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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    when start my pc looks bios password i know my password but how to remove or reset my password

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    Hello. I have to press the power botton ttwice in order for the laptop to boot in to windows. the fisrt time it gets stuck on the HP logo. this happened everytime I get the latest update from windows.


    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I have a HP notebook (15-bs015dx) which was not recognizing the hard drive, and when troubleshooting, I noticed I had a very old BIOS version (F.02 I believe) so I downloaded the HP BIOS update tool, and made a recovery disk for my notebook. When trying to install the update, I found that the BIOS versions in the update (F.42 rev.A) were not for the boad ID my notebook has (832A).  Looking on the HP support forums, I found people with similar issues told that the board numbers on HP products didn't always match update numbers, so I should use a similar board's update and would be fine.  I tried the BIOS for board 823D and 832E and the updater would  not install them, so I tried the update for board ID 8328, which the installer successfully installed, but now my notebook sits with a blank screen and idling fan with no response from any input. 


    Did I just make an expesive paperweight?

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    I have an issue with my biOS, I lost my password and i want to reset it but I can't find anywhere to find my bios backdoor password of which the hash is : i 85871937

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  • 11/23/18--09:59: how to enable vt
  • hello hp i have nootbook model cq58-101se proseessor amd e-300 i want enable vt-x in my bios security settings i went to bios but i did not find this option please help me :) 

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    Last night I had to enter the bios menu of my pavillion 15 notebook in order to try fixing “boot device not found” error I had come across earlier. Then I was asked to enter the administrator pw, which I had created 2 years ago and had not any idea about. I have tried several ways to surpass this but none of them has worked.


     [i 87949313] is the serial I get I after three unsuccesful attempts, 


    Though the passwords generated by for my serial have already proven wrong, I still believe that there is someone here that can help me find solution,

    thanks in advance   

    Sorry for my bad English 


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    my laptop does not boot after a few hours without charging.

    Unfortunately I recognized it too late and the warranty was only 1 year and not 2. So I can't get any technical support.


    When I charge to 100, and use the laptop, it is not problem. I can use 3 to 4 hours and it is just fine. Also when I put the battery out of the laptop, there is no discharging over many days.


    The ONLY problem is, when I do not charge and let the battery not removed, it discharges in a few hours(overnight).

    I tried everything. Checked with the solution software the battery, and it was ok. I updated all the recent bios firmware, changed HDD to SSD, used only with M2 Port or only with SATA or both. I also changed the mainboard battery, but no success.


    Is there any solution except pull the battery out?

    I can read so much about spectre but not much about this modell and no solution.

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    where can i find and download the storage drivers and how do i install them so i thati can finish loading the operating system

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    I'm having issues starting my HP Pavilion Dv7 2022tx laptop. It turns on and I hear the fans running, but the bios does not pop up. The screen is completely black.


    Here is a detailed description of what's happening:


    1. I turn my laptop off and plug it in.

    2. Upon plugging in the laptop, the indicator light by the power port illuminates.

    20181124_135339.jpgPower port indicator light stays on

    3. Then the lightning bolt (battery charge?) indicator illuminates for approximately 5 seconds before going dark.20181124_135509.jpgLightning bolt indicator is on for 5 seconds


    20181124_135439.jpgLightning bolt indicator goes dark

    4. When I power on the laptop, all of the peripheral lights (volume controls, wifi indicator, etc) illuminate - and the light next to the "caps lock" key blinks once very quickly and then stays off.


    5. The power indicator is illuminated when the laptop is powered on, but the lightning bolt and HDD indicators are dark and the screen is black. The computer does not respond to any inputs, including hard reset attempts. 20181124_135613.jpgPower indicator illuminated. Other indicators are off. No blinks or anything.

    The last few times that I started up the laptop (successfully), I received an error message immediately upon turning on the computer. I can't remember exactly what it said, but something about a battery malfunction. I know that my battery is having issues and not holding a charge for very long... but figured it wouldn't matter a whole lot since I always have my laptop plugged in when I'm using it. I generally close my laptop at night and let it hibernate. However, when it's not plugged in (as was the case last night) it dies pretty quickly and needs to be re-booted in the morning.


