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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    Hello dear community,

    I am struggling for a week now in front of my Hp 15 bs099nia whith "i" code system disabled.

    I have tried resetting the bios with that windows utility but after a third try nothing changed apart from the code numbers. 

    So no way to get in my laptop :(

    The actual code : [i 63630203].

    Any solution or help ?

    Tks. Malick.

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  • 11/26/18--10:31: Blue hp screen
  • Was doing a reset and my system said there was a problem so when I exited out it went to the blue screen with the hp logo and will not reboot anymore.

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  • 11/26/18--10:58: Hp spectre x360 df00004na
  • Brand new spectre won't turn on. No charge light. No power whatsoever. Fresh out the box never been used?? Not good for a £1500 laptop....

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    Is there any option how to get access to the BIOS if I've forgotten administrator BIOS password?

    Thank you.

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    I recently purchased a new HP Notebook - 14-an010na. When powering on, the HP logo appears and Windows appears to be starting but then a blue screen appears with the message ACPI BIOS ERROR. The system then performs an automatic restart and Windows starts successfully. On analyzing the relevant dump file, it states the problem is caused by the driver ACPI.sys (ACPI Driver for NT).


    I have performed a hard reset and also re-installed the latest BIOS from HP but the blue screen continues to appear. This is not preventing me from using the notebook but it's prolonging the startup time which is cumbersome.


    What are the best steps to troubleshoot/solve this error?



    Further info:

    Caused by driver: ACPI.sys

    Caused by address: ACPI.sys+46ec4

    File Description: ACPI Driver for NT

    Crash Address: ntoskrnl.exe+1a9690


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    I was using my laptop. I shut it down to add a harddrive. Now when I connect the charger, without pressing the power button, the power button light as well as the Caps Lock light comes on and stays on (not blinking). The charging light repeatedly blinks orange without stopping or pausing. The battery is dead by the way so it works on the charger. The screen and laptop are off and pressing the power button has no effect. 

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  • 11/26/18--13:15: Automatic repair
  • My laptop - HP 15-da0053wm, will not boot up. When you turn it on the only screen is “preparing for automatic repair” it will not go any further than this screen. I don’t have any F2 or F10 button to attempt a reset. 

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  • 11/26/18--14:43: Laptop won't charge
  • Hello!

    I own an HP 8540p for a few years now. Recenly however, my laptop stopped charging. When i listened to the adapter I heared a beeping sound, so I assumed it was fried. I used the laptop till the battery was empty and bought a brand new adapter, but the problem still persists. When i plug the charger in there is no orange light and it doesn't turn un. I have tried turning it on with and without the battery in place. Does anyone know what the problem is here?


    Thanks in advance!

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  • 11/23/18--08:54: Startup issues
  • Hello everyone, I'm currently having an issue with my PC every time I push the power button to start the laptop the power button comes on and stays on with the fan on or air blowing but the screen is blank it's either that or at other times the power light comes on for a few seconds and cuts and shuts off I hear a fan spinning or air blowing and then cuts out

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    I'm currently locked out of my laptop. the code I get is:


    "System disabled"

    "[i 93948723]"


    I've read a similiar thread on these forums where a helpdul HP employee was able to provide an unlock code

    based on this error code. Can someone help me in a similar manner? 


    Thanks for your time.


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  • 11/26/18--21:50: Computer set up Boot Order
  • I have no operating system on computer. I have run diagnostics test all run OK. Cannot get to install windows 7 from USB.

    Have looked at Boot Order first option notebook mutibay. second USB CD-Rom and so on to seven in the boot order.

    Each of these have an arrow against but nothing happens when I click on arrow. I am guesing that I need to change the boot order to USB but how ?  and then how do I get this onto the hard drive.


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  • 11/27/18--03:37: bios
  • my bios is locked ,i have installed the hp client security at windows 8

    it created two accounts administrator and user ,after some days i changed my windows to 10 and when i used my admin password it said wrong password ,now I can't change my bios settings password ,please help me it has slowed my pc speed 


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    I was not able to boot my laptop yesterday morning as I saw a blue screen error. It automatically went for the recovery but it could not boot. I shut down the laptop and restarted it again. It went through the HP blue logo and then stuck at Automatic Repairs and started looping through the process again and again. 


    I contacted HP about the issue and they pushed me into a "SmartFriend" contract for a year and I had no choice but to buy it since I am not sure how to proceed next. They asked me to run a diagnostics test that retred as follows: SMART check : PASSED, Long DST Passed. I guess that says that my drive is mechanically intact. Afterwards, an agent sent me two web links to download the USB recovery media. I made the recovery media by myself by following the instructions. 


    After creating the USB recovery media, I inserted the USB into the slot and hit F9 before startup could proceed to select the USB Boot Option (UEFI) from the Boot Menu. At first, the laptop did not respond at all. It stuck on the HP logo again. I shut down the laptop and tried again. It passed through the HP Logo with a "loading" symbol beneath and ended up on a completely blue screen. I shut it down again tried the same thing again. And now the laptop is stuck at HP Logo with a he "loading" symbol beneath it. Two agents hung up on me last night. I don't know how to proceed and I also need the data on the device drive.


    Can anyone help me boot from this USB device? Is there at least a way to recover my data? 

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! 

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  • 11/27/18--05:43: Re: need bios password
  • i need bios paswword for laptop 820 g2

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    i performed the required pop up update for my computer. The upgrade went all the way through but since
    I haven't been able to use my notebook, the error message I get every time I boot is, "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable"
    And I'm left with a black screen with just the recycle bin icon, the non-responsive Windows icon

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  • 11/27/18--10:40: laptop won't reboot
  • my dad is down from washington state and was playing music and shut it down and now it won't boot up. we have no disc

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    I've been having this grey screen that pops up and says my battery is no good, can someone instruct me on how to disable this notification at boot-time? I can't afford a new battery otherwise I would buy a new battery and see if that solved the issue. I have to save what little money I can get for food and day-to-day living. This laptop is no longer supported by HP so I'm really hoping someone out there has a trick up their sleave, a hack maybe, bios tweak? I don't know. Thanks so much if you can help.


    I've tried running the BIOS (F2) diagnostics, it just checks RAM and Hard-Drive it doesn't check the battery and there is no callibration for the battery that I can find.

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    Hello guys! I have a verry urgent question. I have a HP 625. When I plug it in, the orange light next to the charging port lights up and the white one doesn't, but when it's unplugged, the orange light just blinks. Also, when I try to turn it on, the screen doesn't light up and the caps lock light blinks. Please help, it's verry urgent!!!

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    I bought new laptop , set password , wrote it down. Worked fine 2 days. On 2nd day Cortana quit. On 3rd day, password didn't work.

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    Need admin password  for hp stream 14 ax012ds. Code given by computer is - i85160938. Thank you for the help.

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