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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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    The BIOS was updated  and prompted that it was successful. Unfortunately on reboot it does no go past a certain point. The error is "Product Information not valid". It seems that some relevant information like, Product Name, Product ID, Serial Number and System Board CT Number failed to transfer across to the updated BIOS.


    I tried all the usual instructions like holding the Windows and B key on power up and various other options but could not even launch the Hardware Diagnostics UEFI tool. I used HP_Tool 3 in 1 USB key and couldn't boot from that either.


    After failing all options I decided to remove the screen to access to the motheboard. Removed the battery power header from the motherboard, allowed it to rest for a minute, plug it back in and tried booting it without any USB. I managed to launch the UEFI tool but the "Firmware Management" option was missing. Also it seems that I can only boot the UEFI tool once only immediately after removing the battery header from the motheboard. i have to do this everytime. Next, I tried booting from the USB 3 in 1 tool. Again this had the Firmware Management missing. Please see attached screenshots.


    Does anyone know why this option is missing? Any help would be apprivaited. Abs




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    Hi ,  i purchased used Elite X360 notebook, and its bios is locked, when i enter wrong password 3 times, its asked me to restart, no code provided there,

    after seaching this forum, i got to know that we need bios reset file,

    but unfortunatly no HP service center understantd this in my area and i cannot aks them to fix this because i dont have original invocie

    can someone help here or it is useless now  ? 

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    Hi. As if today my only 5 months old X360 15-ch025nd won't start. I have used it yesterday evening without any problems. Turned it off with low battery level and put it on the loader this morning. This evening I wanted to start the laptop again but nothing happens. When powering the laptop, the start button Led shines. The fan starts blowing. After a few seconds the of turns of again. The screen remains dead. Both with charger and without this happens. I have tried the 15 sec reset and the windows B / windows V tips etc etc. What to do now? Really need it and for a laptop of 2600€, breaking down in 6 months is really quick. Thanks for the help! 


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    Hello Guys i have 2 problema in my hp laptop probook 4540s

    1. i Forgot My BIOS Password

    ” How to Recovery Please ..?

    2.Boot Device Not Found

    Please install an Operating System

    ( 3F0 )

    Please Help Me Guys .......

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    Hello. I bought recently a used HP elitebook 840 g3 and then i reseted it and starting updating drivers along with Bios but upon restarting it i got into a white screen that only says  Enter password.... I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me please ? 

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    So, I got my HP laptop on 11/2. Specs here:


    It's started to just...freeze. It freezes so bad that I cannot move the mouse, it won't respond to Ctrl + Alt +Del, and the time in the taskbar stays frozen. Earlier I walked away from it and came back and the time on the screen was an hour behind. The screen had not turned off and the computer hadn't gone to sleep. It freezes up at random times. Usually while I'm using a browser (I used chrome until today and I switched to firefox, b/c Chrome is such a memory suck on all of my devices), but it has frozen at least once after I started the computer up, before opening any programs.

    I've tried multiple virus scans, I've tried hardware scans (downlowded from the HP website as according to other support articles here), and everything came out ok. I read about an error regarding certain routers causing computers to freeze and disabled IPv6 on my wireless adapter. I've TRIED to use the system update, but it keeps freezing before I can even download the update (it says it's a feature update).


    What do I do? No idea what could be causing this.


    Thanks for your help!!

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    I tried to email and get help from HP and they ignored me. Now the warrantee on this $700 paper weight is out. It gets hot and shuts off after about an hour of being online. I cleaned it with air and bought a fan to have under it which runs all the time. However, I sometimes forget to plug fan in and then the computer shuts down and I lose all my work from the last auto-save.

    So incredibly dissappoited in HP and will never buy again but I need this piece of crap to work for at least six more months.

    I am looking at desktops but that does not solve my problem when I travel.

    Any suggestions? I guess it does not matter now if someone outside of HP tries to fix it now since they "conveniently" never helped me find an authorized repair shop here.

    Thanks for any help and if your not from HP have a Merry Christmas

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    When I turn my HP laptop on it won't display anything. The battery is fully charged. When the laptop is turned on the screen stays black but, the light showing that the laptop is on shows that it is on. I've tried 3 different things to try and fix this problem but, none have worked. Can someone please help me?

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    Hi everyone!

    This is my fisrt post and I am a kind of a newby:-). Yesterday I tried to install Ubuntu instead of windows 10 on old my laptop (pavillion sleekbook 15). I create a bootable USB and the installation seemed fine. 

    However now I cannot start ubuntu ( I get a message like: Failed to open \EFI\BOOT\mmx64.efi - Not Found) . The worst is that whenever I try to force a start from a bootable usb in order to reinstall Ubuntu I get the same message. The same happens when I try to change the boot order or access any other options in the startup menu..

    Any advice? I have been wondering from blog to blog for two days...


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               Hi.i have an hp stream laptop that the boot is locked.i have a system disabled password {i 50667775} .i just bought the laptop and had to redo windows because my child got to it. Please help , its a brand new laptop and i cant use it.


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  • 11/23/18--04:18: Bios Lock Please Help
  • System Locked Bios Lock Please Help


    MODEL- 7265NGW

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    Laptop was restarting and was interrupted. Now it has a sad face error message UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME then a black backlit screen and has been like that for an hour.


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    GM, my sons HP 250 G5 ( x9uo7ut ) isnt turning on, it shut down on him over a week ago and no luck restarting. He had a friend check it out at Geek Squad, after their testing they said it should be the internal CMOS battery since they couldnt get it to start.


    Can anyone provide info on this and if its something you can replace on your own? Ive found some vids on disassembly but nothing specific to show where the the CMOS battery is or if its accessible.



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    I am also having a problem with bios/power on password.  I have an HP stream 11 that is displaying checksum [I 76846992]

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    My son wanted to uninstall all programs on his laptop to just the factory default programs. I’m not exactly sure what he did. Now, when you turn on the laptop it doesn’t give you the option to sign back in. It looks to be stuck on reboot because you just see the hp icon for a bit and then it goes black and then back to the hp icon over and over. 

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    kindly help me system disable Bios ( i 87005826) 

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    kindly help me system disable Bios ( i 87005826) 

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    Helo yesterday I encountered a severe problem with my Pavillion just instantly shutdown with error messages or warning...I was watching a movie when it just stopped operating .. appears to be on sleepmode and blinks light on AC,power button,power indicator on the left side continuasly...even if i remove the battery and proceed with only ac power it just remains the same...please help 😥😵😵😵

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  • 11/23/18--07:50: 3f2 & 3f0 error
  • Failure ID: 9E67JW-8QN9A8-MFPURF-60UU03

    Product ID: 1KV74UA#ABA

    I fell asleep after talking to my wife and woke up to my laptop saying that there is no Operating system on the harddrive, the laptop was dropped last year but held on this long, i am hoping i may or may not have to just take it apart and tighten some things down but i have consulted HP first to get advice.

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  • 11/23/18--08:31: Laptop not starting
  • I'm a music producer and I solely use my pc for music production. On Sunday, after working on a project. I put my computer on Hibernate, as usual.


    Monday morning, I turned on the pc and it had a black screen with blinking underscore. None of the function keys  responded. I looked online but all the solutions didn't work.


    So I sent it to a computer repairer, and he called me to tell me, he's sorry. Nothing can be done to resolve the problem. My processor has fried, and the processor is inbuilt with the motherboard so he can't change it.


    So my question here is, can anything be done to get my computer back? My life depends on it. And I can't afford a new computer right now. Please help

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