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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/06/18--21:04: Bios admin password
  • I have a HP notebook X2 detachable pc and i don't have the bios admin password. I have a system disabled code,  A 3162E037 .  Can you help?

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    I bought this refurbished online.  After few weeks it has shown the Startup menu when turning on without me pressing anything.  It only happened twice but would like to know what causing it.


    I bought a refurbished Mac last year and the graphics card failed after a short time and it had to go in the bin so I am worried that this could be a sign of something ongoing and I will lose my money again.


    This time it is from Currys ebay store so it has 12 month warranty but they do not do any direct repairs.


    Please help, thanks

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  • 11/07/18--00:57: boots up to recovery mode
  • this notenbook keeps starting up to recovery mode the before it recovers it restrts. ive tried everything. anyone cn help me plase

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    Hello everybody

    my brother has got a Pavilion laptop with mentioned model.

    It’s screen is black and Caps lock blinks every few seconds.

    I download HP update tools and create an HP Update USB after formating my USB drive.



    1. Turn on laptop while Win+B is pressed down

    2. Again, press power for 2-3 sec and releasing it while Win+B is pressed.

    after few second Bios Update comes up. It says:

    bios is being recoverd. The recovery will take several .....

    but after a second it returns an error :

    The bios system recovery faild.

    And restars and restars ans restarts and... with the same resualt. 

    I tried to use another version of USB Bios utility but no resualt at all.

    what shoud I do?? 

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    My laptop goes into hibernate / sleep mode after a few minutes even though as per the settings it should only go to hibernate / sleep after 1 hour. Once in that mode, it is impossible to get it to normal mode since it does not react to any inputs (pressing the power button, pressing any button, touching the screen) - the screen just remains black / freezes. 


    I have tried:

    1) Resetting the power settings to default

    2) Downloading all recent windows and intel updates

    3) Uncheck "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in the intel management engine interface


    Does anyone know a fix that works?


    I have not been able to reach anyone of HP support since they keep referring me to the wrong branches (Classic story:: "oh no, you have reached the XYZ office, while you bought this machine somewhere else" - "The support gave me this number after checking my system details" - "Sorry, Sir, you have to call XYZ")



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    i have a hp laptop 15-bs016nf

    i would like reset the h bios administrator password,  

    system disabled code is :  i  77761853


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  • 11/07/18--06:50: BootDevice not found
  • I just installed a new operating system (Manjaro 18 gnome) and after I finished installing it and the installer promoting me to reboot, the machine gives me the message BootDevice not found. I had the same issue earlier after installing another OS and the issue seemed to be wrong boot order. Now I don't know what it is. I've tried to change boot order, restoring the bios to factory defaults, reinstalling the OS, but nothing seems to work. System diagnostics say the hard drive is fine. Does anybody know what is happening?


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  • 11/07/18--07:05: Very slow startup
  • I continue to have a problem(s) with boot-up. I have disabled everything, except my anti-virus, in my startup folder and have run chkdsk on my HD, it is at 100%,  It still takes 7:12.70 to startup. Please help. This is driving me crazy.

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    Hello every one. I have strange issue on my laptop. It refuses to sleep or hibernate. No matter what I do - from power menu to closing the lid - my pc is shutting down instead of sleep. In pover managemnet is everything set up for sleep. Also values in povwer plan are set. I have red that it can be issue with IMEI driver - and guess what. There are nothing like IMEI in my device manager list, however it is intalled on my laptop. I have fresh new windows !) install, so I am trying to stick up all the drivers and stuff. Can you help me please? 

    An there is also second issue - with booting. From time to time, my laptop not starting - fans start to run, but no signal on monitor appears. I found a solution on web - to disconnect battery and CMOS battery, drain the power, turn on, plug the batteries and it is working. Does this problem have any pernament solution? 

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  • 11/07/18--08:38: Re: BIOS default password
  • Hi can you help me with this password  i 68957032

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    Same problem. System Disabled Code

    [i 59489062]

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    hello i got this new laptop but when i tried to access the bios it had a lock and when i got the password wrong 3 times it gave me this code "i 87661185" 

    thank you for reading pls help

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    My Laptop keeps restarting every 5 seconds without showing anything on the display (Black Display) and without engaging the power button only the fan comes on. I thought it was the CMOS Battery but I replaced with a new one and the problem is still persistent.


     When the issues started I letit settle for a day and it worked however when I hibernated my laptop, it couldn't boot again except for the fan that keeps running and stopping with the charging diode blinking from Orange, Green, White. I have tried as an advanced user to disconnect all major I/Os like the Keyboard, Drives, WiFi Radio, Touchpad, Speakers and Display however, from the fan response, it behaves the same. Kindly advise on possible resolutions. Thank you.

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  • 11/07/18--11:39: Bios password stream 14
  • Good morning, , I need unlock passcode for hp stream 14, someone who can help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 63778911 ]

    The system disabled is [ i 73282451 ]


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  • 11/07/18--11:53: Lost bios password
  • Hi,

       i forgot my bios password i press enter 3 times and it says system disabled then a number is it possible to remove bios password. ive tried the remove cmos battery over an 1hr but that didnt work,

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    Can I get the BIOS unlock code for this? The lockup code is [i 50519923]   The online code generators do not give me a valid password. If this cannot be done, will removing the CMOS battery kill the password?



    John Schultz-

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  • 11/07/18--12:43: laptop black screen
  • My laptops screen is staying black when turned on, altho the light to show it is on is lit up and so is the ac light. also there is no sound to show it is starting.

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    Hello, can you help me please.  I have 2 computer with same problem. The disable disabled is [i 86510783] and [i 93296009].

    Thank you

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    Boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk 3F0

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    Product name: HP pavilion notebook PC.
    Model: 15-au117na.
    OS: Windows 10.
    Error messages: None.
    Recent changes: None, except automatic updates from Microsoft.
    Issue/problem: Laptop refusing to come on. Nothing happens on pressing and holding the POWER button. I also note the pink light beside the power cord port is blinking. I'm not sure if this is normal for it.

    What I have done so far: I tried to do a powee reset but it didn't help. Note that my laptop does not have a removable battery. I also tried to do running through the NO POWER NO BOOT TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE located at but I discovered several steps require that my laptop is powered on. But the problem is that my laptop is completely lifeless .Not even a sound when I press and hold the POWER button.

    Please what do I do? It's sort of desperate

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