trying to update the BIOS via HP Support Assistant, hpqFlash64.exe and via USB drive but during the boot, none of these options have not taken me to BIOS update directly. Operating system is always starting. Even then when I have set USB drive as the first boot option via BIOS settings.


    I can start the BIOS update only when I choose "HpBiosUpdate.efi" via boot option "select EFI" or similar. Then I choose USB drive, search .efi file and after selecting this, I can get to BIOS update. After clicking "apply the update now", BIOS update is requesting a BIOS admin password from me. I have inserted the password by which I access BIOS as an admin but BIOS update says that this is the wrong password although I can access the BIOS settings with this password without problems.


    What caind of password BIOS update needs if it thinks that the right BIOS password (by which I can enter BIOS settings fine) is wrong?


    Best Regards,


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  • 12/17/18--04:54: Power on password
  • Could anyone help me with the code for a laptop with a power-on password set?  The code is i 75755937 

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    i have a laptop same you. it need to unlock

         But can not work with the SMC file

    anybody help me

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  • 12/17/18--07:48: System Disabled
  • Hello my name is Casey Smithi work for Modesto City School District. I have a HP X360 310 G2 with a Bad Bios Password. Our regular password is not working. The system has been disabled with this Code [ i 85297703]. Can i get an unlock code to get back to the bios.

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    After installation of a Segate Barracuda 1tb ssd the system will not perform a warm boot. Returns the error “The selected boot device failed  press<Enter> to continue. Press enter and the system shuts down. Press the power button and the system does a cold boot and everything is fully functional. Do a restart and the error returns but a cold boot from a shut down command functions normally. New installation of windows 10 from hp recovery flash drive.

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