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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 12/11/18--01:52: G62 blanck black screen
  • Hi there, i have an old HP G62 last night i open it to clean the fan and everything inside because i had a overheating problems coming from durty fan and radiator, it works normaly before but after i connect all components and start it, it make a strange fail : when i pushh the start button it start the fan, the hdd, and the screen but.. the screen stay blank black, didnt load, didnt boot i even cant boot the bios. I dont have any capslock indications, no beeps the only indication is orange light on the wifi button and after a minute it change to white. I try the methods with the battery remove, with the memory replacement, the bios recovery and everything whats pubkished in the forum for the similar problens but nothing helps. What can i do to fix this problem ?!

    Im sorry for my bad english  and

    Thanks in advance for the help ! 

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  • 12/11/18--01:53: Password
  • Password administrator (i 17691391

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  • 12/11/18--02:17: Bios password
  • good morning.i need admin password bios for HP 255G5

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  • 12/11/18--04:01: System disabled 52697794
  • System disabled 52697794 Help

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    laptop gives message 'warning: machine not is not in committed state' on startup. is this bad? how  do i fix it?

    I just got it back from repair after an audio problem  where the speakers where replaced. I also installed the HP Firmware Pack (Q71) update. Not sure which one caused the problem.

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  • 12/11/18--05:42: I forgot my BIOS password
  • I forgot my BIOS Password. After trying 3 times, i got this number: 51531073

    My laptop is a HP G5 250.

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  • 12/11/18--06:23: Hp 255 bios password
  • Hi I need help with a hp 255 laptop which has bios password, system disabled with numbers 54652392,any help on this would be lovely

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  • 12/11/18--00:28: Re: How to get SMC.bin file
  • please, SMC.bin file for elitbook 820.  I need to clear my bios

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    Hello there, i have the same problem


    System code 68171300


    HP 15-g020dx


    Thanks in advance 

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    I am locked out of my PC with and administrator/power on password. 


    I tried putting in what I thought the password could be, but now have a message telling me the system is disabled. It is giving me the code "i 68262529"


    Where do I go from here?


    Thanks in advance

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  • 12/11/18--10:11: Hard disk check
  • Hello 

    When I have a hp 15bs125nl 

    When I start it he said boot device not found 

    Hard disk 3F0. 

    And when I do hard drive check said:

    No hard drive installate please check power and data cables or do another screen. 

    How can I do to resolve this big problem? 1544551728473830859690.jpg






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  • 12/11/18--10:19: I forgot my BIOS password
  • Dear all,


    I have put a password on my BIOS, but I forgot it after a while. 

    Please assist me to remove the password to be able to upgrade the BIOS firmware.


    Thank you in advacne.

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    Hello !
    I need bios  passsword reset for HP Pavilion 15   Product: HP Pavilion 15-bs025nx Notebook PC Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Hello, I'm student and m bios is locked and I forgot the password for HP Pavilion 15- bs025n x Notebook PC: system disabled [ i 31041575]

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    laptop is plugged in to charge then as soon as the power button is clicked it will begin to boot up but the charging light will blink white, then after a moment or two of loading it will just completely turn off and the charging light will turn off. when plugged back in the light will come back on orange (as in its charging) and then the process will repeat.

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    My Hp Stream will not turn on and the caps lock will blink 3 times slowly followed by 2 quick blinks when startup attempted. After searching the internet I found that this was a memory issue and saw that some people solved this issue by replacing the RAM, which I tried with no success. Once I replaced it the exact same thing happened. Any one have any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    I am trying to retore my HP notebook Pavilion Dv7.  When I power it up, before it loads anything including bios it asks for a password.  I do not have the password.  After three attempts It locks and gives me this number:  83801714.  I am assuming this is a code HP can use to help me reset the password?  Thanks for any help.


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    So for the past few hours, if I step away from my computer and let the screen time out and the computer sleep, I try to wake it up and it just starts up like it restarted and all my programs are closed. It does this if I tap the power button and if I hit the sleep button in the power menu. 


    I've monkeyed with power settings. I've also updated the Intel management engine interface. I've updated the laptop. Nothing is working. 

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    Originally the problem started with my laptop turning off after I put it in sleep mode, so I stopped putting it in sleep mode. A couple days later, it stopped turning on normally; I had to perform a hard reset to turn the laptop on. After having to do this twice, I simply stopped turning my laptop off, but after a week of being on it would start to run a little hot, so I would turn it off.


    After I did this for about two weeks, a hard reset no longer allowed me to start my laptop. Instead when I press the power button the power button LED blinks and continues to blink about every 5 seconds.


    I have been able to get the laptop to boot two more times since then by unseating and reseating the CMOS battery, and one additional time after replacing the CMOS battery. After this point I have been unable to boot the computer regardless of reperforming the above steps.



    - Laptop won’t boot

    - Power cord connection LED steady light

    - Power Button LED blinks every 5 second

    - No other lights, beeps, or any other signs that the laptop is attempting to boot

    - Peripherals connected to the laptop receive power


    What I’ve attempted:

    - Hard Reset

    - Boot without battery

    - Reseat CMOS battery

    - Replace CMOS battery

    - Checked Power Supply with a voltmeter, touch over 19V, which is SAT

    - Opened up laptop and cleaned out dust with pressurized air, checked all cord cord connections, and performed an amateurs visual inspection (no obvious signs of damage or failure


    Lastly, I intended to try and reset the BIOS to default settings when I was able to get it to boot again, but no luck so far.

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  • 12/11/18--14:14: hp usb boost isnt working
  • i recently notices that my external mouse is powered up while my laptop was shutdown so when i investigated i found that i have a hp usb boost and the mouse was connected to it when i tried to do it again id didn't work i tried to plug in the ac adapter and basically and power change but no luck either and i would have noticed if it was working before but i'am pretty sure that it was just 1 time why is'nt it working

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  • 12/11/18--14:42: Reboot loop
  • When I turn it on it goes to the hp logo then black screen then back to hp logo and keeps doing that over and over 

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