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Notebook Boot and Lockup topics

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  • 11/05/18--14:58: Boot up password
  • i have a HP Stream with a broken screen and a boot up password. the code can not be read entirely. first 3 numbers are 848 can anyone help? Tryed hooking to a external monitor didn't work

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  • 11/05/18--19:23: Halt Code 17340033
  • Looking for Administrator Password for HP15 Bios with halt code of 17340033.  What a great resource for DIY'ers.  You guys are amazing.  Thanks.



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  • 11/05/18--21:38: Bios password Hp Stream 11
  • Hello, , I need unlock passcode for hp stream 11, someone who can help me please.

    The system disabled is [ i 53165823 ]


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    firstly my system started having charging issues; it would always notify not charging when plugged of which I thought was the charging port after few weeks it stopped charging at all and would switch off when unplugged although there was still power in the system, of which I ran a battery diagnostics on the system and found out the battery was in good condition, so decided to restart the system and as I did it went off and couldn't boot back and wen it came on it notified that it had booting error that I should press enter and when I did it went off and didn't come on

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  • 11/05/18--23:57: HP 8440p
  • Hi! I've "accidentely" setup UEFI boot in 8440p BIOS and now laptop is not able to swith on or enter the BIOS.

    After powering up leds are blinking for a few seconds but screen is black.Then HD does "clank" sound and laptop is swithing off followed by the same cycle.

    Pressing power button for a long time when battery is removed and power is disconnected haven't helped.

    Disconnecting bios battery neither.

    Please help!

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  • 11/06/18--01:07: Boot device not found
  • I got my laptop delivered today . It worked well few hourstgen it became slow. The system applications stopped working and noe it shows boot device not found. What should I do?

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  • 11/06/18--02:19: i forget password bios
  • i forget password bios

    hp probbok 450 

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  • 11/06/18--04:30: Current password

    Can someone help me with a new stop code for the hp mini 110, xp? My s / n is CNU93020FV. He tells me to enter the CURRENT code. thank you for your time.

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    Hi, This is my first question/post so I hope I am following the correct way.  I have a Compaq CQ60-615DX Notebook and I am getting a request for a power on password which I've never had happen before.  After several attempts to use my regular password, I got a system disable # 58352147  Is there a way around this?



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    Our organization is upgrading computers to Windows 10.  We use bitlocker, and newer computers require UEFI boot with bitlocker, so our imaging process changes the BIOS settings for this.   I have upgraded several HP Probook 650 G1 to Windows 10 without issue, always updating the BIOS first, as the upgrade fails with an older BIOS.   However, I have two HP Probook 650 G1 that have an issue once they went to Windows 10, and they have the newer BIOS versions 1.45 and 1.46.


    The issue is, when you turn the laptop on while docked, it sits at the "Press the ESC key for Statup Menu" forever, no keys work, it never boots.  If you shut the laptop down , take off the dock, it will boot fine, then can be docked.  I have tried updating all the drivers, I have tried to cold boot the laptop (hold power down for 1 minute), and cold boot the dock, I cannot downgrade the BIOS, it always fails.  I cannot see any settings in BIOS that I could change, UEFI boot order is OS Boot Manager.  Could there be a problem with BIOS 1.45 & 1.46 using UEFI boot on the dock?


    IMG_20180912_133420.jpgport options.jpgIMG_20180912_133638.jpg

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    Hello, I can't access my laptop because I forgot the Boot Password. I have the System Disabled code and need the unlock code. Thank you very much. [ i 53650223 ]

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    Well, I reset my laptop then used it ordinary, but suddenly I left it working one day amd returned with two options either to turn it off or troubleshoot, but either the two cases never let me use ordinary my laptop whatever I do I have those two chouces only

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    my labtop   Notebook 15 AY 129n locked bios 


    give me system disabled 


    i 84954433


    can any one help me ? 


    Best Regard ..

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  • 11/06/18--10:34: System Disabled 59141752
  • Some put an Administrator Password for the BIOS after 3 tries it comes up with the following message:

    System Disabled 59141752

    Model: HP Stream x360 11-p015wm


    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/06/18--11:06: Forgot laptop password
  • Forgot password

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  • 11/06/18--13:03: Laptop will not turn on
  • The laptop was left unused and unplugged for about a month while away on business. I cannot get it to power on. It shows no signs that power is flowing to the device when power supply is plugged in (no lights: HD activity or charge light). I have tried holding power button both plugged in and not. I've tried multiple outlets and left it plugged in over night. No results thus far.

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    I've My Elitebook-850 bios password locked,


    I tried to contact HP support several times but all messaged failled to deliver . !


    The only possible way i contacted USA support but they said they don't support customers from other countries.


    How can you please help me to recover this password with the SMC.bin file
    which i can use at boot to reset the password


    Any help please ?

    Which email address right to contact HP ?


    Is there anyone can help me to retrive it ?


    Best Regards.

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    My battery is not charging, says plugged in but not charging in the bat. icon...


    When I did a energy test in cmd it said battery was good, and after doing the uninstaling the acpi adapters in device manager after the restart the icon showed that the battery was full but when I unpluged the laptop shut down immidiately..


    At the end i have performed the HP extensive diagnostic and it said that the state of the adapter and battery is not satisfying and it showed failure code for batter: M09XJJ-00099N-QFPH6J-C09N13


    Does somebody know what seems to be the problem. I dont wanna by new battery and realize it was a adapter issue or something else...


    Thank you in advance

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    My Spectre X360 15-bl112dx has a forgotton bios password and it's still under warranty. They basically told me too bad. Bios passwords are not covered. I would have to send it in and have a new board put (about $400 dollars) in and on top of that, when I had it opened up, 5 of the 6 srews for the cpu and gpu heatsink weren't even there. They went as far as to say that customers are told not to put BIOS passwords on. In other words, in my opinion, warranty from them = tiolet paper.


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  • 11/06/18--20:22: HP Warranty Is Worthless
  • So I have an HP Spectre X360 15-bl112dx that is still under warranty. It has a bios password and I can't get around it. I called HP and they said they would have to charge me a little over $400 to fix it. It might need a new board, even if it doesn't it's still the same cost. Also when the bottom was removed, there was 5 out of the 6 screws for the heatsink missing, never installed.

    I know that HP can email me a file to fix but won't. The warranty is useless. According to HP, customers are told not to use BIOS passwords. First time I've ever heard that.

    Save your time and money. Get a different brand. I will NEVER buy HP again.

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