    My battery and power adapter are both aftermarket and haven't caused any serious issues up until now... but now I'm thinking they might be the culprit. I'm hoping the issue is not a hard drive issue or something else serious that might cause me to lose data. 


    Thank you in advance for any help with this!


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  • 11/24/18--15:37: Boot device not found
  • Hello, how do i fix this error i get when i boot up my pc? It saying boot device not found. Like it was working a few hours ago until i restarted my pc. Now i cant get pass this error. I also tried pressing f11 to factory reset but.. an error about the boot comes up. Help?

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    I've already had HP replace my SSD drive. It's not functioning again and I'm getting the same message I received the last time it went down. HP replaced it once but now will not replace it again. Obviously there's an issue with the SSD drive or the laptop itself, but now HP wont fix it. I barely use this laptop and have had not but problems with it since I bought it. I get the blue screen message "your PC ran into problems" and upon restart get the Boot device not found 3F0 error message. I've done a system reset. I've run all the system checks and stress tests. They've passed. Yet I still cannot use the laptop. Any suggestions on what I can do? I'm very frustrated with the issues i've had on this machine and HP's lack of concern to fix a problem I've had from the beginning.

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    I am having trouble with mine (administration password/power on password black screen)  I tried the code after gave me i 8 numbers . Still dont work. I don't know what to do now

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    The same issue happened to me. After reading many of these posts, I have to ask: does HP actually fix the issue with the motherboard or do they just replace the motherboard with another one of the same model? If HP hasn't actually fixed whatever defect is causing such expensive laptops to spontaneously die, then isn't the same thing just going to happen again if you get a repair/replacement? It's unbelievable that such a systemic issue got through their QC testing (and on a higher end model, no less). I mean, what am I supposed to do now with a $1000 paperweight? I thought the Spectre line was HP's answer to the Macbook, but this whole ordeal just makes me want a Macbook instead. Very frustrating. 

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    I  have an HP stream, i tried to login in on my hp but i got a  system disabled code. (i54491326)

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    Hi i have the code i76558100 any help please

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  • 11/24/18--19:33: Getting in my hp
  • Do I tap f11 or hold it down because every time I start it up f11 shows up down in the left hand corner of the screen

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    when i start my notebook  it automatically restrats 3-4 times and then it redirects to diagnosing the issue but shows no result.

    then restarts auotomatically again and then works perfectly.

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    Hi everyone! 


    i just got my first new HP laptop :D 


    and i have some concerns. 


    it has come to my attention then everytime i keep the laptop off or in sleep for more than 1 hour, upon waking up or booting, the cpu is throttled masively to about 300mhz on all cores. 


    i already tried the following: 


    1. updated bios to the latest F.13 Rev.A  --- no changes

    2. restored pc to defaults using HP recovery -- no changes 

    3. restored using media creation tool ISO and installing updates form the HP support website -- no changes. 



    the problem has persisted since purchase, and i find it very disturbing to say the least. 

    i love the aestetics of the laptop, and the raw specs. 


    but i dont know how much i can bare with the throttling at boot up which makes me reboot the pc after boot up everytime, which is very dumb. 


    my old Dell Latitude E7440 this laptop replaced  never had this problem. 


    could it be a bios issue? or hardware related? 



    thanks for the asistance! 



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    laptop suddenly shutdown after i left it to charge and when starting it up i recieve a 90D system overheating error message. i immediately take the laptop into a colder room and left it to charge and cool down. after 30 mins i try to start the laptop and get the same message over and over again. hitting enter to bypass the message only shuts the computer down and the process repeats. i cant even load up a live usb. i felt the underside of the laptop only to find not a single warm spot that would indicate overheating. 

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  • 11/25/18--02:30: laptop is won't turn on
  • my hp  laptop notebook 15-ay513TX is not turning on 

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